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Just a bit fun :)Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Alternative Fibromyalgia Treatments?


Well this is an interesting little quiz this time as it explores alternative therapies and their uses towards helping to fight the fibro monsters. It's a toughie :o but well worth having a go as it's quite educational too :)

I scored 83% 10/12 which I'm impressed at as a couple of them I found quite tough!!


Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD on August 09, 2011 WebMD

If you click this link it will take you to the complementary therapy factsheet from the FibroAction website which is a pdf in printable format :)


Of course none of this should override the advice of your GP and if thinking about alternative therapies it is essential to speak to your GP first. I am also not a medical professional just sharing some info with my fibro friends :)

Healing fluffies filled with sunshine to you all :) xxxsianxxx :)

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I got 83% but must admit 2 or 3 were guess work, so a fluke that I got so many right sue :)

Hi sue i guessed a few too :) xx

Oooeerr I got the lot right but very much guess work methinks, nearly put St. John's wort , but then rethought a document I'd read about SaMe and it's efficacy :o should add it must be cleared with your doctor if you are on anti-depressants of any kind.

Foggy x

I guessed that one and got it right how pleased was I? LOL

OOH! and clever clogs award this week goes to Foggy :D XX well done my friend :)

Nah sheer fluke, as I said much guess work !! :D

Makes you TOP DOG then.

Have you seen the evil cats that have infiltrated chocolate digestives?

How dare they :o ???

Not the dark choccy ones I hope :o

Not sure. TV advert. Someone opens a packet and grey kittens crawl out :(

Odd what have kittens got to do with choccy digestives???


No idea. JRTs yes. :P :P

Very bad for JRTs to have choccy of any kind :o

But JRTs defo Top Dogs :-)

Most Def. But even with their high energy rate choccy is a def noo noo. Poisonous. :)

Oh my goodness! If you need my assistance zeb then Iam back in the land of oh loyal fluffie assistant.Just in case you need me to round up the fluffies to prepare for attack against those evil kitties lol :D


me thinks I need to watch my boing because they're following me I have to keep magic tashing myself about to get rid of them :o

Oh dear,well Iam available as your fluffie assistant again should you need me and indeed want me back as your assistant especially as I abandened my fluffie duties :D

You were on sabattical :) heheheh

Yes,hehe :D How are ya this morning?xxx

freezing :(

shall soon be back to boinging self when I eventually warm up :) You?

Well it's actually quite nice outside and the sun is out! My backs hurting a bit today,my lower back :(

I done a vigorous Zumba class last night :O

wow :) good on you girl :)

I'm hurting at the mere thought of that! LOL xx

YAYY yayyyy foggy foxes them again then, as I loathe chocolate digestives in fact most biscuits, so I have foxed their evil plan once more :D :p :D

Foggy Foxes Loathsome Cats

Foggy loathes Foxes Crunch creams

Now repeat all that after a glass or two :P :P

I love them................... too much :p

I knew you were going to say something like that LOLOLOL

I think it's an attack against me this time good job H is back I fear I may be requiring assistance soon :o If they take me out they can get access to the fluffies easier and turn them into evil monsters :( Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Did somebody say crunch creams? coconut? OOO yes please

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I like the ginger crunch creams................

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And all the other crunch creams? :)

okay :) ;) ;)

you got me :) xx

Hey you guys it's not fair talking about biscuits as Iam on my slimming world diet and have ditched the biscuits :O So you guys are going to tempt me back to them again! :D

I got 75%

That's a good result, did you find out anything new?

58% or 7 of 12.

Loads of guesses, some of that stuff I haven't even heard of. Fancy a tai chi class anyone?

Standing in corner for the rest of the lesson :( :(

aw :o no need to do that in my class, you can always resit the test if you like :) I made some very lucky guesses.

Mind you!?! depending which corner you went to you may have found the snacks n drinks

:D :P :D

Forgot to tell everyone that.............. OOPS!!

Don't bother, I've gobbled them all :P :P :P

Easily replenished in virtual world :p

Coming from my mum's shop - i mean cupboard :P

Great post, Thank You for providing the link to the FibroAction Complementary Factsheet :)

Thankyou :)

Pass the biscuits over,I may be on a healthy eating splurge but in virtual land I can eat what I want lol.By the way I scored 83 percent and got 10 out of 12.I shall be looking into this tai chi I think although Iam not sure I can fit in any more exercise than I already do :O

Hi stranger. Haven't seen you for a bit. :P

Hi there! Yes I know,I haven't been on here for a while.Naughty naughty haribo......slaps hands.......ouch that hurt lol :D Well Iam back now in fighting spirit and way better physically and mentally than I was xxx

Carries a basket of curly wurlys over and sits them on haribo's lap as a virtual welcome back :-)

Hey there,thank you! I shall be working my way through them tonight and I expect I shall be up all night on a sugar rush lol :O

Fluffies shall protect you hunny, how is the petting zoo by the way? :)

Well they all got fed up we me always going to the gym so they have up and left me! Tut tut,but I don't blame them really :D

hi haribo were have you been? missed seeing your posts :) .....i only got 6 right duh!! x

Hi bluebell,I have been on a mission to improve my health and fitness Hun and along the way my fibro and depression has also improved.So I've been skiving off to the gym all the time and Iam a very much improved haribo indeed :) But alas,Iam making a concerted effort now not to abandon my fluffie duties lol :D

:p xx

hi haribo, great to hear you're feeling so good! :) lol,just do a few fluffies at a time xx :)

I have Reiki/Massage and swallow Omega Fish Oil Capsules and St Johns Wort..I no longer use pharmaceuticals, still have pain but my "COMMANDO" Head deals with that!!"

Wow! I'm impressed and glad it works for you :)

I've never tried Reiki before is it difficult? My Mum in Law does it for stress.

Reiki is simple, google it!! it uses the goodness of the earth. a good reiki practitioner will use both Reiki and Massage. Luckily for me my lady is a Reiki Master and Holistic Healer. So its all good. Find a REPUTABLE PRACTITIONER in your area, honestly well worth it!!

I shall speak to GP and hydro/physiotherapist first but sounds interesting. I just have never asked anyone before what it was like who has tried it......... including mum-in-law!!

Hi everyone just got home after a long journey up the M6. I am a firm believer in Reiki I have found it very useful and relaxing just what we need. The first couple of times it reduced me to tears but then it was marvelous. xgins

Desperation Pain and the whole Pharmaceutical Industry became a major issue. 1morning i woke up and looked in the mirror I was yellow(not Jaundice) but the effects of 80mg of morphine a day and then the Devil Drug Duloxetine60mg. I decided there and then, the medics did not care whether I lived or Died. Changed Doctors and was fortunate to find one who could see I wanted change.I am here happy content but know i will never be "PainFree"

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