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Plantar fasciitis


Don’t know if I’m on correct board but has anyone had successful treatment for plantar fasciitis (extreme pain in heels ). I took naproxen for a month to reduce inflammation and didn’t do any walking during that time - had 30 minute walk today and ready to go through the roof the pain is so bad. Any advice welcome

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Hi cassandra

I to suffered with plantar fasciitis I ad it in my left foot the pain was unbearable,my heal was burning hot every time I tried to put my leg down it was wicked.i had to av a sit down job rather than on my feet alday.Saved me money not having to av time of work it still comes back every now and again

I took co-codalmor and spray I can’t remember the name of it.

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This information was sent to me by my doctor, I hope this helps.

Information and Exercise Sheet (HO2)

PLANTAR FASCIITIS (Inflammation of the instep tendons)

Achilles tendon


Plantar fascia

Your heel pain is caused by a traction injury with some inflammation of the tissues of the heel and the underside of the foot. Usually patients have a flat foot, i.e. loss of the instep (long arch of the foot). The treatment is aimed at relieving your pain and restoring this arch.

Patients often find that trainers or similar shoes give most relief. These shoes are shock- absorbing and have an arch support. You have been supplied with a pair of Sorbothane arch supports with heel pads (cushioning insoles). These should be transferred to all your shoes/boots – even your slippers. If you have a problem with only one heel please use both insoles. Please do not walk around in bare feet.

It is important to do stretching exercises for both your Achilles tendon and your plantar fascia. Please try to perform the exercises overleaf at least twice a day as this will speed the healing process and reduce the pain more quickly.

This ‘Information and Exercise Sheet’ can be downloaded as html or a PDF file from the Arthritis Research Campaign website ( and follow the links to ‘Hands On’ No 2).


‘Hands On’ February 2004 No 2. Medical Editor: John Dickson. Production Editor: Frances Mawer (arc). Published by the Arthritis Research Campaign, Copeman House, St Mary’s Court, St Mary’s Gate Chesterfield S41 7TD. Registered Charity No. 207711.

1. Achilles tendon and plantar fascia stretch

First thing in the morning, loop a towel, a piece of elastic or a tubigrip around the ball of your foot and, keeping your knee straight, pull your toes towards your nose, holding for 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times for each foot.

2. Wall push-ups or stretches for Achilles tendon

The Achilles tendon comes from the muscles at the back of your thigh and your calf muscles. These exercises need to be performed first with the knee straight and then with the knee bent in order to stretch both parts of the Achilles tendon. Twice a day do the following wall push-ups or stretches: (a) Face the wall, put both hands on the wall at shoulder height, and stagger the feet (one foot in front of the other). The front foot should be approximately 30 cm (12 inches) from the wall. With the front knee bent and the back knee straight, lean into the stretch (i.e. towards the wall) until a tightening is felt in the calf of the back leg, and then ease off. Repeat 10 times. (b) Now repeat this exercise but bring the back foot forward a little so that the back knee is slightly bent. Repeat the push-ups 10 times.

3. Stair stretches for Achilles tendon and plantar fascia

Holding the stair-rail for support, with legs slightly apart, position the feet so that both heels are off the end of the step. Lower the heels, keeping the knees straight, until a tightening is felt in the calf. Hold this position for 20–60 seconds and then raise the heels back to neutral. Repeat 6 times, at least twice a day.

4. Dynamic stretches for plantar fascia

This involves rolling the arch of the foot over a rolling pin, a drinks can or a tennis ball etc, while either standing (holding the back of a chair for support) or sitting. Allow the foot and ankle to move in all directions over the object. This can be done for a few minutes until there is some dis- comfort. Repeat this exercise at least twice a day. The discomfort can be relieved by rolling the foot on a cool drinks can from the fridge.

(a) (b)

Hi Cassandra, I suffer with it mostly in the summer. Went to see a podiatrist, who explained summer sandals are not supportive enough.

So I get mine from Pavers now, low heel plus I bought some plantar fasciitis Supportive socks from Amazon.

Besides that, my only other advice Is strong painkillers like co-codimol.

One tip - get a tennis ball, place under the arch of your foot, then roll it around on the floor with your foot. Besides being very soothing, it helps kneed out the knotted muscles Under the foot. Let me know how you get on x

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Thank you for your reply - I do use a tennis ball as my son had plantar fasciitis 20 years ago and he advised me to do this. He ended up having injections but still has an occasional flare up. I ordered socks ages ago and delivery must have been delayed due to Covid 19but I will chase these up.

