My first day as a volunteer. Phew and wonderful at the same time!

My first day as a volunteer.  Phew and wonderful at the same time!

Thank all of you fellow forum users that supported me when I put myself forward as a volunteer.

This is going to be the end of my first day and I have to say, it has been hard work but FABULOUS. I've done self-help group volunteering before and always find that listening fully to some one else's story makes me forget about my own problems for a while.

On this lovely forum it's been just the same. The rain and lack of sunlight have been getting to me and I've had very 'difficult' pains in my elbows and lower arms, my knees, my back - you get the picture. Today, when I stop and think, these pains are still there but I haven't paid much attention to them and now I'm off to bed. That's a pretty good day for me!

We do need more volunteers as our numbers are up to 5,000 so if you have some time, and think you can put your own 'stuff' to one side while you answer a newcomer, why don't you think of volunteering?

It is really important when you are responding to somebody else's need to put yourself to one side for a while. That doesn't mean you can't use the forum for yourself. Or at least it won't for me. As I've just said above - I hurt (a lot) and I won't pretend otherwise but I can still be there for others.

Goodnight forumites.

Whippet Christine xxx

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  • These are my boys by the way. Rowan on the right and Logan on the left. Both berry, berry gorgeous x

  • Absolutely handsome chaps,Woof! xxx

  • We are on the lookout for more Volunteers at present. If you have already put your name forward thank you. If we haven't got back to you, we have a list of all the names and will contact you if we need to. There is no need to reapply, many thanks. :) :)

  • Yeyyy whippet lover well done.x

  • Thanks Sammy x

  • Thanks so much Whippet-lover.

    Love and hugs Butterfly 54 xxxx :-)

  • Well done Christine, you survived your first Volunteer day, great job! :) :)

  • Thanks Libby.

  • Well done for getting to be a volenteer and surviving your first day all you can do is try it and if it get s too much you step down but at least you have given it a go thats the main thing but hopefully you will be ok and really enjoty it

    anyway take care love diddle xxxxx

  • Thanks Diddle x

  • you always were so easy totalk to chris and we look forward to having your advice on our little whinges and questions petal

  • I'll do my best. x

  • Hi there your dogs are beautiful!! I wouldn't mind a whippet one day but as I have four dogs already a whippet lurcher( fast as hell), a patterdale terrier cross,a pug and a chihuahua I don't think I have anymore room. Well done on starting the volunteering,I'm going to be dog walking for our local dog rescue centre just waiting for a date for the training session and then off I go. It's good to do other things despite the pain unless it all gets too much. I've tried different things but it didn't work out as pain levels got too bad but walking actually helps me so that's why I'm going to walk some more dogs lol. Good luck with it!!


  • Thanks, and this volunteering I can do on the sofa is just for me. Probably wait a while for your whippet!


  • congrats! "talked" with you yesterday I had no idea it was your 1st day! I only found the site a few weeks ago and It has helped me so much. Depending on what's involved eg. time commitments etc. I would be very interested in in applying as a volunteer. If you would consider that I'm too much of a novice or unknown quantity, not a problem, would be happy to try again in a few months. Well done Chris. xx

  • Thanks tulips. I don't think that time as a member is considered as important as common sense and knowing the community guidelines. I don't know whether you have filled in some information about yourself on your profile but I know Admins on the look out for new volunteers will have a look there. It is a big committment I must say this week so far but I suppose that varies. I'll pass your interest on x

  • well done, I agree that sometimes we do need to do things to take our minds off what is happening all the time to our bodies.

    Sometimes just having a good old chat to someone is good as you are not focusing

    on the pain etc.

    love the dogs, I have got 3, 2 golden retrievers and a labradoodle. wouldnt be without them, they have been my saviour in more ways than one as I have to get up and take them out for a start.

  • Thanks Saluki, I do know what you mean about having to get it together for the dogs. There have been weeks in the past when I wouldn't have shopped but for their need. Now my Dad has my remaining whippet as I can't walk him regularly enough at the moment but I still have my crazy whippet slaying cat!


  • Well done Christine . .being a volunteer is so rewarding ,I run a telephone helpline attached to a support group for the nhs. I have learned a lot myself from others I talk to. You are so right it puts all your pains and problems inthe background for a few hours . i have had many good laughs about some of strange things we do which has often lifted my mood for the day.I also have something that I can do solely for me without waiting for someone to help me.

    I hope you continue to enjoy it as much as I do


  • Thanks aura, it is good to be able to volunteer from my sofa! I hope you continue to enjoy your volunteering too x

  • well done ,and good luck for the future ,i would love to be a volunteer ,but just dont think i would be any good ,im just not that clever lol ,i can offer support but thats about it ,i swear with the fibro and having 5 children my little grey cells are disapearing ,lol

    but well done again :) xxxxx

  • Thanks so much Lynz, It is hard work! x

  • dogs are gorgeous - Jack Russel at our hoose! good 0n you for taking on volenteering. soft hugs xxx dottiedog

  • Thanks so much Dottie. I love Jack Russels too as they are such little toughies and such fun. Are you in Scotland then?

    Christine x

  • yes are you? x

  • Yes I'm in West Fife - after 30 years in London. SHOCK!

  • I am in the borders not that far away! are there any Fibro groups near by? x

  • have just sent you request on facebook x

  • Well done hun xx

  • Thanks Lynn x

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