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How many days? Yes it is 32 days ifIam not mistaken

To what well to Christmas yes CHRISTMAS sorry get carrued away. I wnt out for the first time in five days yesterday, to look at decorations. It is something I sorley miss not having y shop any more. We always stocked glorious different decs and my windows were brilliant (even if I say so myself) When you buy to retail you buy Christmas in Jauary at he enourmous wholesale fair in Harrogate. Then you wait till July for it all to arrive. o you get three bites of the cherry so to speak. So did I manage to just look yesterday (shakes head) Two blue lit trees about 2ft tall fell into my trolly. well they were reduced to half price and can go in doors or out! Okay they are up and twinkling away in my kitchen window. large smiley face :)

So a little thing but it raises my spirits and I shall do some more pressie wrapping today

"Deck the Hall with boughs of Holly" oo I need to make some wreaths lala :)

I send you all happy hearts and gentle hugs ((((()))) xgins

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Aww gins lol sounds lovely a blue christmas ,

You are not too far away if Harrogate near you as i am Roundhay,

My dad lives in ilkley and has a Restaurant in Skipton town its self.

Little did we know hehe.

Everyone goes to Bettys? Did you get a bun :-)

I am sure you will still have a great Christmas :-) as you have the sense of humour .

Hows the panto looking ?

Rite gotta dash (not through snow) its just cold thats all and i have to get to Rawdon very soon xxxxxxspeak spoon


No not far away at all. I love skipton often pop down there. I am still waddling through the panto think I have cast it fingers crossed now on act one hehe may have time to day to have another go.



So glad you are feeling so Christmassy can't wait for dec 1st for Decs to go up... DONT send me a wreath it's a little premature, I AM recovering... I can play dec the halls on the piano so will join in loudly for your delight

VG x


I can play it right hand only we could make a duet plon plonk plonks xgins


Gins we could be the interval entertainment in the pantomime , playing the carols on the piano , Les Dawson style.........

VG x


All my trimmings went up Satdy and thats late hehe xx


My tree is already up which is REALLY unusual for me as my decoration normally go up on the weekend before Christmas, but thanks to having a stupid and hyperactive indoor cat who likes to climb things, I now have a tree which is only about one foot tall which I cat put on a cat-safe shelf. The first year I had the tree it looked sadly bare and was excited to find some miniature tinsel to decorate it with in the second year. In the last few weeks I've found some miniature baubles and a little angel, so I had to get the tree out and make sure they looked OK didn't I? ;)


Mine go up the 30th November, something we have always done since the kids were little. All I do is put the lights on the tree, hubby and daughter do the rest. But I am excited too xxxxxx


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