I had a whole summer where I could hardly walk because of this condition, tried medication gave me a bad stomach, tried insoles, expensive waste of money then I found out about Crocs - the original soft clogs version! There’s good reasons why you often see hospital staff wearing them!

I had mine delivered in early August and I was able to walk quite comfortably within two weeks, that was over 20 years ago and I’ve not been a day without wearing them for a couple of hours ever since!

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Thank you I did buy a pair of crocs a few months ago and I wear these the whole time I’m in the house. As walking was my only form of exercise the situation is really getting me down now. Thanks for taking time to reply.

I suffer with this in both feet, im a care worker so always on my feet but honestly, resting your feet doesn't make it any better. Just take pain killers, wear the correct shoes ( something to support your arches) I also did exercises like rolling my feet on a tennis ball and doing feet exercises in the morning. After a while the pain is a lot less, I will have the odd flare up but not as bad as when I first had it ( I went to a&e as I thought I'd broke a bone) good luck, hope the pain gets a litter easier for you :)

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Thank you for your reply - a friend rolls her eyes when I say I can’t walk far but unless you have suffered from this pain it’s difficult to describe.

Gosh sorry you're in so much pain. Mine wasn't so unbearable. Gp gave me a list of exercises she printed out and the tennis ball one helps too. Haven't had any trouble with it for about two years now.

Good support trainers or buy insoles with supports in them. A tennis ball or even a tin of beans/soup and roll it each night under your foot.

I found gel insoles helped. Superdrug own brand are good and reasonably priced.

I’ve been suffering with planta for some time I’ve tried most things, the best for me is using a scarf under foot and pulling back this eased mine a lot, I still have it but not as bad. Also tried ice treatment which seemed to make it worse so tried heat which helped. Good luck .

Good morning,

Have you been given any physio exercises to help?

I was given exercises to do every day and after about 6 weeks it was much improved. May I suggest that you look at the exercise recommended on the NhS website... Google "NHS plantar fasciitis" , there's also useful info on there also.

the other things I was recommended are special cushion heel inserts, for shoes, which you can buy from your pharmacy.

take care xx

I also suffered with this for about 7 months before going to see podiatrist. A great exercise is placing your foot half on the stair with the heel hanging off the edge; then raise onto your toes and stretch the heel down; do this as many times as you can. I followed these simple stretches with about 5 repetitions of 10 around 2-3 times a day (I done it on each foot as I suffered in both) I also did invest in arch supports.

I still do this exercise but haven’t had any symptoms for about 12 years 😉

Do the exercises 3 times a day, wear the inserts for your shoes, rest, painkillers and wear different height shoes throughout the day. I also saw a sports therapist. That was very helpful.

I got mine after spending 3 weeks without shoes at a yoga retreat... Thought (mistakenly) that it'd be good for me.

Good luck

I have suffered with it on and off for 20 years, the best thing I've found are special socks that are available online I got mine on amazon, they came in a pack of 2 orr 3, they have no toes in them, they really have been a life saver for me, they work much better than pain killers

Thank you I have these on order but it’s been about 3 weeks - yesterday I contacted seller and was told the order was on the way - hopefully they should ease things a bit.

I wore them in bed too and I honestly have found they are the best thing for it, I'm already on controlled drip pain killers (tapentadol 75mg and 600mg pregabalin a day) and they were not touching it Xx

Thank you I was going to a physiotherapist before lockdown and he said lower legs just above the heel were very tight.

It was thought that I had this condition but then I started taking a magnesium supplement orally plus applying magnesium oil to my arms and legs at intervals throughout the day and my symptoms cleared up completely. My doctor did express some surprise at this outcome and suggested that my use of the supplements and the resolution of my symptoms was coincidental. That said when I ran out of the magnesium oil and was unable to get any for a couple of weeks my symptoms began to return. I'm convinced it helped then. I find the magnesium oil useful as a muscle/general relaxant anyway and so I definitely benefit in those terms and so I continue to use frequently for that reason alone and touch wood my plantar symptoms have not reappeared. Both products are available from Holland and Barrett in the UK

Hi, I had it in one foot for 18 months and it went for about a year or so and then the other foot started and had it for another 12 months. I was never pain free, sat on the edge of bed every morning to stretch it, bought the insoles but that didn't work. The doctor injected it but that didn't work, had to put up with it really. Some evenings it felt hot underneath so used to put a tin of beans or soup in the freezer and use it so I could roll my foot over it. It helped with the stretching as well. It wasn't long that I had the second flare that I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, so wonder if there is a connection?

