Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to all

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to all

It's the time of eggnog, candles, cakes, songs, reindeer, carols, laughter – and most importantly LOVE.

I'm off to my cousin's 40th Luncheon tomorrow so in case I don't see you....

................Wishing you all the best for now and always and less pain and discomfort for 2015 :) :) :)

Happy Holidays :D

Happy christmas :D

Happy New Year :D

Happy Festivities :D

IF you do or even if you don't and Whatever you do, However you do, whenever you do

.....................enjoy! and be careful :)

Healing fleecy fluffies for everyone :)

xxx sian :)

Fluffmeister Extroadinairre

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  • Happy Holidays Fluffmeister Extroadinairre

  • A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Joyous New Year

    Mucks x

  • Got your work cut out, the fluffies look over exited to me. Have a happy Christmas. xxx

  • May you and your fluffies a good one.

  • Thank you zeb. Hope you too have a good Christmas. May your, and everyone's, pain be at a manageable level, loved ones around you, good food, drink and time to rest when needed. Plus of course, a holding pen for those over excited fluffies! Enjoy your cousin's luncheon, I shall be wrapping this mountain of presents piled up in front of the fire in my living room. I hope I've gotten everybody's pressy, if I buy much more, Hubby won't be able to see the tv over it! (Plus, I'll be even more broke than I am already! LOL!)

    Happy Everything To All, Julie xxxx

  • Happy holidays and thank you my friend

    Enjoy yourself

    Ken x x

  • Merry Christmas fluffmeister extroardiniarre :D

    and you got the fluffies to sit for their Christmas hats, sweet :)

  • heheheheh :D

    Apart from the little blue one in the bottom right corner!!!

    I didn't quite spot him trying to escape :O

    :D :D :D :D :D

    xxx sian :)

  • I did notice him but he looks worried that you may scold him I thought I would not draw your attention to it :) so be nice to him its the season of goodwill to all fluffies :D :D

  • Brilliant Sian. Enjoy.

    And the fluffies have been sooooooooooooooo good this year, I hope their little stockings are full. :P

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