it take a sick person nearly 2 years to get some finacial help? if you are over 25 and unemployed you apparently get £71.50 per week!!!

But no assessment required...... I think if you have paid into the system you should not have beg for your entitlements. I was also told that the ATOS people are meidcally qualified, however you may be assessed for fybro by a foot specialst!!!!!, they do not have to specialise in anything particular, just be medically trained. So it's not surprising that so many of us are being turned down. As there are not many specialists in Fybro, I think it's doubtful that we would get a fair trial ( that's what it feels like) that I'm on trial........for being sick :(((

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  • I'm not 100 % sure Dizzy, but I think I remember reading on here somewhere that the rules have been changed so you can now insist that the assessor has had some training in Fibro.

    Certainly it's stupid to expect someone who may have never even seen a case of Fibro to be able to judge fitness for work. It's even more difficult when you have physical and mental health problems because not many of their " medics " are experienced in both .



  • THanks Helen XX Some days you just feel a bit low and need to vent. God bless this site

  • Were all here for you hun rant away.we arent getting a fair trial simple.

  • When it comes to Fibro fair is just another four letter word begining. With F. Petal

  • I was told by a few people and a GP that not everyone at atos are doctors. All that person has to do is sit and type into a computer!!! That made me so bloomin angry.

  • Hi sh3ronb,

    Yes you are right they are not all doctors, I was looked at by a young girl, no more than, 22 yrs of age, wearing fishnet tights, stilettos and a serious attitude problem. who had def no experience and was told afterwards she may be a nurse but hey she must have only qualified. I think it is so unfair that our lives are judged and ruled this way, by people who have none or little experience of chronic illnesses who can decide who they think deserves to have money to eat and who doesnt, We need to get that thick government to wake up and care about the honest people out here instead of looking after the rich who are deprived because they can only afford 3 holidays a year now instead of 4. Sorry for the ranting am just so annoyed with the mean way us honest , ill people have been treated by that stupid guy, D Cam

  • Sounds like she was in the wrong job lol! Every word you have said i totally 100% agree with you, and please, don't get me started on that IDIOT Cameron. ((hugs)).x

  • Ok I wont start on him aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrhhh lol.

    Sending hugs in return that you are keeping well x

  • I was assessed by a community nurse, all he was interested in was why i had to carry an epi-pen, never asked any questions about my daily struggles with fibro, ankylosing spndylitis and carpal tunnel!!! wasnt surprised when i failed. just waiting for tribunal appeal date now but it makes me so mad. do they really think that we would rather have this illness than live a normal happy life???? just a bunch of idiots working for another bunch of idiots waiting for their huge bonuses for getting sick people back into work!! (sorry if its a rant but i dont feel well today and i'm feeling guilty my 2 yr old wants to play but i cant do much with her. feel like crying)

  • Hey Barnsleysar, I know what you mean and totally agree with you, as for the rant, everyone is entitled to have at least one of those, "daily" when you have fibro. Ive had quite a bit of pain today, was at the doctor and was told i have tennis elbow, just felt like what else could my body take and then broke down crying. So it's ok to have a cry too. As for your 2 year old, could you maybe just give her loads of diffrent toys to play with? I cant remember when my two were that age. Maybe family and friends could help? I hope they can, for your sake. Take care. (((hugs))).xx

  • Hi, I'm new here and just read your comment, I just had my Atos medical and want to spread the news of the conditions I insisted on, these were to have the medical recorded and to insist on your assessor having sat and passed the Fibromyalgia module. These are our rights that they don't tell us about. If everybody did this it would block up their system.

  • Yeah, thanks Lillith, i will certainley keep that in mind for my next one.x

  • Hi lillith, this is really important info. So I will make sure when I'm offered a medical I wll def ask. Thanks x

  • thanks Lillith for that really important post. Also if anyone has been given a negative decision that you disagree with, please don't sit and wait upon it, go and seek legal advice. You have a time limit to appeal against it (one month) and the CAB or a legal aid solicitors firm can help you to appeal xx

  • for four yrs I got dis. all. no probs. then they decided not to give it any more. I appealed but got nowhere. A year or so later I tried again. Ended up with £20-odd for a carer. I could not pay for 1 hrs worth, let alone a week. Utterly utterly uterly miserable - too late to appeal. Any sand anyone to burry Certain Heads in???

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