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Lets Make Friday the day to share a joke and have a laugh : - ))

The other day when i was visiting my friend he told me that whilst he had been out cutting his grass he turned to see his cat was licking around the top of the drum that contained the petrol for the lawn mower! : - (( And he quickly ran over and chased the cat away from it and hoping that it would be ok. However he said later that day whilst having a cup of coffee the cat suddenly leaped to its feet from the couch and started going round in circles frantically and then collapsed in a heap on the floor..... I said "my god was it dead?" No he said "i think it had just run out of petrol" !!!!! lol : - ))

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Lol that sort of thing is just normal for my real life the only sanity I actually get is on here....loved the punch lime at the end...

But lets not limit it to Friday, lets try and have a laugh every day....



well done very chuckle worthy do we still have a joke page? I will have a look xgins


we do it is under community blogs but hay here is better and every day even better xgins


It is SOOO nice to have a chuckle - thanks, Wee Tam!

Reminds me of the Australian who was telling a tale about how huge the mosquitoes are in Melbourne.

He said one of the mozzies landed at the airport and they'd put 3000 litres of fuel in before they realised it wasn't a Jumbo Jet! :D

Moffy x


Was that you in your holiday clothes moffy ??????


Possibly! (looks secretive)


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