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severe headaches

hello, im a fibro sufferer and for the last 2 weeks, ive had a constant headache. its always there and when i try to do something i get a sharp and aching pain all over my head. it even hurts when i breathe heavy or excert myself. its worrying me very much, because i dont normally suffer with headaches, and rarely have them. anyways i hope everyone is happy and well. much love. nicola. xxxx

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you need this looking at to be on the safe side hey?have you tried a cold compress to the head and laying down in the dark for a bit with no noise and light.

also this sounds like a cluster headache which i get alot of because of my medication?

also could it be a dairy or chocolate maybe this can set people of too with triggers?

once you have seen your doctor you can rule out certain things,

have a nice wet bank holiday x


Hi Nicki,

I've had a recurring headache now for the last few weeks and it feels as though there'a a red hot pick inside my head.

My meds don't seem to touch the pain so sometimes have to take a migraine remedy.

Also I can tie it up to having a stomach upset or constipation. After going to the loo it seems to subside a bit. I wonder if this is just another fibro symptom which we just have to put up with?

Hope you feel better soon and get some releif.

Soft hugs



it's always better to see your gp as head aches shouldn't last two weeks [just cautious] If it's your meds, maybe they need adjusting.I have a lot of migraines.

hope you feel better soon, sandra.


Hi i agree i would see the Gp just to check ..

however painkillers can case headachs xx

have you tryed a cold flannel or dark room

gentle dyslexic hugs


I have to watch how much paracetamol and codine I take or else I get a bad headache, 2 weeks is an awful long time though, it is definately worth going to your GP and asking for his/her advice.

I wonder if you need glasses or a change in your prescription? An eyetest might be a good idea.

In the mean time a cold flannel and dark room sounds like a good idea.

Julie xx



As above too many painkilers can cause an analgesic induced headache, could also be a muscle spasm which I suffer from and now have to take 2mg 3 times a day of diazepam, most importantly go see your GP and tell him/her everything.

Hpe it gets sorted soon

Soft Hugs

Aches xx


Hi Nikki, you need to see your GP to have this checked out. Whilst you may be getting headaches with your Fibromyalgia, you shouldn't have a headache as you describe and for so long.

By seeing your Doctor and talking about your symptoms, hopefully you will be reassured and also it will rule out other conditions etc. It is always best to get checked out if you have an ongoing headache especially when you don't normally suffer from them. Take care and I hope it all works out well for you and that you feel better really soon.


Hi there as above all see your GP i too suffered like compression headaches i cannot wear a pony tail any more as any slight pressure gives herendous headaches, i have had tension, migrains, sinus and these are the wors i ever suffered from base of skull to over forehead they are awful that cannot function properly even naseus ..had Brain MRI but fine and normal, always better to just get checked but remember every little detail and when they occur and how long. mine wake me in night.

if i do not take my Lyrica am really bad. xxxx Take care and hope you get it sorted


also as said medications can cause them aswell as likes of constipation. Codeine based medications are known for headaches too . xx


thank you to everyone for your advice, i have used a cold compress and a dark room. ive not been taking my co-codamol or paracetamol because of the amount of chalk in them. im taking tramadol for pain relief, but this is not working. i dont eat much of anything, im not keen on chocolate or sweet stuff. i only have diary in milk for my coffee and i do wear glasses for close up work. im seriously concidering the doctors advice as i cant even strain too use the tiolet, it hurts so much.

best wishes

nicola xxxxx


Hello Nikki

I have recently had one of the worst bouts of long lasting headache. I total I have had it for five weeks. I did go to my gp after a fortnight and he has put me on beta-blockers. Last week he doubled the dose of these and finally my headache has stopped almost totally. I am going through all the ESA stuff at the moment and my anxiety levels are through the roof. It would seem that this was raising my blood pressure up. So the beta blockers have helped me in several ways in that I'm feeling somewhat calmer, I am still having chest pains but they have lessened considerable and the terrible headache has gone. Just a thought if you are thinkig of going to the GP about it. ps. With a migraine I do understand what you mean about going to the toilet, perhaps take something like Dulcolux (think I spelt that wrong) anyway a stool softner so you dont have to strain at all. Also, codeine does cause constipation so if any of your pain relief has that in it that could be compounding (no pun intended) your problem. xx


I had a client who suffered excruciating headaches daily for 5 years. Turned out she was Coelic. Stopped all wheat and gluten and bingo pain free. Pretty amazing as she was in her late 30s with no problems prior to that.


I also have severe headaches lasting for weeks. I use a cap called a migra cap from the internet. You put it in the freezer and just bring it out when you need it. If I can get in on quickly enough it can put a stop to it. Otherwise I just have to put up with it for weeks wearing dark glasses. Hope this helps. You are not alone. This is just part of my "normal" fibro. x


I suffer with terrible migraines which can last up to a week, they are a nightmare. But I also suffer with cluster headaches, which I am going through now. Most cluster headaches begin at night once you have gone to sleep(they can occur during the day but not often). They tend to have a pattern and normally appear on one side of the head or the other, very rare that they hit both sides at the same time, but is not unheard of. During the night they will normally happen after you have gone to sleep, they will wake you and push you to the point where you feel like hitting your head against a brick wall. I know this as I often end up punching hell out of my head out of sheer pain. They can last 15-20mins or they can last up to three hours(mine normally last about 90 minutes)and then it vanishes as quick as it came. You get back to sleep and it happens again and this is the pattern it takes. The other pattern it can take it the time of year it can happen. People can have one attack that lasts a few nights and not have another one for years, some unlucky people like myself get them more often. The other pattern they have is the time they start as in your on the clock face time. I have been getting them in daylight hours of late, highly unusual for me. But they start at around 2pm each day, give or take a few minutes. I will have maybe 4 attacks with breaks inbetween before I get off to sleep, and then the night time ones kick in. Lately I have been staying up all night as I can barely cope with them in the day as well as at night time too. But I do have Sumatriptan on standby now, more so for the daytime attacks. I never use them at night as I am used to dealing with it. But these are very expensive tablets, around £90 for 6 apparently to produce. GPs are reluctant to prescribe unless it is a very severe case, as is mine. I have not long got aver yet another attack and I expect the next one to kick in in the next 45 minutes or so. So I treat these tablets like gold and onlyuse them wehn I reach the head banging stage. But any type of headache should be looked into and yes headaches can be caused by fibro, but always better to get it checked. xxxxx


Meant to say that the migraines I suffer with are very rare and called hemiplegic migraines. So not only to I have to deal with the weakness from the fibro I also have to deal with stroke like problems caused by the migraines, makes things worse, but hey ho, life goes on eh hun xxxxx


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