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I just wanted to take the time to say a big thank you to the person who posted about writing a letter to their GP. I am with a big practice and although I do try to see the same person each time, it's not always possible and wores get crossed and my poor brain forgets things or mentions them in a list and the wrong thing gets picked up on. Anyway at my last visit to my (fairly) regular GP I was annoyed about a statement he made as I was leaving. I had told him I was being put forward for medical retirement and he said he would be reccommending that I would be fit to work again in the future. This statement annoyed me because it made me feel that I was making things out to be worse than they are, plus it was going to cost me a fair bit off my pension entitlement. It took a few days for this to come to a head and I sat down and wrote a 3 page typed letter telling him how annoyed I was and why and detailing a typical bad day in my struggle with fibro and the subsequent depression.

I had an appointment with him today and he was very nice. He assured me he didn't want to penalise me in any way financially but he felt that writing me off as never being able to work again would be detrimental to my life in general as it would close off possible potential employment in the future and subsequently make my depression worse. He said that he sincerely felt that I would improve to a level where I could go back to work and asked me what I would do if, in 2 years time, I had a life again. I quickly replied that I would be teaching and doing the job I love at which point he asked what would need to change to make that possible. As you can imagine my answer included being in much less pain, not being exhausted all the time and being far more mobile and able than I am now. Whether I ever get to that point or not I came away feeling that he believed what I was saying and feeling much more positive about things. I also got a definitive diagnosis of fybro which will now be on all my fit notes and reports so taking the time to write that letter has really paid off for me, so thank you again to whoever suggested it in the first place. All I need to do now is get my PIP form finished and sent away, but that worry is for another day.


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  • Fantastic :) good for you I`m am very pleased that you finally got through,, hugs sue

  • Thanks Sue.

  • Hi Lruk

    I truly think that this is fantastic, you got to have your say to the doctor and for him to listen. I think this is wonderful.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Thanks Ken, I did wonder if I was doing the right thing but thankfully it turns out I was. Linda x

  • fantastic x

  • Thank you x

  • Well done you, very brave and pleased it worked out for you xxx

  • Thank you x

  • Brilliant so glad you managed to sort out your grievance with him always so much nicer to be on pleasant term with some one.


  • I know, I was a bit worried that it would go the wrong way though. I am so relieved it turned out the way it did. Linda x

  • Well done, you must feel so much better getting that sorted with your GP. Brave too. Good luck and take care .x

  • Thank you, I was worried it would backfire but thankfully it didn't. Linda x

  • Well done, it takes real strength to face up to these situations and you did a marvellous job! :-)

    Big Hugs,


  • Thank you and big hugs back! Linda x

  • Well done mite be in same situation soon wat exactly did u write boohooxx

  • I just stated how I felt, how much pain I was in and gave a brief example of one day and all the things that made the pain worse or that I was unable to do because of the pain and how this made me feel. I asked if there was a definitive time when I would be back to normal, because he kept telling me that I wouldn't be in as much pain always and I might get back to how I was before. On my fit notes he always wrote arthralgia which just means lots of pain in lots of places so I asked that as he had told me I had fibro why wasn't that what was out on my fit notes. I hope that helps. I found the whole thing helpful because I also got a lot of things clearer in my head and he did answer all the points I made and questions I asked when I went to see him. Good luck, Linda.

  • Way to go Lruk good luck and stand firm you will be astonished at how your presence will be felt. Dont forget to smile.:)


  • Thanks Gins x

  • I'm so pleased for you Linda! it's must have taken time and courage to do as you did, I really admire you for that. I think, rather like gins says, if you go in and are really nice, it takes some people by surprise and they react in a more postive way to you in response. Well done :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Linda, I'm so pleased that things turned out much better for you and it must have taken a lot of courage and energy to do what you did, but it got the desired result. I'm with gins, it is good to deal with professionals by being really nice, then they in return seem to respond in a similar way. Well done :-)

    Foggy x

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