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Not sure if I have fibro. Opinions welcome!!

If anyone has had anything simular to this happen to them or might have an idea of what it could be then please leave your thoughts I would be very grateful :).

The story so fare....about a 11 months to a year I have had an issues with my body that started a month after an accident. Ever since then I have been passed from doctor to doctor, but had no luck and no diagnosis =/. However in 4 weeks I get my referral to appontment to a rheumatolgist.

So the issues is PAINFUL: aches, cramp and sensitivity in: hands, arms, elbow, shoulders, neck, back and sometimes back leg muscles. Sometimes I also get random muscle spasms in these areas to. My right hand has also been swollen across the whole top of it for 9 months and won't respond to any physio or anti - inflammation medications. Sometimes it burns red hot also.

I have issues sleeping due to the pain being so bad and also struggle to do anything remotely repative with any of my limbs. I'm only 26 but I feel I'm going on 80 hah.

The accident I had involved my left hand ( not the swollen one). I managed to cut my index fingers extensor tendon in half. A month later this all begun.

I am not sure if this is fibro or not but nothing else seems to match up remotely to this issue so any input is welcomed.

Thank you James.

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Morning James

It sounds very likely to be Fibro. The only one who will confirm this is the rheumatologist. How ? well probably through fairly extensive tests to make quite sure it is nothing else.

The rheumatologist may use the pressure point test arroung the points on your body also blod tests again a process of elimination. Good thing is you will get helpful referals to physio etc.

Best of luck James let us know how you get on!



Hi James Have you googled Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. The symptoms of this are very similar to Fibro and can spread to other parts of the body from where the original accident occurred. CRPS can occur in broken limbs or cut ligament injuries . The intense swelling of the hand you are describing Suggests it could be this . CRPS cases can get FiBro also . Hope you find a diagnosis as this is half the battle .

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Hi James :)

I agree with my fellow Volunteer Admin Gins, you do appear to fit the bill as it were, for fibromyalgia but the best people to tell you for sure are a Rheumatologist and your GP. I'm sure you know that already!

The problem as gins suggests is that our symptoms are very much like those for a variety of other illnesses so they will want to rule them out usually before diagnosing Fibro.

I am giving you the link to the 'About Fibro' section of out Mothersite as there is everything you need to know there available to read, download and print :)

Please ask away any further Q's regarding Fibro that you may have as someone will always be along to offer friendly support and advice.

We do have a pinned post that may be of interest to you too it is our FAQ- I have symptoms of Fibro, how is it diagnosed?

I hope this is helpful James and send you healing soft fluffie hugs with smiles :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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I agree with the others, it sounds likely to be fibro. Trauma often acts as the initial trigger and the accident would be likely to have triggered symptoms for you. Fibro can be difficult to cope with but I also know a marathon runner who has fibro and on good days she is really active though on others she is flat on her back, it's a bit unpredictable which is why medics can take time to diagnose.


Bless your heart!!! It sounds a lot like fibromyalgia, but you had an accident which you may have suffered injuries that's causing this issues? Get the doctor to check you for fibro. It's a very easy test as they just touch a lot of different places up and down your body looking for tender points. I didn't even know I had so many when I was tested as they weren't touched much. I pray you don't have it as it only gets worse as the years pass. However I know you need answers as to what's happening to your body, as you once knew it. Let me know if I can be of anymore help sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi


Who thanks everyone for the support and the replies!!. I am not actually depressed about this or feeling negative I would just like answers so I can get on with my life knowing what's going on.

The doctors never said anything about it being fibro. They all seemed very clueless. Maybe that's why I was referred to a rheumatolgist.

Although I must say CRPS also kinda matches up to.

I'll post on this in 3-4 weeks on what any results are. But I feel it is odd that my right hand has been swollen for the good part of a year now and apparently via the blood tests clinically I am not suffering from inflammation as it the mark can be anywhere up to 10 and mines bellow 4. Yet my hand is huge. Makes no sense at all to me!

Thanks again for the support !

James xxx


Hello James, I'm sorry you have to be so limited like this esp at your age.

I have to say that what you describe sounds like FM but also that what the previous person says makes more sense (CRPS), especially as you had an injury to your hand.

When I was first diagnosed it was thought that FM occurred after a head or neck trauma.

I don't know what specialists are saying nowadays.

Good luck to you James and I hope that progress is made quickly for you.



Hi jamesyp

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you desire and deserve. I am not a doctor so I cannot say for definite that you have Fibro, but all of the signs are there!

I want to wish you all the best of luck with getting a diagnosis, and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hello Jamesyp,

From the symptoms you describe I tend to agree with members Fantastic & 1hope as we have members at our local support group who have very simiiar symptoms who have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

I think you may find this link interesting from our Expert Patient range of Factsheets on our website regarding the redness, swelling (inflammation) you describe, link below;

Please also find a link to this information about CRPS for your interest only as we are not medical professionals but some symptoms appear to be as I say similar, so may be something to keep in mind.

I wish you all the very best in your search for diagnosis as we understand how frustrating and exasperating it can be, as we've been there.

Keep Strong

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


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