So I would say whenever you sit down, try and stretch it. Hope it helps abit.

Can you tell me how fibromyalgia is diagnosed please

I had to pay for private rheumatologist last year as was feeling ill for about a year before hand. The doctor thought it was RA as I have a few family members with it, the nhs and my doc kept muddling up appointments so paid to see him. He test the points in my body to see what was hurting and he scored 9 out of 12. Getting the diagnoses was easier for me than the treating it, between fibro and hashimoto disease, I am struggling.

But we all must plod on, could be worse, thats what I keep saying lol.

Hi Cassandra, I suffered with this in both feet a few years ago and now its back in my left foot, possibly with having to go back to a manual car. Tried all the usual, therapist, socks, antiinflam gel. Then about 4 days ago my brother found a link for me on youtube to a chap who is a sports therapist and it gave some form of exercises I'd not tried before. The condition hasnt disappeared in 4 days but it is tons better. I was sceptical at first but he teaches you to get to the root cause, not the symptoms. Its only 15 mins long, he talks a bit gets lots in :) Hope it helps

Hi ive had it for over 5 years in my right foot and had it my left for 3 years before that.I haven't found anything that helps and don't want to have the steroid injection as the idea of it puts me off and they told me it might not work,or just work temporarily.

Try to think of your body as a whole, not just your plantar fascia. Very often this is not a problem with the foot but can emanate from a problem with the back. As Fascia is one unbroken ‘skein’, which is extremely strong (much stronger than muscle) any problem with one part affects all other parts. When possible it may be worth going to see someone who does fascial release techniques and treats the entire body. Some people get relief by soaking their feet in warm water and Epsom salts. (I’m a Body Realignment therapist.)

Hi I’m on my second flare up, I have been advised to put a small bottle of water in the freezer, I roll my foot on that before I go to bed, you need to put a sock on.

Hope this helps

Cathy x

Hi.The only thing that works 4 me is 80mg kenalog corticosteroid injections into the area.very painful 30seconds feel free 2 swear my GP understood..But works great for several months.Have it 3 or 4 x a year ..

ooooh yes, for over 2 years i suffered with this in my left foot, mildly in my right - it is wicked, i couldn't put my foot on the ground. I actually started it by stepping a little firmly on one of the blind bobbles you get at small crossings - i had dolly pump shoes on very flat and not much sole and i yelped - and gradually got worse for the next 2 weeks. I had the steroid injection in the underneath of the heel - they had to hold me down and that was excruciating, but the next day was worse as i got up very early morning for the loo and i didnt have a left foot, it was like it wasnt mine - there was snow outside too, so a fab time to get that done! I also had the treatment thats like a pneumatic drill on the bottom of the foot, i had special insoles made for me, i was told not to wear "stupid shoes" and that it might never go away. I tried the frozen small water bottle that you use to roll around under your foot thats a good one, i tried pain jell and all painkillers, its very depressing as i felt i would be like that forever! PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME - i actually was having a row and i kicked a internal door in temper with that foot, and i immediately thought OMG what have i done!!!!! but the next day my foot was so much better??? and it tailed off over the next few weeks, i get it back a bit at times and there's always and ache there but that was 8 years ago! touch wood it stays that way! Good luck and i totally feel your pain!!! I had the best treatments from MSK. xxx

I stretch and exercise my bad foot daily. I use a rolling pin to roll under the arch of my foot and also use a low raised step to lift the heels. Better to stretch often than let it build up. There are exercise suggestions online.

had it for 6 months in left foot then it just went . then next year i got it in right foot . tried all sorts . had it for 9 months eventually tried a pair of crocs from holland . bought the wide original ones with red stripe round them . result! look nuts but hey they work plantar went withing 2 weeks of wearing them . sorted . i even wore them in bed as when you replax your foot bends as the plantar gets worse so i wore them day and night even in the shower lol . best 20 pounds or whatever they were spent .

Omg I totally empathise with your plantar fasciitis situation! I was unable to walk at all on both feet for 10 months with this condition, eventually I got referred to a foot and ankle specialist who did ultrasound guided cortisone injections, it made some improvement but it got bad after a few months so was revered to ultrasound department at another hospital, I had the procedure done again by a surgeon and it worked brilliantly the 2nd time, I highly recommend the injections. My ligaments were 3 times the normal thickness and I had enthesitis at the attachment site, bilateral. I can't walk now.

