Still can't walk properly

Hi there everyone hope you are all having a good day.

On the 11 th of august I was diagnosed by my doctor with fibromyalgia after going back and forwards to the doctors for weeks .

My legs stopped working properly and for 3 weeks now all I can manage is a very slow shuffle... when i had to go to the doctors I used crutches by the time I got home my walking was worse ..

Has anybody else had this problem with their walking ? My fear is I will be like this forever which is very scary for me ...

Many thanks for reading my post xx

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  • Hi Flower47..funny you ask this as I have been feeling with the similar problem. I've had Fibro for 25 years now but was always a walker..I just never sat down..even work was physically demanding. I loved it..then bam my legs went..the felt like I had 100lb weights on each leg. I've been a slow walker since Nov. 2016...after months of crying and many appointments I've learned this may be the new me. I still do a bit of Pilates and exercise at least 1 or 2 times a week in a warm I'm not giving up and just go at my own pace with the help of my stick if Im out as I can no longer stand for too long...I'm not sure if these changes occured around the same time being diagnosed with OA in spine and then M.E. Whatever you do don't give up...I have been so lucky for the last 24 years..I'm only 45 so I've many years to go. Good luck!

  • Hi there grey kitty my word you have had it a long time ... I must say for the last two years my health hasn't been great .. I've been a self employed cleaner for 5 years and absolutely love my job and my customers ... I am 48 on Monday and put all the aches and pains down to the menopause until I realised it was more than that ... I hate not being able to work and am trying so hard to be positive but I'm scared too ... I've been referred to a rheumatologist but been told it can be 12 weeks before I even get an appointment.... every day I prey I will be able to walk ... thanks for your lovely reply xx

  • Hi hang in there. Seeing a rheumatologist will really were you diagnosed? Usually it is by the rheumatologist..but they can also look into other illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis etc. I know you're in shock..especially with work. I had to leave my job as an activity worker and coordinator with the elderly...this is hard! I was told all these years I've been very lucky but now I hit the brick wall so my body needs to take time and recover. See I ignored Fibromyalgia for 24's just recently I've started to learn more about my conditions and accepting them. Remember listen to your body..and take care. Have a great birthday next week!

  • My doctor diagnosed me after only seeing me a handful of times ... I'm going out with my family tonight to celebrate my birthday with my twin too .... I am on pregabalin and tramadol as and when I need it ... I know it says don't drink but do u think it would be ok to have half a glass of wine ? Thanks again xxx

  • Wow. That was a quick took me over a year after my car accident to be diagnosed by a rheumatologist ...Well I should tell you to listen to what it says on your tablet pack...but I tend to have a glass or more and skip the meds for the night. I used to drink..Alot at one time. See how you's up to you. Going out and enjoying yourself is good and will certainly get your mind off your medical issues. Have fun!

  • Thank you x

  • Hi Flower47, I was diagnosed in December last year. I first noticed my walking becoming slightly more difficult on holiday the previous august. Nothing too bad just going up steps by the end of the day and uphills ( I was in Cornwall so lots of hills to walk up).

    Once back at work I couldn't keep pace with my colleagues and actually asked them to slow down for me. Anyway, cutting a long story short I ended up with exactly what you describe. Extremely slow shuffling and falling. It's been 8 months and I now have a wheelchair , walking stick and a mobility scooter to get around outside.

    I'm also hoping that my walking will improve but don't know how to bring this about. If I try too hard I fall and leave myself in agony for the following week. If I rest too much I go stiff and struggle even to shuffle. I can't seem to find a middle ground where I can begin to 'fix' my walking ability.

    I'm going to keep trying because hope is all I have. Hope you manage to walk again soon. Lots of hugs xxx

  • Hi Falabella I Agree you got to try and hold on to that thought of hope I really try too... thank you x

  • You're welcome lovie. We'll get there one day 😊 xxx

  • Yes haveproblems with walking cause pain i stuggle or energy to do it .just bought a schooter which gives me a bit more freedion

  • Sorry to hear that you suffer too ... and I bet the scooters great to get out x

  • I can get out but energy dont have to get round all shops .and pain .hoping this give some energy to look propery in clothers shops

  • Thankyou

  • Hi everyone , I feel for each and everyone of you , I've just been this week to see a Rheumatologist ,I had Major Back Surgery last August and Op was a success all pain disappeared and the surgeon told me it would take bout 2 years before I'm walking properly, well by the November I was walking Then had a massive fall ,which have sent me tumbling right back to square one , trying hard and I'm not succeeding in going forward again my legs just won't walk,and I've got severe Fatigued which doesn't help at all , all back problems are from a car crash I had in 1981 which over the years has crept back up on me, So Rheumatologist has examined me and I have to have an M.R.I. Scan on Tuesday along with blood tests And he also has asked Neurophysiologist to look at me and do some tests for muscle and nerve damage I was wondering has anyone out there had these tests and what happens , would be grateful for any feed back on this . Thank you all so much please take care all x

  • Hi i cant walk properly i have to use a walkin aid .ive had trouble with pain for a yr been goin to physio for ages there confused (waste of time) .i keep askin for pain clinic she keeps sayin letsbtry this etc .keep havin bloods took .last lot says my vit d very low so im on strong tabs .then another test came back with mixed results its fibro or arheritis im off work now cause i cant move about even my hands are bad .im hopin this week i get results

  • Hi there really hope u get results and answers too .... I'm still unable to work it's been nearly 3 months... see a different doctor last week and she's not convinced (nor am I) that it's fibro.... see a rheumatologist now waiting to see a neurologist.... I worry I have MS...xx

  • Hi flower i hope you are feelin well .i cant wait to see a specialist and get a proper answer .have to let us know how tou get on x

  • Will do patches12 and you too let me know how u get on... take care xx

  • It took me seven odd years to get a diagnosis - my legs are a place I have a lot of problems be it numbness , swelling excruciating pain - I walk with a stick though - I’m naughty that I tend to try and push through the pain and do as much as I can - it’s worse in the mornings. I understand how you must feel it’s scary not being able to do simple tasks and I collapsed in work in May and so I had to accept that it wasn’t something I couldn’t keep doing to myself . I’m not giving up though - incredibly stubborn me- so I’m studying to become a lawyer instead. My biggest thing is I have to learn to understand my limits and not overdo things .. not easy I know

  • No it's not easy is it rob... I've gone from working for myself doing cleaning that I absolutely love doing as have such great clients to now being housebound ... I have to keep telling myself there are worse people off than me which stops me feeling sorry for myself ..... hope u have a good day rob x

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