Just a wee thank you.......... No huge actually!

Just a wee thank you.......... No huge actually!

Hi everyone

I'd like to say a huge thank you to you all for your much appreciated support this last week :)

I'd have brought a box of roses but I fear that there would only be half a box by the time they got here. :D

I like the following quotes by the Dalai Lama:

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.

Now then............... back to the subject of chocolate, something the majority of us just adore.....mmmmmmm! :D

Which is your favourite? mine would have to be fruit and nut of the milk choc variety but as for dark choccy, which, I eat more of than milk choccy, it would have to be Llindt dark choc truffles.................... I'm gone now ............ choccy all around my mouth

:D LOLOL :D fluffies for all

xxx zeb xxx please don't give fluffies chocolate thankyou

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  • Ooh zeb,that Lindt sounds scrummy! I shall have to try it :) Iam always careful not to leave anything choccy laying around for the fluffies to get hold of,though I nearly had a near miss the other nite when I was nibbling on some curly wurlys.The naughty fluffies were watching me eating and plotted to distract me so they could get hold of the curly wurlys.I caught them in the kitchen all huddled round whispering to each other in the corner so I grabbed hold of them and hoisted them back to fluffie petting corner.Iam now in the process of putting together a lock on their door so no more escaping fluffies :D My favourite choccy though is Lindt or galaxy but iam quite partial to any choccy really :)

  • Sounds like you need to expand your fluffie pen haribo? ;)

    I'm surprised you didn't mention curly wurly's LOLOL

    :D xxxzebxxx :D

  • I actually never buy curly wurlys as I find them too chewy but on her iam a curly Wurly fan,hehe :D

  • Oops,meant to say on here :D

  • No, that should be curly wurly nicker if I remember correctly ;) xx

  • heheheh I'd forgotten about that! sorry haribo ;) :D ;) LOLOLOL

  • Golly wow haribo, that's exactly what was happening here too, all huddled in a corner, muttering about my Reese's Nutrageous.... It's got peanuts and peanut butter in and I allow myself half a small bar a day........got to think of the figure you know ;-) I don't like dark choc at all, and really if I didn't eat choccy again it wouldn't really bother me, not eating the nuts would though, but that's a weakness of mine, particularly Brazils or roasted hazelnuts ...... scummdiddlyumptious. :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • ooh! I do like like Brazils and preferably without the chocolate too, pecans are a fave of mine also, especially pecan pie yummyohlicious! heheheh!

    ;) :D :) xxxzebxxx

  • I do love the gluten free naked bars. The bars are naked, not me. Not a pretty sight! Me that is, not the Naked Bars, they always look great. Urrrm. What was the question?



  • I love them bars too :)

  • Thanks for the chuckle jillylin :)

  • They are rather scrum my aren't they. I am a new convert :-)

  • Yes me too.I love the berrylicious,coco,orange one and the banana crunch.In fact I seem to be eating a couple a day now :)

  • the berryliscious is very good I like that one :)

  • I put my hand up high stand proudly in the circle and say "I am a chocic" feel better now in other words any choc I love except with coconut the hugher the coc solids the better 70% 80% 90% dark bitter choc oh swoon and truffles oh oh runs away have bravely not had any for six weeks :) I have lost weight :) xxxgins xx

  • Aw! I shall have to keep mine all to myself then :) ;)

    Actually! my OH is rather partial to the truffles too so I have to hide them from him hheheheh!

    xxx :D xxx zeb

  • Oh sorry! well done on the weight loss I'm waiting until after my birthday celebrations before I start the weight loss program at least then I can eat what I want at my party ehheeheh!

  • Well done gins,I don't think I could go that long without no chocolate at all.You must be proud of yourself.Are you going to allow yourself a bit of chocolate every now and then or is that it now,no choccy at all? :)

  • I am afraid I dare not even have a little bit or I become a chocolate hunting monster munching all in my path ............

  • That's why I get the dark stuff as I can't manage loads of it but its indulgence, and also good for you, we cook a lot with it too.

    Llindt also make a bar of Dark chocolate with Wasabi believe it or not gins ......... not for me heheheh! but the guys loved it. I'd have cooked with it don't know what though! any ideas? :)


  • I love Cadbury's chocolate, especially, "only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate, tastes like chocolate never tasted before!" Can't stop singing it now - me want Flake!! Galaxy Chocolate, White Chocolate, "The Milky Bars Are On Me!", "Fry's Turkish Delight" (Got the song from the old advert going thru' my head now!), And of course, A Mars A Day Helps You Work, Rest & Play!!!

    Oh God, you can tell I watch too much tv and how much of a chocoholic I am now!!!

    Julie xxx

  • Not you too!.......... you're the second person to put a tune in my head today on here, I can just vaguely remember that Turkish delight advert......... I don't like it myself but my mum did :)

    I do have a thing for mars bars and double deckers though! :D


  • Well we are all chocoholics,hehe :D

  • Yay! No wonder I feel right at home here! ;-)

  • I have important news for you all. Chocolate comes from the coaco bean. A bean is a vegetable..well almost...and we need to have at least five portions of fruit and veg a day.

  • I have raw cocoa which I throw into my muesli for that nutritious energy boost :)

    Nice idea though jillylin 1 of our 5 a day xx

  • Don't you lot worry about me.....I'm in a corner with my head in a bucket.....the idea of cocoa or choc in any form of cereal just makes me.....Ooohh.....back to the bucket :o :o

  • Take two brazil nuts with a full glass of water. You'll feel better soon.

  • Are you ok Foggy? these memory zapping fluffies will help you forget the whole thing

    xx :) xx

  • O h poor foggy are you okay? :D

  • Ahhhhhh, chocolate.... where do I begin ;) Sadly having found I'm wheat/gluten intolerant I can't now have some of my favourites. Happily I have many favourites :) including Quality Street, a must have at Christmas. I also love the dark choc lindt... yum. Also orange matchmakers and walnut whips. Galaxy too. Oh dear, I'd better stop. Oh... and curly wurlys when Haribo doesn't nick them when we're at the zoo!

    Pip xx

  • Ah ah, the chocmeister returneth, how was your trip and pizza? :-)

  • Good trip though tired now, thanks Foggy :) However, after OH had eyes tested I found out it's time for me to have an eye test too, so back into the city on Saturday unfortunately. Pizza was lovely, although you can tell its a gluten free base. Still, at least I can go out for a meal and feel normal :) Now to have Ambrosia creamed rice for tea and a hot chocolate. Bit naughty... um! xx

  • can I come for tea please pip? :) :) :)

  • You can, but it's all gone ;) I'm stuffed! xx

  • ok I'd have been boinging mad to go out in the lashing rain anyway.................... hang on! magical moustache.......... keep forgetting about that ;)

  • hahah hello pip :) which flavour matchsticks? mint for me xx

  • Always orange..! In fact, we opened the box intended for Christmas last night. Um again ;) xx

  • naughty ;) xx

  • Iam the curly Wurly monster and no one can catch me.............off I go on my hunt for the wurlys,beware everyone as iam on the prowl.......:D

  • I'm quite happy in my fluffy cuddle recliner with my dark choc truffles and a hot choc which has a tiny scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top xxxzebxxx

  • im not really sure theres any that i don't like but i have given it all up for now.

    I'm allowing myself the occasional handful of jellybeans though :) :) lol

  • Just thought I would let you all know that I shall be indulging in some choccy that I've asked my boyfriend to get me from the shop.Dont know what he will be bringing back but will let you know.................... :D

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