Tired unable to walk properly

I have been having problems with balance tiredness and depression for years and low energy, I have had anti depressants in the past and I have just finished six weeks of counselling for panic disorder, I have just had another blood test for fully blood count and t4 everything thing is normal so my doctor has said, but I still feel the same, sometimes when I am in the supermarket I feel as if I am going to faint a week feeling comes over me, it can happen anytime, wherever I am I cry a lot because I don't know what's wrong with me my doctor just tells me it's stress, and offers me more ant depressants which I won't take now, as I feel like a zombie now,so I don't want to feel worse, I try and do the housework and cooking and think positive to move forward, I would like to take some supplements from holland and Barrett that will help me any ideas or advice would be appreciated, just one question please orang my doctors for a photocopying qof my blood results to compare with march 2013 results and was told it was £5 for a photocopy. Which I wasn't charged before is this the norm, I am just surprised . Thank you all.

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  • Hi Lighterman123

    I can relate to your issues. I constantly have problems walking (sitting down for that matter!). I try my best just like you but I understand that sometimes it doesn't feel enough. As for antidepressants; I don't know what your GP gave you but most people on the site appear to be given amitryptaline as they are multipurpose (they address pain and depression). I have a derivative called nortryptaline as they do not have the sedative included, I don't know if this could be more useful to you?

    I am always amazed that we have a national health service that is free at point of use only to be told that we have to pay for prescriptions and any copies of letters or results etc. It's so uuuhhhh!!! I know somebody who was charged £75 for a mandeville device that you place in your mouth to breath during sleep. However, they received their first device free of charge!

    I can also relate to the tears and desperation of everything. Please remember that there are people in your life that love you without reservation and without question, and they will always be there for you. Never be afraid to express your feelings to them as they might not have any idea exactly how you are feeling today. If you can't bring yourself to that then you can always do it on this site anonymously and I will answer you when I come online, you are not alone.

    All my hopes and dreams for you.

    Ken (the author) x

  • Thanks I do try to explain to my family, and I think they do try I feel sometimes not to burden them as its difficult for them as we'll as me, but thanks for reply ing. . It nice to get a reply when you need a bit of support.

  • You are welcome - But please don't think of yourself as a burden. If it was one of your family members that was ill you would do everything you could for them (out of love). Give them the same opportunity to express their love for you. It works perfectly with my wife and I. She has primary progressive MS and is in a wheelchair. Sometimes the fun comes from 'mucking in together' it what families do! It's what love is all about. But I probably don't need to tell you that as you sound like someone who cares deeply about their family.

    Keep in touch if you ever need to talk

    Ken (the author) x

  • hi lighterman, & author i can relate to everything yr saying,i was going thru the exact same thing as you with my gp i just felt as tho i was hitting my head off a brick wall,my problems with pain started a few yrs ago which gp put down to sciatica,every few months i would have a real bad flare up & would be in agony but just soldiered on as u do as best as i could.i didnt go the th dr much as i thought there wasn't much point just to be fobbed off all the time,i was never sent for tests to rule anything out,anyway after a serious illness were i was treat like a pest again i changed dr's as soon as my illness was ok i was sent for x rays,blood tests & scans to rule out r.a & anything that may show after nothing else did & i was still in agony hardly able to stand i was sent to a rheumatologist then pain clinic were i was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia,i take tramadol,naproxene,pregabalin & now nortryptiline to help me sleep & help with stiffness it's not as harsh as amytriptiline,so maybe mention this to yr gp,i also no the feeling about feeling weak when yr out i feel as if my legs are just going to buckle under me,i havn't been out for over 2 wks as i was in so much pain,also i think family probably feel scared & helpless when were in pain & i try to explain things as best as i can to help them understand the effects of fibro.this is a very good site if you have questions or worries,i was lost til i came across it as there is no other support here i hope you get more help soon xx

  • Hi Bluebell10

    Its amazing how most of us on this site have almost identical stories healthwise with the fibromyalgia. Our GP experiences differ widely though. My GP thought I had sciatica and sent me to a private chiropractor which they paid for. It was my chiropractor that diagnosed fibromyalgia and my GP took it up from there. Only then did all my other symptoms come together as I have had another disability all my life as I have chronic respiratory problems. My attacks have been so bad that I get migraines that render me unconscious. Now when I complain about a pain to my GP she treats it all equally and will dispense the proper medication, so I really cannot fault her at all.

    I understand what you are saying about your family, it is completely natural to want to protect the people that we love and not feel a burden to them or make them feel afraid. However, as I said to lighterman123 your family love you without reservation, its what families do. If this was the other way around and a member of your family was ill I am certain that you being the caring person that you are would rally around and stop at nothing to express your love and devotion to your family member. Please do not deny yourself the love and affection that you deserve from your loved ones. My wife and I really struggle with day-to-day living but our love of each other, our children and grandchildren make our lives complete and worth living.

    Please remember that are the most special person in the whole wide world to those who love you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken (the author) x

  • hi author,ken. yes it is truely amazing, thank you for that,o yes i know they love me were a very close family in heart,i have five children & eight grandchildren so i love our get togethers & i see what u mean its just me i try to hide my pain so i dont worry them,its better now i have a diagnosis as we didnt know what was going on. any way thats enough about me:) i think these dr's need to be more clued up on fibro,i mean how can it take so long to diagnose! i can see yr much worse than me at least i dont have migrain or respirstary problems that must be awful for you! it sounds as tho you have a good gp. as you say & i totally agree family& love make life worth living best wishes to you & your wife & family x

  • Hi bluebell 10

    Thank you for that. My respiratory problems come from another condition. I have a correlated airway (chronic asthma / COPD) that closes if I lay down or eat the wrong sort of food (loads of new food allergies though with fibromyalgia). I think I have been so lucky with my GP, she is quite new at the surgery and appears to want to take on the world and get things done. Sorry to say it doesn't appear to be what many people on this site have experienced.

    I always think back to just over a year ago and my daughter (whose 26 and a mum) came to visit me for her tea and I wasn't well at all. She turned away and I could see that she was crying, and it nearly broke my heart. I always say to her 'you can say anything that you want to me, I love you'. I don't really know it that helps but its a start.

    Anyway, you take care and I hope to see you around the site sometime.

    Ken (the author) x

  • May I say I sit here, my eyes full of tears to hear that men love their family's and care about their feeling it is so nice to see, my exhusband decided he didn't want children when the boys were 11,10, and a girl of 8, and made our lives impossible until my kids said we don't want to live here anymore mum can we move, with my mums help with money I found somewhere close by, we moved I still wanted him to be part of the children's lives but he hasn't wanted to be, I could go on but there is no point we have moved on but my son is 21 won't go out, on 2 lots of deppresion tablets and a tablet to make him sleep, 20 year old is struggling to get a joband on 1 deppresion tablet, my daughter 18 on depresion tablet as well and unable to work will not leave me.

    So to all you men out there I say thank you for loving your family's let them know how you feel, and I have great respect for you all. God bless you all,

    Ps I have just reread what I've put and yes they are all his and he did want them at the time, and i had been living with him for over 18 years before having children,

  • Hi a42h

    Thank you for shearing that it took a lot of courage and strength to say all of this. You are clearly a strong, warm and loving human being. I cannot imagine my life without my wife, my children and my grandchildren. What hurts me the most is knowing that my illnesses hurt them because they love me so much.

    You take care and hope to see you around the site sometime.

    Ken (the author) x

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