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Morning one and all Monday morning 29th December 2013 nearly Auld Years Night

Time for resolutions Have you made one - is it something different? We all put slimming and trying to be more active but are there any what are you aalloriginal ones out there? Do let us know I could do with a new challenge for 2014.

So what are you all going for...........??????????


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Hello Gins, I'm sure today is Sunday x


I,m sure it is to


It is Sunday Monday is tomorrow and it will be the 30th on Monday


I too am in a complete muddle about the days, hehehe :-)

My challenge is not to be on a diet :D :D

Seriously though, my resolution would be to be more tolerant, I think......... hmmmmm must go away and think of more because I'm sure I have many faults that could do with improvement !

Oh and on New Year's Eve , I will be doing a thorough inspection of the inside of my eyelids.....I hope :-)

Foggy x


Haha You are all completely right I am askuew How wonderful just gained a day.

Quest still stands Auld years resolutions pl?????????????????????????


My resolution is to write more snail mail.

To family and friends. In particular me mother and aunt. Who I know look forward to letters.

I have let so many things fade away this year. And although I am a bit of a loner. I know it's not good for me. I need others ideas and input to make life worth living.

I thought I might reconnect with this site.

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Also having acting with kindness to the fore in my mind.

Pain makes me crabby and bad tempered.

I need to be a nicer me.


I promise this was not a porn link. Or so far as I could see a money making scam.

How interesting that it should be removed.

I apologise for the mistake.

That comes of assuming that I knew what the guidelines to posts are.



I was only writing such a list yesterday. I wanted to give myself some achievable challenges for next year instead of thinking "what is there to look ahead to" as I recall I felt like this time last year. I did speak to my GP when I saw him about a month ago, saying I felt I needed to give myself a challenge and something to aim for next year, as well as to do something fun. I told him about the first two items listed below and he thought it was a great idea and would be really good for me. Here's hoping...

Anyway, my list is:

1. Practice the trombone when I can and get back to being as good as possible bearing in mind the FM. I finally got my very own trombone for Christmas - woohoo! I had to give up some 21 years ago due to a neck problem, but it's a part of my life I've missed ever since. There's a new trombone being produced made of plastic that sounds just like the brass one I used to have, but that is much, much lighter. This has given me the chance to play again, but I do need to practice. I played a bit of The Acrobat (theme tune to Jonny Briggs for those that remember) on Christmas Day for my mum. I'm amazed I still remembered it ;)

2. I recently connected my keyboard to my computer so I can record my music. I haven't played my keyboard for some time, have wanted to record my music since I was 15, and am giving myself this challenge as I am fed up of feeling I cannot do anything. As long as I pace - no comments please Foggy - I have the ability to at least have a go. It might take a bit longer than it would have done pre-FM, but I'm in a place where I feel I can try :)

3. I must get out more with my camera. I didn't do as much photography as I would have liked this year, so hopefully I can do a bit more in 2014.

4. Continue to learn how best to live with and manage FM. While my FM hasn't changed, my way of thinking about it and dealing with it certainly has. I hope to pace myself even more effectively, as this seems to be the key to feeling as good as I can over longer periods.

5. I've lost 35lb since June doing WW and I hope to continue losing weight this year :)

I know the last one isn't that original, but it is somthing I hope to do ;)

All the best for 2014 everyone :)

Pip xx


Pip your resolutions are to be commended absolutely brilliant I particularly love the photography and the music go for it please xgins


I'll certainly try Gins :) Just got to recover from Christmas ;) I'm looking forward to playing again though :)

I hope you're OK and have had (are having) a good time over the festive period :)

Pip xx


Getting out and about with my camera was on my list for last years resolutions.

Looking though the lens becomes a sort of meditation. Framing and reframing waiting and watching for the moment to click. Brilliant therapy for distracting the mind away from pain.

I have brought myself a compact job. Not as much fun as the S L R but manageable.

Good luck with the music.

All the best for 2014


Cheers Nedd,

All the best with your photography. The compact cameras are brilliant these days :)


Like pip I have lost 32lbs with WW ( i am i have sure put some bcak on with christmas. Lol ) I plan to loose another 1st. To start a local support group , i did research this year, at presant my support group is an hour away . I would really like to go on a long train journey to. PIP ... how I admire you I would love to play rock guitar but do not have a musical not in my body ...

Good luck with thoughts on the new year ..


Hello All,

I have been thinking about mine apart from the normal weight loss !

I would like to try to use my new sewing machine more and learn how to make some lovely patchwork or flowery items :) as I find it relaxing. Finish some online courses I started as I am halfway through, 6 more to do and get the certificates for! Get back into learning my guitar as I find this concentration is a distraction from Fibro pain. Start decorating my dolls house and finish painting my Daughters too! So she can play to her hearts content :)

I would also like to start scrap booking ! :) Should have thought about asking for stuff for these hobbies for Christmas, silly me.....sometimes you just cannot think of what you'd like when asked :) Also, sometimes I don't like to ask either *pulls awkward embarrassed face

Anyway I love the presents I have kindly received as I now have enough make up to last and I have been able to throw away really old stuff (talking about stuff that was years old....oops) *pulls awkward embarrassed face again. I also have this amazing (well I think so) new make up bag. Never had a make up bag with enough room and places for brushes so they don't get caught in the zip...arrggghhhh :x before ! It's brill.

I read a book last night & this morning, that was written as a make up manual by a well known make up artist which is I think a must read ! (please do PM me if you'd like to know more). So, should be well equipped with the knowledge about how to cover my Fibro wrinkles, dark circles, paleness and general worn out look I have sometimes with ease now! *thinks if only ! :D

Trowel anyone please? * laughs

My new keyboard turned up today, hooray! so it makes it much easier to type & the mouse works ! rather than the old one which was intermittent hence the long message today now we are in full working order ! :) *takes down Out of Order sign from computer & places on knees/calf muscles ! :D

Wishing you all the best 2014 and I am looking forward to watching Jools Holland Hootenanny 2013 on New Years Eve.

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


hi all, my hopes for next year, to try not to lose my glasses, coffee, book, keys , shoes and phone more than once a day and to get more artwork done - to try not to groan everytime i bend down, not necessary, doesn`t help - to finish what i start, and, hardest of all not to beat myself up when i cant do what i want! Happy new year to everyone on this site, i`ve managed to get out of a party tomorrow nite, dog sitting instead - much nicer for me! xx


Happy New Year to you too :), sounds like we are all having our own party at home. Cheers ! :)


That sounds great Emma :) Also loving the awkward embarrassed face ;) Good luck with everything and really glad you have a new keyboard and mouse :) Jools holland sounds a great way to spend New Years Eve too. Not sure I'll be up that late, but I'll be watching it if I am :)

Pip xx


Thanks for the reply! Sending a virtual 'clink clink' of glass of bubbly for if you are up at midnight. Happy New Year ! :)


I just love kooks Holland so will be watching with you xxx gins happy New year. For 2014 xxgins s


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