what else cant i eat!!!

brill im gonna find catering at Christmas hard this year as having to stick to gluten/ wheat and dairy free and limit eggs too ( was ill 6 days out of 7 ( normal ibs/gluten cramps ect) and had been careful not to eat anything containing what i cant eat. the only constant item was eggs!! in the Mayo and bread and cake and i had poached eggs too! on the days i was fine i had no eggs or egg containing products and have been fine since i stopped egg in my diet too! another thing i cant eat. finding it hard enough with the fybro ect without not being able to have comfort food

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  • Ouch, not fun. I cater for a dairy free diet for my mum. Also most fish, strawberries and a number of other things.

    Personally I have just discovered that marmite burns my mouth. This is a new one and very uncomfortable. My mouth hurts. :(


  • I cant eat gluten, very annoying. I have coeliac disease

  • i had the test for coeliac as in having the tube down my throat. yeuk never again they chipped my tooth. the results came back with some sort of cell activity but not sure what. was then told i had done my diet wrong as i was on an exclusion diet and should have been eating all the stuff that makes me ill!! was not going to go through that again have since had blood test but all come back ' borderline' just think my drs don't want me to have things on prescription lol so was told i have intolerance to wheat. gluten and dairy!! if i eat any of this even by accident i definitely know it!!

  • How do you get tested for these? X

  • Go to drs they can do blood tests nowadays rather than the biopsies frim the.gut

  • Both daughter Grand daughter coeliacs, I made a point of making Christmas dinner gluten free, so my 6 year old granddaughter, could eat anything she wanted , we did not find that it caused any more fuss than normal, brought G F stuffing made thing in advance like bread sauce so easy,,christmas cakes made early mince pies and puds sausage rolls put in freezer, no different than normal , you dont have to cater for both,just GF and the rest of the family didnt even notice the difference. so write your menue now, instead of stressing,,and cook one item a week and start with Xmas cake it will make life so much easier , you will enjoy dont tell anyone and keep the secret to yourself,it will make you smile.

  • hi my friend was a ceolliac, she was able 2 buy sausage from marks and spencers and there r quiet a few shops that do a glutten free range.but she made a lot of her own food with rice flour

  • I know there,are a lot of gluten free things out there but i,have tp have dairy free too so pastry making difficult and also need to be egg free too. I love cooking but difficult fitting it in with looking after hubby with dementia and autistic son who has just had op on knees as well as my fybro ect.

  • Oh my lord you have a lot on your plate. If you should find time it is possible to make pastry with oil instead of butter or maybe you could use soya margarine. Just a thought.


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