Oh dear....it's going to be a long cold night

Oh dear, not looking forward to the next 24 hrs. Today was supposed to be the day I got an ongoing problem with my woodburner sorted, and guess what........they've removed the metal flue and can't fix it until tomorrow so. Now I am going to be completely without heating overnight. The woodburner is my only heating in my cottage so I'm going to have to furkle (closely aligned to skulking) around and find some form of heating until the people come back and finish off tomorrow. Im not in quite as much pain as this time last week, but its not going to be very pleasant at all, Im a very slight person and really feel the cold, so may just hunker down in my bedroom with the dogs as heating - cant have a hot water bottle as I have a memory foam mattress, Anyway, enough of poor me, I'm sure there are plenty of you out there in much worse positions so I'll shut up and stop complaining. Foggy x

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  • Well you learn something new very day... You can't use a hot water bottle with a memory foam mattress ... Looks at her metal bed with iron springs and a straw filled matress....

    on a serious note, do you have any friends neighbours ,, anyone near....who have any portable heaters... We have 3 electric heaters in our garage if I lived near you you would have been most welcome. Thank goodness for furry dogs... Do you have lots of bedding

    Yours worriedly

    VG x

  • I would also have been happy to lend you a portable heater - if only you were close enough. As it is, I will just send warming thoughts your way!

    Try to layer up, make lots of warm drinks, and snuggle up with your dogs.


  • Thank you both for your kind thoughts, I've got a friend coming in a bit later and she's said she will bring a convector heater.......people are so kind, so I won't have to freeze completely, though it must be said, the cottage is pretty cold now even as I had to let the burner go out last night in readiness for today, It's an old cottage with lots of draughts, which are normally not felt due to the nuclear reactor (woodburner) so my nose,OMW.......and I thought it was only me...... Ta ever so moffy for putting me on the right course, it's fibro, phewwy.

    Living alone I can rarely be bothered to cook for myself, even though as I think I've said here before, I'm a cordon bleu cook, infact I think that's made me worse as I only ever wan to cook in the large quantities that I have been used to doing for so long until e fibro rendered me incapable. At the moment my diet consists mostly of sweet and salted popcorn ! Fresh fruit and Yoghurt. Now how's that for a healthy one ??? Not !! I have never liked chocolate or anything like that, I love most fruits, they can be done without cooking. Oh oops, I nearly missed out Toast - granary toast, but I only indulge occasionally as wheat doesn't agree with me , but the occasional piece with marmite......yumscidallyumpious ! x

  • Nothing worse than a cold foggie! I hope your friend comes along soon with the heater.

    Wrap up warm and have plenty of hot drinks and soups.

    If I'm cold, I take my duvet off the bed and wrap it round me on the sofa, so I can watch TV and be comfortable.

    I'm sure your nuclear reactor will soon be working again.

    Moffy x

  • Aww thanks moffy, that's a really good idea I'll do just that, I've drunk so many cups of decaf coffee I'm nearly surgically attached to the loo !

  • Ohh marmite I love it ... And those little twiglet snax that I can't eat cos I am trying to lose weight and I can't just have a little it's all or nothing ...

    Glad you have a friend with a heater and hope you don't suffer too much tonight

    VG x

  • Hehehe. You've spotted my deliberate error already - so cunning for a fishy x

  • Whoops - can you spot the deliberate error.........the fogginess is very thick today, so thick that I've managed to post two answers in the wrong place. (Shrugs and wanders off foggily to sort what remains of her brain out)

  • My heating was fixed this morning - after 3 long weeks without it. Someone lent me a tiny fan heater, to heat a three bedroom house.

  • Oh my word you poor thing, how on earth did you manage? I shall stop feeling sorry for myself immediately.

  • Must admit didn't handle it too well, just kept moaning and telling anyone that would listen. First week had plumber out, then electrician, neither of them could do anything. Second week engineer came out - needed to order a part. My son told them he would be in on Monday to let them in - they didn't turn up. Well that was when I had had enough and phoned and told them that I had a condition that was worsened by the cold. They came out this morning at 7.30.

    Mostly I laid on the sofa with a thick blanket and two cats and a dog laying on me.

    Hope you get yours fixed tomorrow.

    Take care


  • I'm so sorry you've been in such a nasty situation, I think I'm being more sensitive than I would normally have been because last winter my "delightful" landlady decide that early December was a good time to address the massive rising damp problem, which it transpires was because surprise surprise , she paid peanuts and got monkeys to do it. And so she did the same this time, and I was out of my cottage for three weeks, and then camped out in my bedroom with no heating for another month after that, so maybe you can see why I'm a bit miffed about this. I am lucky to have two very cosy dogs to help me keep warm and I'm snuggled up in my duvet watching rubbish tv.

    Thanks for your input, Foggy x

  • I have a hot water bottle with my memory foam mattress - it's an electric blanket I was told not to use.

    have you a spare duvet or blanket you can not put under you? if not, a big towel will do to keep you warmer.


  • Golly wow, I must have got it wrong, but yes, I do have a spare really warm duvet so I will take your advice and use that this evening. Im really hopeful that all will be restored to normal tomorrow,m but thank you for taking the time to reply.

    Muchly. foggy x

  • is your heating fixed?

  • Oh sorry, yes it just Bout is, though had to have a big row over costs, they were trying to make me pay £25 per hour per person - they sent two when one was originally meant to do it. The people damaged the flue as they installed it and neglected to do other things they should have done. So I negotiated the price down to a flat £180 and he is going to send out someone next week to put right the things that are wrong, Im no normally given to being angry, I try to live do as you'd be done by, but I was so cross to afford that amount of money was very hard, but to have to pay it for damaged goods, I was really cross. Anyway, the finger incident followed in very quick succession so my mind was taken with that. But thank you so much Sandra for your caring enquiry - a friend dropped by earlier and she was impressed by how cosy toasty is was. :-). Thank you. Foggy x

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