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Hips and limps,

Pain that makes you say naughty words,

Hello all you poor fibro sufferers hope you are as

Pain free as possible.

I am told by GP that bursitis of the hip is unrelated

To fibro, maybe this is so I don't know, but I do know

That a lot of people with fibro seem to have it, or maybe

It's just the old wrinkles like me.

It's very painful, my question to you is what medication

Do you take to stop the pain, does it ever go away, mine

Seems to always be there at times worse which makes

Me say naughty words.

Thank you all for your answers if I get any

Love Viv x

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Hello Vivien My knees tend to b worse than my hips. Fibro is +@%&* nusiance OK. hugs sue xxx


Hi Viv, I do hope you get some relief soon. I have had bursitis in the past so I know how bad it can be, mine did eventually go away on its own, so I hope yours does too and soon.

Having had bursitis previously and plantar fasciitis, which a lot of fibro sufferers have, I do wonder if these were not the first signs of this wonderful condition and it wasn't till now when I am almost totally incapacitated that I got a diagnosis. It does make me wonder. Linda


Hi viv, haven't seen you for ages, I'm sorry you are having such a problem with bursitis, I understand it can be extraordinarily painful. The pain which made me say extremely bad words was when I had bone on bone arthritis in my shoulder and oh boy if anyone came near me I almost had to stop myself from metaphorically decking them. I understand that you can have a cortisone injection which will help with bursitis, but I'm not sure what the long term treatment is as normally they only allow 3 cortisone injections in a year,

Sending positive vibes your way :-)

Foggy x


Thank you catching the vibes


Hi Viv, I'm sorry you are suffering with bursitis as well! I have had bursitis in both hips a few times. I think it is linked in some way to fibro rather than age - I am 29 - I found that amitriptyline, hot water bottles and rest alternated with gentle stretches helped.

I hope you get some relief soon!

Gentle fluffy hugs to you

Becky xx


I get it reoccurring in my hips afaid nothing to do with age. Hot water bottles rest and gentle exercise helps, do not let it get set in !.

Wishing you relief and a gentle night a head



Hi Viv,

I have bursitis as well as arthritis in my hips, as well as fibro too! I never really know which one is causing the pain to be honest.

My consultant did the usual injections, but yo gee honest they didn't do anything. He said it is something you have to learn to live with. I take a cocktail of meds for my fibro, so it help with the busitis too! I think it flares up sometimes and then goes away or awhile and then comes back, unfortunately.

I do hope you manage to find some relief, I found having a warm bathep helps too.

Good Luck! Listen to your body and try to rest when it plays ou, but keep the suppleness there also!

Gentle hugs :-))


Hi vivien60

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you are suffering with bursitis, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to the issue as soon as possible.

I do not have this complaint, however, I just wanted to wish you all the best with addressing this issue.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi there just wanted to say I had a cortison injection in my hip and it has helped no end. wishing you well


I have this too and never suffered before I had Fibro. I've had two steroid injections, the first one worked but not the second, not sure why not. The painkillers I take for Fibro don't seem to touch the pain from the Bursitis at all, gentle stretching helps a little though. Not much help I'm afraid but you're not alone.

Jenni. X.


Hi viv, I've had an op on both heels to remove the bursa sack in each heel. I suffered with tendinitis and inflamed bursa sacks. They say it's due to wearing flat shoes. I also suffer with fibro so it could be linked. Hope this helps. X


I have ischiogluteal bursitis! And it's a real pain in the *%$&!!! XX


Oowww ouch that sounds very painful and exactly a pain in the ^{~€<$>

Anti pain in the <^>^\$€? vibes coming your way sue :-)

Foggy x

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Hi Viv,

&@#% $¥%#^* €$#%¥~*¥ - which as a fellow sufferer I'm sure you'll know translates to say it hurts! I too have bursitis and tendonitis in both hips. I found injections worked for 24hours while the local anaesthetic is active but the cortisone part did nowt. It's so painful I can't lie on my sides, and is painful to touch with the slightest of fingertip pressure. I had an arthroscopy to fix a torn labrum in one hip which I was told would sort it out, but it didn't so I'm waiting to find out what else they can do, as its my greatest source of pain - if they tell me anything useful I shall let you know. My last surgeon helpfully suggested that if I lost weight and 'eased the load' it would get better - you are probably now picturing a vastly obese person. Not the case, overweight from usual weight, yes, because I've not been able to move for a while. Ease the piggin load...I'll give him a pain that makes him swear, the €$#%!



God I'm so sorry it's bad enough having it

In one hip can't imagine what it's like in


I think the doctors tell you this about weight

Rubbish how can that make a difference when

You can't walk and can't go to sleep other than

On your back then it's not good sleep

I'm not over weight but I'm told the same, it's

about time some one helped us it's no wonder

We get depressed and P...... Off.

Still I don't have to wash up often.



