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This is a photo my mum took in Iceland when she went to the hot spas its of the Midnight Sun on Midsummer's Day 2013 (12)

I look at it often and stare out into the calmness of the sea and let myself feel the warmth of that midnight sun swathing me and covering me until I'm warm and fuzzy. I can almost hear the sea silently and slowly lapping the sides of the big boat and wonder what's beyond the sun.

Where does this picture take you?

xxx zeb xxx

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I love them sort of pics zeb,I have a canvas in my living room of the sun shining over the sea.This ones even better cos it's a beautiful sunset.It madras me feel warm and happy and is a great distraction from fibro and life.I shall take a photo of it on my iPad and keep it to look at.How are you today zeb? Xx


thank you haribo xx

I'm sore from the belly button down over but I'll smother myself in pain gel shortly to help get it under control. I'm used to it in a funny kind of way I just deal with it now! its been so long :o

how are you?



Hi zeb, I'm 72 and had this pain since I was 11yrs old with it steadily getting worse each year, but as you say you get use to it don't you, the pain gel you use, does it have aspirin in it, if it doesn't could you give me the name of it, I'd ike to try some on my legs, ...enjoyed our trip to museum although you all left me there so I had to find my own way home took me all night to walk home , hit a few drunken species with me crutches a few times, but managed, saw a couple of barn owls, a few rats furry kind as well as the two legged kind, now if you had been there zeb you could have put me on your back and boinged me home lol, ...hope you feeling a little better sending you gentle hugs ...Dee xx


By the way forgot to tell you tats a stunning photo, when I look at it, it takes me to my sons villa in Spain, where I stayed on my own for 7months in 2003, way up in the mountains and the sunsets use to look a little like that, nice warm feeling, my son is out there now he says the temp is 30degrees , lovely n hot he says lol, ....Dee xx


aw! sorry Dee xx I woke up surrounded by loads of hungry fluffies LOLOL and yes I'd have boinged you home xxx :D

The gel is called Phorpain heheh!

I laugh at that every time it never gets old, what a name :) check with your doctor as you may get it on prescription. Its an ibuprofen based gel and I'm on max strength. Can't see aspirin in the ingredients but your GP or local pharmacist would double check for you :)

I find it helps tremendously especially my knees :)

Thanks for yesterday it was as mad as ever :D and look forward to seeing you on the next trip :)

many healing fluffies Dee xxx sianxxx


aw! love the pic :) he's so cute, cheeky grin though! :)


Thanks,it's my youngest boy.Took this pic on his first day going to school,bless him :)


Well iam not very long really,only 5ft 3 inches! Hehe :D no seriously,had fibro for 8 years now and iam the same as well.Thought you would be tired and sore from all that boinging you done at the museum tut tut! You should know better by now! :D


heheheheh! how about you? you did your fair share of bouncing about too and you flew a helicopter, impressive :D

interesting too I'm also 5ft 3 inches LOLOLOL :o


Hehehe, love the picture, it is so calm and beautiful, I love it :-)

It reminds me of a similar scene I saw once up in Scotland in late May years ago, and the sun setting over the sea with the isles of Eigg Muck and Rhum in the distance, so still, so beautiful ....... except for the midges, which were horrid.

I can't join the 5'3 club, I'm 5'7 though I fear I may have shrunk a little since my spinal fractures .

Hope you start to feel a bit better zeb, after all that boinging about yesterday no wonder you hurt...... Did you reach the ceiling in the end ? :D

Love your little chaply haribo, soooo sweet :-)

I wish I'd known they left you behind Dee I would have sent out my helicopter to come and rescue you...... :D

Foggy x


Heheheh! :D

I'm fine my knees are twanging, cracking, crunching and creaking but the gel has eased the pain a lot. The problem is the moment my legs are walking about that's it knees are knacking and knocking again! :o

sorry for the moan :o and thank you very much for asking :)

There's a shawl of soft fluffies for you after having that injection :) xxxxx zebxxxx


Beautiful :)

I spent 3 months in denmark years ago and the sunsets there were amazing too!


I can imagine that was beautiful I do like Scandanavia just not the cold


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