Glitter today I spilt it every where! A Sparkling we shall go!

Joke : What do Vampires sing on new years eve >?

AULD FANG SYNE! get it ok another

What is white and black and very noisy.? A ZEBRA PLAYING THE DRUMS ! BOOM BOOM

IN MY CALENDAR TODAY THERE IS: A JoLLY SINGLE SOCK what ever happened to the other one?

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  • Morning jolly Gins :)

    How are you this morning? okay bad jokes coming

    What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations? \


    What is the nearest thing to Silver?

    - The Lone Ranger’s bottom.

    Happy carol singing fluffies just for you

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Morning gins and zeb,do Hope that you feel better soon gins :) Sorry,Iam not good with jokes! Maybe we could have a virtual pampering day for gins eh zeb?xxx

  • Morning H

    We're having the trip to Belgium on Friday and maybe after that a trip to the health spa may be required LOL

    I know you have an appointment on Friday but I know you'll still be with us H for fun and frolics.

    Fluffie cuddles for you and the boys, hope the wee one is feeling better today :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hi zeb,I've just posted on the post about the trip.I shall be back about 12 ish I think so save a seat for me.I will be dressed as a professional ice skater and shall be putting on a performance,hehe :D My so s better now and back at school.Iam off to see my mum today and then some more Xmas shopping.How are you?xxx

  • Well I have a social worker coming to the house at 12 for the self assessment thingymebob............. keep fingers crossed that I'll get my wheelchair ramp :D xx

  • My fingers are well and truly crossed for you zeb xxx

  • Hi H they denied us the ramp :(

    Got to sort our own never mind eh! doesn't look like I'll be getting that chair before Christmas its gonna cost 90 quid :o and that's for an economy one ;)

    Boinging cheesed off but not upset

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • check out ebay for one.

  • Hi Sandra thanks for the heads up we've had a look and will prob look again we need a 5 ft ramp :o

    Nothing's ever easy is it?

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hi zeb I got my scooter from eBay only cost £80 good luck Sithandra

  • Cheers hunny :) xx

  • Iam so sorry to hear that zeb,on what grounds did they turn you down?I wish I could give you that money myself,is it for a new wheelchair?xxx

  • I'm not immobile enough!

    The Wheelchair Service only give the ramps to those that they give the power chairs too and I don't fit the criteria :o as I don't use one in the house................. there's no room to use one in our house LOL

    We'll find something I'm a problem solver :D I can't walk to even 1/2 way down the street and back and in pain all the time anyway so I need a ramp therefore I shall get one. Just sucks thats all ;)

    The chair I have is no good for Winter so I'll be stuck in the house until Spring if I don't persevere...........

    Remaining positive about it


  • you must persevere

  • Thanks Gins xxx

  • Oooh a virtual pampering day I suspect I will be covered in sea weed or mud uuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • I will join you for this gins, I had a mud treatment once, under much protest, but it was incredible and my skin never felt better !! ;-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • If I remember you were poorly last time Foggy so it'll be good if you joined us :)


  • It was good last time wasn't it?

    Champagne in the spa's and choccy truffles.....................

    Boing boing boing............................


  • What a great idea gins! Let's all have one of those mud wraps and get drunk on champers! Much giggling we shall be doing I suspect :)

  • Skip the truffles Zeb for me, but yay for the champers.........the more the merrier :D :o :D

    Foggy x

  • champers yum chink chink !! Bolly peiper heidsick asda morrison who cares!

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