I have wa;lked my doggy twicwe (5mins)up the road have been to Asda with mty daughter and done the washing(well the washing machine has0 i just put it in and get it out lol now i am at the end of my tether i have no energy can only just manage to type this !!! how hard is that ? and my daughter has now gone out so i may go lay on my bed and shut my eyes for half hour and thats not like me but i reall y cant do anything else love to you all Diddle x

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  • Have a nice nap Diddle, Hope it helps lou x

  • thanks not got there yet got way laid by my counciltax and housing benefit form and opened it all and got wound up about that so now so enthused with rage i dont think i can nap now , never mind will have a goo love to you diddle x

  • They are one place that really wind me up i had all this wheni started work in 2006 and in end i was right they sent me a written apology which i still have and i had to get my local mp on board too i am getting pains round my heart it is because i am stressed out with them i had this pain few weeks ago thought i was having a heart attack then read on here someone else has it too ( by the way i am not mocking anyone who has had a heart attack in any way ) it is awful i feel sick now too i just want to cry :( :( :( perhaps i shoulsd and let it all out may feel better then thank god my daughter has gone out bless her love to you and thanks you always seem to pop up at the right moment xx love to you diddle x

  • lol you are so funny you make me smile xxx

  • Hope your pain eases soon

    Brother fibromite in pain


  • Hi thankyou but you know how it is and so sorry if i have brought everyone else down jus having a rant, i was going to lay down but dont think i can make it up the stair lol or even off this chair to sofa love diddle x

  • Don't worry you don't bring everyone else down

    I look forward to reading your posts always cheer full

    Hope tomorrow better for you

    Brother fibromite in pain


  • Aw bless you for that , thats verykind of you i hope when you feel down i can cheer you up love to you all diddle x

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