This is ANOTHER evil cat out trick or treating with a difference only this one pounces on fluffies and injects them with silly serum made of chocolate and sets them out to cause Halloween chaos :o

If seen please shout Hubble Bubble three times and watch it cower :D ..................roll over and go to sleep ;)

It can then be caught!

rwah! rwah! rwaaaaaaaaaah! :D

;) xxxzebxxx ;)

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  • Im glad you are letting us know what to keep a look out for Zeb. :) xx

  • You are quite welcome xxx :D xxx

  • now that is scary :)

  • Yep :o

    I agree with that :)

  • ooh I thnk I caught a sight of him flying over there...........points to the south

  • Oh no! We'd better warn Foggy Gins :o

    you know what always happens ;) ;) ;)


    ZIPPITY ZAP ......................... :D

    THUD CHRINNNG SPLAT! ........................ :p

    FOGGGGGYYYYY!!! Watch out................ boing boing boing!

  • eeeeekkk I just squeeked it ramuttering pork pced over to cambridgeshire muttering pork pies damn it it has eaten all the cream cakes in Gretna

  • flibbity jibbit dang darn and doh!

    Oh! I can't find Foggy :(


  • Peekaboo ........ Je suis ici ma none possiblie a parlais anglais. Oooooooooooo :o :o :o

  • boooooooing!! Foggy

    le chat


    Darn it again :)

    I don't think my French is good enough for the magic tash to work ;)

    :o :o :o

  • Ooooh ooh Foggy put that evil cat down you dont know where he has been he seems to be chewing you slipper foggy.

    xgins the cat lover

  • OOh la ce vous Froggy the frenchy put that cat down!!!

  • hahahah!

    whoops! she's spasmed her back fighting that evil cat off :(

    Oh dear! how will we fix it this time :o :p :o

  • Stretch and bend you rub and I will get the lavender oil le chat will disappear! Meeeeeow x

  • hokey doke! lets get the spasm to disappear :o

    Armoured fluffies are here to protect us :D


  • Oh my oh my,I missed all the Halloween fluffie fun! Did you sort out foggys spasm? What about that evil cat?did he get caught? I've just been on the phone to Paul mckennas agent who is going to track him down so that we can hire him to hypnotise all evil cats and kitty's and that evil fluffie with strawberry jam sword :D

  • how are the little kitty's coming along H?


  • The evil kitty's have been tracked down by the array of armoured fluffies you sent and Paul McKenna is hypnotising them all now :D the evil cat leader escaped though so we are on a hunt for him now :O I will keep you posted fluffmeister :D

  • Did the ring leader look like the one in the latest news just in post H?

    I fear that Mr McKenna may need help with the ring leaders they are by far the superior at wizardry

    :o ;) :o


  • Hang on a moment je suis back in English, hehehehe my gorgeous GP Barry is Dr McKenna do you thing that's why he's so magical for me :D :D :D

  • possiblé :D xxx

  • Yes he did zeb! But it's o.k cos he has been hypnotised back into believing that he is a good cat.Lets hope that it lasts :O


    Here is my Evil Cat! :-)

  • Oh dear Glenys! I fear that your cat has been turned into an evil cat and must be hypnotised back into believing that he is a good cat.We must act fast............................ :D

  • LOL! Too late I'm afraid, she popped her clogs last year, maybe a seance is in order :-)

    I'm sure she would have wanted that :-)

  • Iam so sorry to hear that :(

  • Aw! thats sad Glenys she was very cute :o

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • heheheh!

    yeah! :o evil eyes but very cute with it :D aw!

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Indee! aw I have one who departed earlier this year bless him he was quite a thug e called him Muggle he might be séance aterial but be warned he was a bolche so better left alone. LOL xgins

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