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Tired, tired, tired!!

What is wrong with me?? I'm just so constantly tired!! Is this a flare up or what?? I literally have to drag myself out of bed in the morning; I could stay there all day!! And sleep!! I've been invited away for a night at a hotel and spa this Thursday/Friday and I really don't want to go, but I don't want to let my dear friend down. I know it will probably do me good though!! I can't say it's depression, I am on Sertraline 100mg, I just can't be bothered to do anything!! Does anyone else feel like this?? XX

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Im the same either sleep all day or not at all go for ur spa days u will love it nice snd relaxing explain to ur freind how u are and that u may need more sleep if shes a good mate im sure she will undestand wish i was going x


You may be having a flare up. It might be worth going to the Spa thoughas it will be relaxing and that will help.




I wondered if it was that! X


If it was me, I would push myself into going to the spa..lots of times we

regret to go but once we are there, we are glad that we went, we have fun,

it's like a good tune up for the might chug coming into the spa but

you will purr going out of there...think relaxation, pampering, healthy meals

cooked perfectly, you can sleep while you are there as well..the more that

you participate there, the will be like a full tank of gasoline in a brand

new will love yourself for doing it. =)))

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Thank you! X


Yes sue, I completely understand where you are coming from, more and more recently I've felt like staying in bed and hopefully sleeping, but it's not an option as I have a back and neck problem which I have to deal with and go and have injections etc.

As jilly said, I think it might be a good idea to go for your spa day (I would love one at the moment) you may find that some of the treatments may be beneficial to you. I do however understand the desire just to curl up and hibernate, especially in this cold weather we've got now.

Sending lots of positive vibes your way :-)

Foggy x


Thanks foggy! X


We all understand where u r coming from. And I will tell uwhat has helped me so much is..going gluten free. Im not kidding u. I started last oct 2012 till jan 13..and in that time I only slept one afternoon in that whole time plus my hubby had major surgery etc. I truly believe it helps. I stopped it co of money and went straight bac to my sleepy self. A couple of weeks ago I started it again and feel so much better. It nay not work for everyone but I was desperate to try anything. I personally say try it what have u to lose.x


Right!! I'll try it, thanks carrie! X


good for you..let me know how u get on. remember to read all the ingredients silly things like some baked beans have gluten in. good luck x

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I do try to look at all ingredients on things, I think sometimes, if I'm not sure, or have always bought the same thing, I tend to just put it in my trolley! But I'll certainly take more notice in future of EVERYTHING!! XX



I think the initial burst we need to get up start functioning is missing. We all have different things we do to conquer it I am usually the other way I am up for hours but need to get moving to go out do things I have become gluten free i TRY NOT TO DRINK COFFEE AMAZINGLY and I open the back door to get a blast of cold air.

That usually does it and washing my hair I always feel better then > :)

Try the no wheat no stodge see how you feel xxgins


I try not to have any wheat products gins, I think I may have a wheat intolerance rather than an allergy. And like you, I always seem to feel better when my hair is washed!! Thanks! XX


Thanks to you all for your great comments. Each one has been taken on board. I will report back after my spa day!! XXXXX


hello, i had exactly the same problem and i told my doc i wanted to be put on Modafinil.....

They are a little pill of hope as far as I'm concerned! They have no speed or any kind of drug like that in in they are a drug used for narcalepsy, honestly they are a godsend. They take the eye rolling lethargy away and the heaviness of your body so you dont have to drag yourself through the days.

I take 2 pills in the morning and my life has changed, i can get the kids from school and go food shopping with my partner who drives and also suffers from fibro. Thats our social life now is taking them to school and food shopping! We do laugh at it. We have to cos we have cried so much for so long. If i dont have a routine to go out daily and do bits my mental health suffers terribly. So try them and see if they work for you!

good luck




That sounds amazing gerry!! I'll have to mention it to my GP!! Thanks!! XX


great!, I was looking it up on healthunlocked and theres a few who give bad reviews, but there is a good and bad for everything, it may not work or it may work, but to give it a go is the thing

good luck! Let me know how you get on Sue please, im really interested...



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