Mornin one and all, today is as you all know Thursday 21st November 2013 which means

34 days till Christmas. Time to start your christmas cards and think about decorations that you want to do. I did one of the windows yesterday I could not wait any longer.

So write your lists begin your thoughts about who is coming over be generous in your thoughts we may not have a lot to give but our company and our spirit will give love and hospitality to all.

I am starting the annual calendar through advent on here so if any one has a joke a poem a blessing they would like used please PM me with it . It could also be a recipie or cake biscuit something silly something adorable . I hope foggy will sort the pics but all are welcome to join in lets make it magic please :) :D xginsthe genie

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  • Morning gins, I just wanted to catch you before I go docs, have you or anyone, heard from Andy, I keep thinking about him and wondering how he is and praying he hasn't done anything are you feeling gins are you any better...hugs...Dee xx

  • Ah! gins the genie this morning :D are you in panto land again :o heheheh

    I usually don't bother sending that many cards anymore I use the tinterweb and speak to them on Skype. Which is lovely as I get to see my beautiful yet boinging almost 2yr old neice........... ha! it must be in her genetics :D She lives in Portugal with her mommy and daddy so I don't see them that often only on Skype :)

    My OH puts the tree up on the 9th December every year which is his daughters birthday :)

    We go out a week before Christmas to go gift hunting and have mulled wine and the like ;) at least this year I'll have the wheelchair :D yippee hehehheh

    Fluffie cuddles for everyone with autumnal spiced scents extra toggage because its frrreeeeeezzzziiiiing :o

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • when does the chair arrive? when ? are you excited???

  • Well I haven't had the chance to sort anything yet as the dealer that I contacted didn't get back in touch and appears to have disappeared :o Motability called me and gave good advice I just need to get my backside in gear ;) xxxzeb

  • I love all the deco and light at Christmas, my partner and daughter put the trees up (I have one on the balcony as well) I have loads of stuff that light up, I just love it. I don't send many cards tho and I don't have visitors if I can help it, my daughter have her friends round tho which is lovely to see them excited about it all.

    I don't do food shopping, if I do need anything my sister or partner will get it as it far too busy for me to go out, as I panic when its too busy, I'm working on that! I get gift from the internet..

    On Christmas eve we have an Indian take away, xmas day at my sisters, boxing day we go and stay with my partners parents for 4 night, I love his parents (both my parents have passed away) we have a good time.

    so that's all my xmas sorted

  • sounds well organised to me Mazz :) I use the internet for the bulk of my shopping and I too hate busy places :o

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Arrrgh! :-)

  • Iam soooo excited about Xmas now that I feel better.Every time I see any Xmas stuff in the shops I have to look at it.Iam planning to do some shopping online and start going Xmas shopping soon.Want to be more organised this year,going to be my first Xmas without my boyfriend for two years which will be strange.Going to my sisters Xmas day and not sure what Iam doing Boxing Day.If kids go to their dads I shall have a lovely relaxing day in front of the t.v with my onesie on xxx

  • Well this year Daughter has said that she wants to pick the colour scheme for the Xmas decs, so I'll be leaving it to her & Son to put up the tree etc. I love Autumn, so want to enjoy it a bit longer. Once November is out though, then I shall start buying the pressies, & choccies, etc. Although have already got the advent calendars for the kids. Hubby does the shopping so he will get the booze & food - he's already ordered the turkey from our local butcher.

    I wish my parents could come to us for Xmas day. My mum is almost housebound with her arthritis, fibro, etc. so doesn't get out much - we visit them Xmas day morning, then spend Boxing Day there. I would like for my mum and dad to come round for dinner & for my dad to be waited on for a change - he does so much for my mum around the house.

    Julie xxx

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