Sunday 8th December I hope every one is feeling chirpy this morning I am all alone no one else about here but never mind here is the

weather forecast for today...............

What do hedgehogs eat?


better find some breakfast instead

WHat cereals do cats like best?

Mice Crispies.

Has any one had the chocolate cannot find it anywhere better find some breakfast instead

What do you call a crazy golfer?

A crack put! I like that one lol

Advent calender window today Holly sprigg with bright red berries "Oh the Holy and the Ivy" join in when you are ready remember "We are going to have a good day today" say it like a mantra xgins

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  • Oh coooo eeeee I'm here :-)

    Foggy x

  • Loving the Mice crispies :D

  • Dont eat to many of them they make you squeak!

  • Squeak :o squeak :o squeak

    Morning gins, Foggy and Dee :D

    Foggy so very sad to hear that it must be quite stressful too :( (((((((Foggy)))))))) huge fluffie cuddles my friend

    Gins I can't find the chocolate either :o

    and mice crispies LOL sending chocolate and champagne truffle fluffies for the yumminess and chill time ;)

    Dee, did you have fun yesterday ? and sending relaxing fluffies for you xxx

    My right shoulder popped last so I can't type easily for the pain, it was so loud when it popped I said to OH did you hear that? He said yes but hadn't realised it was my shoulder was looking me up and down to figure out which part of me that it was hahahahah! mmm thanks babe LOL

    He was a sweetie and couldn't managed without him.

    anyhoo! if I'm not about I'm still reading just not typing :)

    Take care you lot xxx

    Wishing everyone well and a good day :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Morning Foggy how is your back doing and how are the doglets?

  • Back isn't great - my best friend had an emergency last evening, her young son has been taken to local hospital and then transferred to Bristol..... possibly encephalitis ..... I came to check on her dogs and ended up having to stay the night, not great bed, left meds at, my back pain is nothing compared to what poor Oscar is going through........they sedated him heavily last night and an MRI this morning they I'm holding the fort until I hear whether one of them is coming back, they will need to get stuff if they've got to be there for a while....... :-(

    Foggy x

  • That sounds rather desperate I send well wishes to all- I hope he recovers quickly. Keep smiling it really does help :) xxxgins

  • So sorry to hear about your friends boy and your back not being good foggy.What was the outcome and how is your back now?xxx

  • I am gins, I think Carrie, Adam and I will all feel better once the consultants have finalised the'diagnosis, thanks for your good wishes :-)

    Foggy x

  • Morning foggy n gins, sorry to hear about your best friend foggy, must be stressful for you, which doesnt help your fibro.. I do hope things aren't too seriouse....I hear your back is bad do take care, how are the doglets....listening to conversation here I think my daughter Is contemplating getting. Staffie , mixed feelings, I love all animals but still have mixed feelings....have good day you's two, m think I'd better eg my backside into gear and get some pressies wrapped up and tidy my room...hugs...Dee xx

  • :) Have a good day pressie wrapping it is fun isnt it just make sure you work on a surface that is high enough so you dont strain your back ! Enjoy xxgins

  • I'm here, just not at my best right now.



  • Morning Jillylin firstly sorry I did not catch up with you yesterday :( I was out for a Christmas lunch. Probably the one and only, it was not exciting the turkey had become a round bird always wondered what the press it through to achieve that. It was also cold pudding was ok . When I got home that was me for the day so sorry. However, hee I am Monday morning bright and early hope you are feeling ok today. xxgins

  • Hi Gins,

    still having a down time right now. Flare up, etc.

    Round turkey! Not quite what you were expecting. Glad the pud was ok though.



  • Hi Jillylin Sorry you are still struggling it is so very hard to leap out of the dark pit isn't it, Hope you are however feeling a little better xgins

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