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Is Plantar Fasciitis another symptom of Fibromyalgia?


I have just been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in my right foot. The physiotherapist has given me exercises to help and my doctor has prescribed Naproxen pain killers. Does anyone know if this a separate condition or is it part of the vast number of Fibromyalgia symptoms? Thanks xxx :)

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Wot is it?


Hello Phlebo123,

Plantar Fasciitis is a separate condition that is commonly occurs in people who have Fibromyalgia.

I have had it and sometimes get bouts of it of too, also known as 'Policeman's Heel' I also used comfortable shoes like 'Fit Flop' type style and memory foam wedges to help it too.I was prescribed Naproxen with Omeprazole as cover for my stomach as NSAID medication (Naproxen) is known to cause problems with your stomach lining ie:ulcers.

If you haven't been prescribed Omeprazole, you may not have needed it but I would then consider making sure you follow the 'take after food' which is in the medication advice, to try to prevent stomach problems.

For you and others wondering about Plantar Fasciitis, here is a link to NHS information about it;

I hope this information helps and the pain eases soon

Best Wishes

Emma :)

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I have had plantar fasciitis. I get a lot of different variations which attack. i.e. tennis elbow, housemaids knee and frozen shoulder and I think policemans heel is the worst. I just put up with it. I could have had a steroid injection but since I am retired, I can give my feet plenty of rest. I did rub in Voltarol and took paracetamol sometimes. It will suddenly disappear.

Memory foam shoe liners will ease it.


I get it often but I wear orthotics now which really helps. It's not related to fibro though.



I had it with my FB. I received cortisone shots and it stopped hurting.

I am not sure if it is linked to fibro however I have this condition as well



yes im the same had it for years best to get foot supports from chiropodist ask doc for refferral xx

Hi Phlebo,

I'm not sure it's a symptom, but I've certainly suffered from it for about 7 years now (that is pre-fibromyalgia diagnosis). I sympathise as it's horrible. I think with the right treatment and exercises it can get better, but hasn't worked in my case and so maybe that's due to the fibromyalgia.

Certainly having done a quick Google search for "plantar fasciitis and fibromyalgia", there seems to be a lot of people asking the same question as yourself.

It wouldn't surprise me, that's for sure.

Pip xx

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...lots of people with low thyroid issues can also suffer with it due to low T3 affecting muscles.

My OH has this and they do not have Fibromyalgia, or any symptoms of Fibro. They have always been very fit.

Sadly they have the condition quite badly as they are on their feet all day at work.

The footwear that was recommended to them along with various stretching exercises of the foot, was by a brand called Fit Flop. Not to be confused with another of a similar name. They have found these shoes to be a considerable help, and although expensive, now can't wear any others.

hi im not sure if pf is related to fm but i had it about 13 yrs before i was diagosed with me/fm i was given exercises from the physio tried straps under my arch of foot and up my legs also had injections on several occasions i was refered to a surgeon who was going to operate to realease the tendons from being so tight but before op went ahead it righted its self think i didnt want the op to be honest i do suffer occasionally now especially if i wear very flat shoes trainers are recommended hope this helps joanne

I have suffered with this too it was agony, had it for weeks. Then all of a sudden it disappeared & have not had it since. I put it down to fibromyalgia.

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