Morning all,how is everyone? :)

Just wanted to say hello to you all and sorry that I haven't been around for over a week now I think,maybe more.My life has been busy lately with appointments,Christmas shopping and my son has been off school with a broken elbow and sprained wrist so not much chance to get online.I feel so bad in my heart that I haven't been around like I have let every one down so please forgive me,it has not been intentional.Last week was so busy for me,I've gone from being bed/housebound to being out practically every day now and when I've come back home I've been so tired that I haven't even had the energy to come online and even if I could I haven't had access to my iPad as kids been using it.But I wanted to let you all know that I've been thinking of you all and have missed my friends on here so much.My life has improved so much since splitting up with my boyfriend.Depression and fibro flare has improved to the point that I've got more of a better quality of life now.I probably have been doing too much though as at times pain and tiredness have been a problem.Ive been trying to get as much done for preparation for Xmas so that I can enjoy it more when the kids break up from school and not leave everything till the last minute.Ive now started a stress and mood management course and will be starting counselling next week.Ive also been seen by a lovely physio who is referring me to a exercise group at the hospital and maybe hydrotherapy as well.When I got the letter it said that the exercise group would be two one hour sessions a week which concerns me as Iam not sure if that will be too much for me so will discuss it with them.Ive also had an assessment at the mental health clinic but have to wait to see the consultant.I haven't been back to my horrible g.p yet and still need to find another one which I will tackle next.I would love to hear from you all as to how you are all doing,much hugs and " petting fluffies"to you all xxx P.s when is the next virtual trip or have I missed it? Xxxxxx

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  • Hiya H you haven't missed the trip we shall have one this week :) just not sure when possibly friday for fun and frolics shall run it past Emma :)

    Glad things have improved for you but like you say try not to do too much ;)

    Proud of you hunny your life sounds so positive :)

    Huge fluffies for you

    :) xxx zebxxx :)

  • Thank you zeb,how's life been treating you?xxx

  • Hi H I answered on the pic of the day post :o

    All this boinging about is making me dizzy!!! :p

  • Hi Haribo, firstly, hope your son is feeling a bit better with his broken elbow and sprained wrist. That must have been really painful for him. So pleased that you are feeling yourself again. Happy days eh....that's good. It's been a busy couple of weeks for me too. Christmas shopping and sorting things out, sending parcels off to Ireland for my g/children over there. Every year we say we will try and not spend too much, but just with the normal run of the mill pressies, it soon adds up. Thank goodness once a year eh!! lol.

    Tannels xx

  • Thanks for your reply tannels :) Christmas is sooo expensive isn't it! My son is back at school now with a sling on for 4 weeks.When I first took him I was there for 4 hours waiting and was sent home with them saying nothing's wrong.His pain got worse and the next day I took him to a minor injuries unit where they were prompt and efficient and said it was a fracture and sprain,in and out in 45 mins so the service there was far superior than the larger hospital xxx

  • Hi haribo, I did wonder where you had departed to :o So sorry that your son has had a nasty break, is it your younger son or the older one ?

    I am so pleased that your life has improved so much, I thought it would once you got rid of your boyfriend and didn't have that situation hanging round your neck. It's amazing how just a change like that can improve your overall physical and mental state.

    That doesn't detract from your pain and exhaustion now, but I'm sure it would be worse had you not taken the action you have, like you though, when we feel a bit better we oh so easily over do things and end up back at square one don't we ?

    Hey ho.... Onwards, upwards and sideways my friend :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thanks for your reply foggy,it was my eldest son.He is better now but will have a sling on for 4 weeks.I will try not to overdo it,Iam trying to get all preparation done for Xmas so I can sit back and relax and enjoy fibro hibernation club :D

  • Hi,

    you are not letting anyone down by not being around. My, you have been busy,busy,busy with all that has been happening. I am not surprised you've had no energy to get online. I hope your son makes a speedy recovery. It sounds extremely painful!

    I am so glad things are picking up for you and that you feel more yourself now. Onwards and upwards for you :-). Just try not to exhaust yourself .



  • Thanks for your reply jillylin.I will try my hardest not to exhaust myself,am looking forward to getting all present shopping complete so I can enjoy fibro hibernation club :D

  • I could just do with hibernating right now. :-)



  • Sooooo pleased to hear the boyfriend is gone and you're feeling much better xxx

  • Thanks so much crop xxx

  • Well done, sounds like you're really taking control & getting back on track. Don't forget to try & pace yourself. Xxx

  • Thank you so much,I will try and pace myself xxx

  • More power to you. do pace yourself though.

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