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Thank you x


I just wanted to say thank you to all my new friends. Your replies to my moans are consistant and so kind.

For the first time in a long time I feel that someone is with me. Oh I know I have a loving partner, a terrific mum and some amazing friends but they dont get it. They dont know, how can they. Yes they listem and talk me round when im miserable. They run me lovely baths and make me a cuppa to cheer me up but they dont know!

Sometimes I think, as I am telling them how horrible my night was or how much pain I am I know they dont get it. I cant seem to express enough pain through words because it always sounds like im exaggerating. Especially when I speak about the fibro 'add ons' aswell as the pain. Im trying to almost convince people that its real, but they dont know. How can they.

Anyway, I waffle, again. I wanted to say thank you. I am always shocked by how many of you reply.

I apologise if I havent responded to your replies. I am still getting used to this site. I only just found a couple just now. Didnt even know they were there. So sorry to my fellow insomniacs. I promise I will find a quicker way arounf this so I can see you have replied.

THANK YOU for making me feel welcome and reassuring me I am not a hypochondriac, and that im not alone.

Em xx :-)

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Hi EandA

Thank you so much for your wonderful and warm post; I know from personal experience that many members really love it when they have managed to help a fellow sufferer feel a little easier.

I also wanted to say to you, that you are a wonderful and amazing person who is a valued member of our community, and all of us, appreciate one another.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Bless you x we definitely know how you're feeling and understand the struggle of fibro xx take everyday as it comes, relish the better days and ride through the bad xx


Thank you for your post it is a nice feeling that we have somehow helped you with your struggle with fibro. Yes it is hard for family and friends to really understand all the things that we have to endure as fibromites as they are not walking in our shoes. I have got to the stage now that I rarely try to describe it as I see that blank look come on peoples faces. They can understand a broken arm and empathise but it is difficult when they are trying to think what an invisible illness feels like. You will soon get your head around this site and I am sure the tech people or the lovely administrators will always help you out with things if you need more advice on how to post etc. Hope you have a good dayx


You know there really is hope you just have to be willing to do the work. Start with your diet as this is the easiest thing to change with the biggest results. Eliminate all processed food and drink, eat whole, single ingredient foods. Get 15 minutes of fresh air and sun a day for Vit D and get some exercise, even if it is just to the end of your driveway a couple of times a day. The more wholeheartedly you jump into this the better you will feel in shorter amount of time. I know because I had fibro for 20 years and now I don't.


Thanks for the advice. :-)

Diet is good overall as I dont really eat unhealthy. However, when I was working I could afford to eat well. Now unfortunately my diet is restricted to my ESA money and the mortgage and gas, electric etc come first.

I have gone from low wage to vey good wage to no wage so am very up on how expensive good food is.

Also injury plus fibro means walking is a no no, hense the swimming (or rather bobbing) I did the other day then suffered greatly for it.

My physio is very up on this illness so I am lucky to have her.

hope you are feeling well.

Em x


Yes, lack of sufficient income can be a deterrent, however I found when I gave up dairy, bread, cereals etc that my money went a lot further for real food. Vegetables are not really expensive, meat can be but it should only be 1/3 or less to your diet.

I really hope that you can focus enough on diet to see results, improvements. It will make a world of difference for you.

The library carries a book called The Paleo Approach which outlines a dietary regime that will help you tremendously.

I am sorry to hear about the injury.

Hope you are better soon!


So difficult. I can assure you. When you only have 20 pound for your weeks shop those things are expensive. Its cheaper to eat a bowl of cereal than it is most other things. Veg fruit meat etc are only cheap per portion. You need the bigger outlay in the first place to buy them in order for it to be cost effective overall. It is why food banks stock mainly tins and cereals.

Am an expert on me.

plus I have to consider other members of my household. Would make it even more expensive.

Typical really. When I didnt have this I was working so could afford. Now I need it im not working ha.

I will look into the book. Thanks again x


Not sure who the other members are but if they are children then I suppose a solution is to allow them to continue eating the food bank cereals and tins and because your health is so important to their lives that maybe you could up your vegetable intake (local farmers or Farm Markets?) and reduce the grains you eat. Grains and sugar are highly inflammatory.

Since reversing my fibro, I am of the opinion that it is a total state of toxicity. So look around at different ways that you may be being exposed to chemicals, even cleaning products and commercial personal care products. There are many cheaper alternatives to expensive cleaning products.

Really just looking to offer any ideas you may not have thought of because I really do care.



Thanks for this post, strange how when having a bad day and picking up words of appreciation lifts my heart.......but it does

This is the absolute best community site I have ever used and I too my remember to thankeveryone here more often........THANK YOU!

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