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bad headaches

Hi to you all, not looking forward to the Winter as like most if not all of you, will be in agony. Do any of you that have FMS, suffer from very bad headaches which my Dr is saying Tension/Migraine and/or Vertigo What have you used or tried that helps, it's bad enf having FMS ETC without having dibiltating headaches, in which im not allowed in the hydro pool til sorted. love to you all, and try to keep warm. love Jane xx

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Yup I used to have 3 days out of 7 knocked out by tension headaches caused by shoulder and neck spasm.. I now have trigger point injections every 3 months .... In my shoulders and right side of neck...Not had a 3 day headache in the year since I started having these injections .... Really made my life better... I went to see my gp and he referred me to the local pain clinic the consultant there said he could fix it with trigger point injections .... I was grateful but a little bit sceptical... He was soooo right.

VG xx


Hi Verygrumpy, thankyou for your helpful message, i do have appt with Pain clinic on Monday,, thou i am not good with needles, but will ask, many thanks jane xx


Hope you get something sorted first time I had these injections I fainted ... Having my next lot a week Saturday...can't wait . One lady I meet there has the injections in her head for migraines it's amazing what they can do for headaches now

Good luck for Monday VGx


Bless you .. headaches and migraines ( there is a difference).. is unfortunately part and parcel of fibro.. so sorry.. they are the pits... especially when one never used to suffer from any headaches.... sometimes they can be so paralising that you cant see straight.. and normally make me feel very nauseous...

Ive never had trigger point injections and never have they been offered to me? Surprising what you learn here... must be postcode lottery... ;-) x


Hi Lacey 77. Thanku kindly for yur message too. Neither have i prev had head pain, Know what you mean by sorry, just one more added to the rest of Fibro nastiness.we all suffer, when its bad i do lie-down feel sicky and sometimes am, close up shop, Only was just about to start hydro and because of my headaches and dizzys wont let me in, Thank goodness we have our own forum, we would all go crazy if we did not. A place where help and advice is really very useful,so much is bounced of each and everyone of,us people who dont have it just dont understand. Flippin 'ech and u get oh you look well, drives me insane. Take care everyone FMS x


I am lucky I live in a area heavily populated by the over 60s and even though I am in my 40s there does seem to be a lot of care here designed for people with disabilities be it age related or not... Funny thing since I started getting the tension headaches and got treatment for them my migraines which fortunately werent that often have gone completely... Another positive :)



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