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Tired all the time

Can anybody help me I have been feeling very tired now for 6 weeks +, can sleep for 12 hours wake for 2 then sleep another 12and still not feeling refreshed,get exhausted with everyday activities mentally and physically.I am suffering with muscle pain all over my body especially my legs,find it painfull and exhausting just walking for a few minutes. Cognative brain function is decreased and suffer with headaches I never experienced that last for several weeks, abdominal pain nausea, confusion and brain fog. Anxiety levels and panic attacks are debilitating with feelings of depression? Doctor put me on anti-depressants but this hasn't helped. I am putting on weight hypersensitive to light loud noises and strong smelling foods. I don't feel the same lively energetic hard-working person I once was

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Have you been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia? chronic fatigue is part of fibromyalgia which your symptoms sound like to me.Could you ask your Dr to refer you to the Hospital to get a diagnosis?


I have the same problem with hypersensitivity of light and sound, pains all over my body, feel very down. I diagnosed with Fibro last year during the summer.


Hi Sharon,

It does sound as though you're going to join the Fibro family!

As Amanda says, it would be better if your doctor did some investigations, or referred you to the hospital to exclude any other pathology, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Perhaps you could make a list of all your symptoms, and take it along to your GP. Don't be put off by "It's only fibro". Insist on some proper investigations, blood tests, etc., and a referral to a rheumatologist of neurologist.

If a diagnosis of fibromyalgia is made, we have lots of help for you here. You should be able to live a fairly normal life, tho' probably at a slower pace than you had anticipated! :)

Do keep in touch and let us know how you get on!

Moffy x


I agree you sound like a fibromite and may I welcome you to our exclusive club !!!!!!!

Go and talk to your gp and please try not to worry !!!!!! You feel bad now but you will be able to cope I promise !!!! I've had fibro for 14yrs and the time has flown !!! A good piece of advise I was given many yrs ago has helped me no end ---- grieve for the person you used to be and be kind to the person you now are !!!!!!! You will miss the old you but you will also cope with the new you !!! Don't be too hard on yourself , I hope I've made a bit of sence ???

Fibro fog is a pain in the butt !!!

Do plenty of reading and you will always get information from the good people who run this site good luck and all the best X


Thankyou everyone for your support I going doctors in a few days with my list of symptoms coz I not sure how much longer I can cope feeling like this,I know I have suffered with depression for many years but this is something different I am not imaging the severe pain and chronic fatigue I feel every day it is very real and having a massive impact on my life leaving me bed-ridden most days with barely enough energy to brush my teeth.


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