Ah thanks Viv, these Drs like to blame weight for everything when they can't find answers. This dude said the op would resolve all problems and return me to horse riding - a bold claim I thought and indeed, when it fell short he blamed the fatty patient. How rude! Hope you get some relief very soon Viv, and leave the washing up xxx


Hi Alex, long time no speak , how are you doing my friend ? Apart from the bursitis of course :o

Foggy x


Hi there lovely foggy. I'm ok thanks, I've been wallowing in misery with horrid joint pain in my hips and knees which just doesn't let up. Had a follow up at the hospital today where they just confirmed the pain was from hypermobility syndrome and the only treatment was exercise and painkillers. What a mess! I can't even get in and out of the bath for a bit of heat relief :( it's exhausting. I'm not very sociable when I'm in pain coz I feel too moany and selfish so that's why I've been quiet.

How are you doing flower? Better I hope? Xxx


Aww bless you, I think I'm just about beginning to start to see the light and hope that the flare is over the worst part of it. I still feel exhausted a lot of the time, but I think that's cos I expect to be able to do more than I should.

Sending huge loads of positives your way :-)

Foggy x


Hi Viv, I also have Bursitis of hips, my right being worse than my left. Last year the pain was just so unbearable (I"ve been told that I have a very high threshold of pain), I take extremely strong "Cocktail of Meds" for Fibro but nothing touched the Bursitis pain!! From Feb 2013 to the August, it got so bad I could"nt even get out of bed a get to the bathroom!

Kept going back to the GP who was increasing the dose of Meds, even then it did"nt work. I could"nt tolerate it any longer, preventing me from sleeping, no appetite ect. Thankfully I saw my Rheumatologist (my GP had rung to bring Appoint forward), she took one look @ me, I was in a wheelchair by now and asked if I wanted the Injection, there and then on the spot. I did"nt hesitate, just said "YES!!!".

She told me it would be a couple of weeks before I found any benefit for the pain, after about two weeks, I woke up one morning, RELIEF @ last!! The pain had"nt completely disappeared but it was @ least manageable!

I certainly would"nt leave it that length of time again to be in that much pain!! I would/am just about to contact Ruematologist again as the Bursitis Pain has flared up again on the right side. I am no expert, only giving you my experience, it is just a suggestion, but I would go and see your GP ASAP. Hopefully they will have the answers to elevate the horrendous pain you are in, my heart goes out to you!!

There does seem to be lots of us Fibro Sufferers who have Bursitis of hips, does"nt there?

I hope you get some relief as soon as possible, I can really sympathise with you!! Take care of yourself.

Sending you positive healing energies, Viv.

Best Wishes Lynn

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Golly Lynn, I admire you,so so much for battling through so many adversaries. I think you have really been given more than your fair share of problems and the fact you are with us still today is a testament to your braveness and strength of spirit.

Sending lots of positive vibes your way and CWTCHES too :-) :-)

Foggy x


Hi Vivien60,

Just to say Bursitis of the Hips sucks ....!!!

Cortisone injects work for a while but I find you have to keep going back and I HATE injections so trying to manage the pain with physio exercises and a cocktail of meds like most on the forum.

It's not at all age related and definitely linked to Fibro in my humble opinion.

Let us know how you get on - all the best.

Stay strong, stay positive and don't worry about using the odd naughty word.

Fight the Fibro

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I had this three years ago, tremendously painful, and I was size ten at the time, not overweight at all. I had other symptoms too but I was in a very physical and stressful job, so I put it down the that, in fact I had fibro, just didn't know it yet. I had it in one hip first, then both shoulders. Iseem to remember bursitis being on the "monster" list of fibro symptoms...... :-\ Sleep well all x


Thank you all for your replies thank lampain

I now have some thing to go to the GP with

I think he thinks I am sat at hope thinking I

Know I will make some thing else up and pay

Him a visit.

Love to you all hope you have all had a good

Day but I doubt it so I hope it's been a better




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I have brutisis now over a yr, tbh I'm in constant pain, nothing seems to be helpin me, I just keep getting either fobbed off by gp or told by gp, it's pain now deal wit it, mmm I'm 36& it's not old age wit me. Although I feel so old as at min I can hardly walk, but keepin chin up,medication...mmmm my honest opinion,I don't fink anything works, only a. Shot gun, !if ya didn't laugh,u.d cry!!! Xx


Hi Viv, I hope you are managing your pain as best you can.

I have Trocanteric Bursitis too, my right hip is usually much worse than my left, & when it flares up I take an extra Tramadol capsule & put a hot water bottle over my hip area. It doesn't go completely but it does take the edge off it.

You only have to look at how many replies to your question mention that they too have bursitis to know that it has to be linked to fibro, the physical evidence is there for all to see!


Thank you

The problem is you go to the GP they move your

Leg in places that does not hurt then say it's your fibro, mine hurts when I try to walk and in bed

Anyway GPs don't believe you do they I to take

Tramadol and ibrufen the ibrufen is the only thing

That helps also I have got some of those hot plasters which help.

My problem is I still work and I have had my 3

times off it's the sack after this, I work as a

Nurse, you would think that as it is a place of

Care they would give and take a bit more, but

They don't.

Thank you for your reply it's so nice to see

People the same as me

Love viv


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