Hope you get some help quickly, its debilitating living with this condition 😥

Hi Cassandra, so sorry you’re having so much pain, I too have had very painful heels over the last 10 years or so. Every time I’d have to visit the doctor I’d mention it, and as with fibromyalgia, they seem to look at you like you’re a lost cause, mainly as they don’t know what to do with us. Anyhow, a few years ago, a locum was taking my usual Doc’s place & he sent me for X-ray on both feet, they showed spurs on both heels, thus causing inflammation, my doctor now injects cortisone in the heels 1 x year, and it works great. Good luck & hope you get some relief xx

Hi, I suffered for ages and tried everything. I ended up getting shock wave therapy suggested by my physiotherapist. I had a couple of sessions and has now completely gone. That was over 18 months ago. I know this is not suitable for everyone but worked for me. Might be worth a bit of research for you. Wishing you good luck with it, as I know how painful planter can be.

I got a referral from doc for physio and received fitted insoles, which really work. They sometimes offer cortisone injections but that doesn't last long if you are on your feet a lot

My little one had plantar fasciitis, we managed to sort it out with in a month.

I massaged her feet each evening with cold gel before bed and had her stretching twice a day.

A pair of trail runners and Dr Martens for school were a good investment too.

Rolling the soles of your feet can be a good alternative to massage while you can't get out.

Start with something soft like a tennis ball and work up to a spikey massage ball.

Rolling with something cold like a frozen bottle of water after time on your feet helps reduce the pain and inflammation.

These are only short term measures, for long term relief you need to be doing rehab stretches and addressing any gait issues.

Making sure your shoes are supporting your arches is vital.

If you want a copy of the exercises drop me a message

Hello Cassandra, so sorry your suffering so much, I know what its like, I suffered terribley with Plantar fasciitis , tried endless things costing a lot of money with no relief and then one day when I was discussing it with one of the better nutritionists who advised me that it was too do with hormanes (not sure if thats the case for everyone) , at the time I just laughted it off but now I use Plantar to guide me with my dose of natural progesterone cream

Best wishes


Hi, I suffered badly with mine & after 2 years of trying everything my doctor & physio told me to do (exercises, brace etc), i looked up on line that you could have an op so I pushed for this.

One of the best things I've ever had done, I am now Plantar pain free and have been since having it done 3 years ago.

Just one thing, I put up with my pain for so long I hadn't realised my body had accommodated the different walking style I was using while in pain, I now have to wear insoles but they are excellent & a very small price to pay. Don't leave it too long if nothing is working. Good luck x

Hi I too have suffered for many many years and still do with planta fasciitis. A lady I worked with over 10 years ago told me about fitflop shoes. She said a doctor told her about them. Well these are amazing I hve fitflops and shoes and trainers and boots from this make. They have a sale on a lot. So take a look very comfortable. And yes never walk around barefooted.

And yes stretching is a must. I hve to were a planta boot at night. To stretch the foot.

Hi Cassandra, I suffered with plantar fasciitis really badly. I ended up having two injections in the bottom of my heel. It was very painful but after the second one I haven’t had it anymore

I recommend the injections too, it can be painful but is well worth it. I had one nine years ago and another about two years ago and the pain is much better.

Hi Cassandra

I had this in my right foot a few years ago .

My doctor referred me to the hospital and I had a injection in the bottom of my foot . That has keep me pain free in the foot for the past five years. It was well worth having done .

I think it was a steroid injection .

Hope you get some relief soon


Hi Cassandra

I had this about 12 years ago. The pain is horrendous.

My GP gave me Naproxen and said he could do injections if it got worse. I do not like injections and the Naproxen didn't work.

So I looked on line. The lady at the beginning who gave exercises and advised innersole I feel will work. However you have to be prepared to do the exercises before you get up and as often as you can everyday. The innersoles are expensive and can be bought at most Chemists and you have to wear them all the time even in slippers. I did this for about 6 months. I still wear the innersole in most of my shoes and it has not come back.

Good luck I so hope you find something that works.

Hugs Lilly

Hi there, I had this condition several years ago, I remember going upstairs on my knees!! What worked remarkably for me was reflexology

Thank you to all you wonderful people who have replied to me and given some great advice and tips x

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