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Thank You!

Just wanted to say a huge Thank You go my lovely fibro friends for offering their support following my emergency double brain surgery over this past Xmas. It really has helped and I feel very humbled by it.

Today I hope the staples in my head will be removed and my tramadol are ready to go alongside the strong co codamol I take so that should ease things I hope.

It has been my decision but I have refused all my regular fibro meds as I am very frightened about another bleed on the brain. No one has said that they were the cause of the bleed but going to try to do without them and see what happens.

I do think fibro is fighting for attention: aching body etc but is only 9 days since my last op so I shall have to wait and see bit again, thank you all for your kind words, they mean so much xx

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Morning Charli, wow you are amazing, best of luck when the staples are taken out just think of us nutters singing badly across the country- slight comic relief. seriously good luck hun we are all thinking of you. Take care your fibro friends


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Oh golly Charlii, I must have missed out knowing about this, what an ordeal for you to have gone through, especially at this time of year !

One thing I would say is that, though not knowing what meds you are on, I would doubt, unless you have been told to the contrary that they caused the bleed. I am worried that you will be causing yourself more pain and suffering by not taking the drugs. It might be an idea when you go to have the stitches taken out to ask specifically if the Fibro meds you were on could possibly have caused it and if they respond with 'no', then I would start taking them again. From my own experience when I had my left shoulder replaced, my fibro kicked in big time post op and I had to up all the meds I was on and I wouldn't wish that pain on you, it seems from what I have read that it is quite a common experience for more pain post operatively. Anyway, just thought I would voice this to you, at the end of the day it is your decision what to do I with your body, but i don't want you to be in more pain than you have to !!

Wishing you the very best today when you have your staples out, and do ask them the question about your meds, please. Let us know how you get on :-)

Foggy x


You are most welcome Charlie, do hope you had a better night and feeling a little better today, ..take care and rest to get yourself ready to deal with things......gentle hugs ....Dee xx


Sorry my fibro friend I meant to have added to that last message a word of good luck today having your stitches removed, we are all thinking of you, and like foggy says check about meds if your worried, you really don't need the fibro pains back with a vengeance, do keep us in touch with how things go, ...Dee xx


Hi Charlii I was sorry to hear you have had to have these ops you must be very brave. I hope you have a much healthier new year and you recover from all this trauma lots of love and bubbles xxxx


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