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Thank you

Hi there my fibro friends, I just want to thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes, the procedure went ok, I had 4 injections to numb the inside of my cheek, they gave me 6 stitches after removing the lump, they showed it to me it was quite big, sent it off to be analysed but feeling is it will all be ok, my face is still swollen and quite painful, but it's all done and dusted now, have to go back in six weeks for check up, the stitches are dissolvable, thank goodness.... once again thank you all for your messages of concern and well wishes...it's so good to have so any friends to talk to. It helps....take care gentle hugs for you all....Dee xxx

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Hi Cookie72

That is wonderful to hear, and I sincerely hope that you are feeling well after the procedure? Please take care of yourself and keep us all up to date with how you are getting on my friend?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


So good to hear all went well for you, keep well :)


Hi cookie, its a lovely feeling once its all over and done with and you are back home isn't it. Take care.


So pleased for you cookie. Hope the swelling and stitches go quickly. Gentle healing hugs, Julie xxx


Hi Cookie72,

Glad everything went well for you. You sound quite chirpy in your messages, which is excellent, and as you say all done now. It's nice not having it hanging over you.

Hope you are not in too much pain with neck and fibro. Take it easy. Lizzy


Hi Dee, I am so pleased for you that everything went to plan. It must have been quite a large lump for six stitches I pray Biopsy they have sent off will all come back clear, as you are confident it will.

My thoughts and Prayers were with you yesterday as you were going through Procedure & continually throughout the day.

So glad it is all done & dusted, out of the way. Just pray you"ll soon recover and your mouth won"t be so sore and swollen.

Bless you for your thoughtfulness in thanking us. We should be thanking you Cookie as you are always there supporting us!

A Huge "thank you" off me, my friend.

Sending Massive positive healing, comforting, loving energies to you my friend.

Take good care of yourself/ (((gentle hugs))) Love Lynn XX<3<3XX



So pleased it all went well , fingers crossed it was just cyst. Do take care plenty of rest you will soon be smiling again.



Hi Dee, glad it went well and you seem in the clear. Now back to giggling in due course. Are we allowed to tickle you yet? :P


Ooooooh nnnoooooooo, cos its hurts when I smile cos this silly person bit the site when trying to clean my teeth oooooch infact I felt like saying more than ouch lol, give me another day or so, one ofthe stitches have come out so it must be getting better, they are dissolvable stitches,... : )


My turn soon. I'm going to have an unerupted wisdom tooth out. There, I bet you lot didn't know I had any in the first place :P


Well we did wonder lol, ...:Dee x :p


Hope you are recovering well Dee, best wishes xx


Thank u Pippa I'm sure Lynn will appreciate your good wishes, very kind of you....gentle hugs.....Dee xx


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