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Gym for back pain and fibro

I am going to Ashford Hospital (near Heathrow Airport) for physiotherapy. I have had hydrotherapy and now I have been put into a physio gym for back pain. My first session was yesterday (Friday 20th April) I didnt know what to expect. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Met another lady who has fibro there. Trouble is, although the exercises were warm up and very gentle, I have pulled my back out.

The physio said that this is a work out for those who have back problems, but it is just as good for those who have fibromyalgia. Well I started out with very minute hardly any back pain at all, to pulled muscles. I now have a back problem. I can hardly walk. My back is in spasm.

Need some advice on what to do. can't sit, walk, lie down. Cant do anything, what should I do.

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Hi millypeede,

It sounds sore. I have heard the best thing for back spasms is diazipan (sorry prob not right spelling). I would get your self to out of hours doc hun.

Hope you get some ease from it soon hun,

gentle hugs, kel xxxx


You poor love. I had back spasms a few years back and understand what pain you are in. I am inclined to agree with the others, you need professional help xxxxx


yes I agree with others they might give you some diazapam thats what I used to take now I use my tens and a plug in heat pad , hope you get sorted


hi have you tried putting heat on to your back bless you as i type i have got a heat and massage pad on my bck it is so lovely or the heat spray that you buy maybe that may be worth a go or a electric blanket on your bed and obviously pain killers but make sure you ask your gp what ones to take that will suit you hope it eases love to you diddle x


Hiya MilliePeed, some people do manage to do gentle gym sessions but it isn't for everyone. I did a few sessions last year and I wasn't too bad for the first few but had to give it up as I couldn't manage to keep it up. I also came down with a chest infection which I think I caught coming out into the cold weather after being in the warmth of the gym.

I agree with Jules too, you need someone who understands your problems or is willing to find out about them before giving you too much to do. Hope you will feel better soon. Love Angela xx


Yesterday was the worst pain, today my back after a good nights' sleep feels better. I can still tell that I have had a work out.. very very mild, it was just the warm up.. must admit Jules, you are right, although the physio is sympathetic, they and I didnt realise just how sensitive I am. Have never needed to be this careful, am getting worse as I get older.

I was able to walk my puppy, albeit slowly, and am able to move easier so I am going to church this morning, get a bit of much needed spiritual fellowship


Thank you Christine, with God's help I can scale a wall, I can do all things through Jesus Christ who loves me. I managed to hobble into church, and praise and worship, the message was brilliant. Pastor taught from Matthew 7... by thier fruits you will know them.


Milly sorry to read about your back pain. Since lower back surgery in 1994 I have suffered many years with back pain. Ah yes Ashford hospital near Heathrow. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few weeks ago by a rheumatologist at Ashford hospital. It has only taken my stupid doctors 7 years to refer me to a rheumatologist only to be told what I already knew. Idiots kept telling me I'm depressed. Yeah fibro makes you want to jump around with a big smile on your face. If you've never suffered with back pain previous to your physio session then I suspect you've just pulled a muscle. Hope you're on the mend.


lower back pain is just awful. I get a twinge sometimes in my right side low down on the pelvic bone at the back. I have one leg minutely shorter than the other and as I get older and a bit heavier it is starting to bother me quite a bit. I am going to mention it to the physio and she will just prolly watch out for me. There's not much else can be done. I have rested .. elevated legs n took painkiller lastnight. It is still painful but nothing like it was yesterday..Thanks Hertsman. I am impressed with Ashford Hospital fibro friendly attitude. Much better than St Peter's tho thats where I was diagnosed.


Glad you're feeling a bit better. It may be worth getting checked out by a doctor as if you have pulled anything, exercise will not help.

Have you read this blog I wrote on physio & Fibro? It may give you some ideas of things the physio hasn't checked you for before setting you exercises:


Have you ever been assessed for myofascial pain/trigger points? They are extremely common if you have any kind of postural imbalance. One of the reasons I need ongoing myofascial release therapy is that I have hyperlordosis (excessive curvature of the lower spine).


Thanks Lindsey, I hadnt even thought about what to ask or what the physio should ask. I have never been assessed for myofascial pain/trigger points.. am going to look at the link you gave me


I use diazepan and oralmorph when it happens to me which is frequently. My GP is very good though and I just call her and tell her I can't move and it's prescribed. In the absence of these meanwhile try an ice pack which will help reduce inflammation, followed by some heat alternately.

Gentle hugs x


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