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am sittin here on my pc trying to find the energy to get up and do my ironing.Feel really down today.Have had a week off work (hols) hoped i would feel better and have more energy but i dont.Explained my symptoms to my gp at yet anothr app on friday,told him about total exhaustion,not sleeping,foggy brain,clumsiness,depression,no libido,constant pain and stiffness and he came up with sleep apnea.i said how does that relate to my pains in my legs he said it may all be connected to my depression.I got the impression he thought pains were in my head,well you dont use a stick and cry with pain if it is do you??Mentioned Fibro and he was dissmissive,now have to have tests for a sleep problem i know i dont have.

To make things worse hubby parked quite close to a car yesterday,i said i couldnt get out as my legs dont work well (dont have any flexibility) and he said if i lost four stone i would be able to move better and my legs wouldnt hurt.This coming from a 22 stone man.Wonderwhat the point of fighting for a diagnosis is,may as well pop the blood pressurepills,anti-depressants and tegretol and just put up with the rest.So glad i foud this site,its the only place where people understand.Sorry about rant,Gentle hugs and a happy jubilee to all xxxx

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hi myagi-sorry to hear your not feeling too well, i think my gp comes out the same things just dismissive, he told me to lose some weight so i did and still feel the same as before, now has given me tramadol to take which i'm not keen on doing, with side effects etc, not sure what the next step is, off work for a week hope to feel better after but like you bet i don't, hope you feel better soon-take care-love julie51 :)xx


thank you for taking the time to answer,i am trying to lose weight but am a comfort eater so its a vicious circle really,i hope your week off leaves you rested xxx


thankyou,i do have another practice in town i shall have to do that xx


Hi myagi,

I am sorry you are getting nowhere with your gp. I do think you should change right away. I asked to be reffered to an immunologist and i did and he was brilliant. He got to the bottom of everything.

My gp is ok and she was the one who diagnosed me but like you have said to go with massive lists and start all over agin, i couldnt be botherd.

Your hubby, omg i would of slapped him.

I am on a healthy eating plan now to loose weight and my partner doesnt support me evn though he is the one saying well if you loose weight you might feel better. I am not doing it for him, thats for sure.

hugs, kel xxxx


thanks for your reply.Yep my hubby is real good at throwaway comments like that,we were in tescos carpark so couldnt do a lot - thought it though.No-one understands do they? today i have pain at the back of my head,really tender to the touch,dont know if its fibro related and to be honest dont want to tell anyone cos they are all fed up with my pains already.Trying to eat better but not easy ,hugs xxxx


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