Can you picture this? Thunderclap campaign for UK Fibro Awareness week

Can you picture this? Thunderclap campaign for UK Fibro Awareness week

Please support 'Can You Picture this?' campaign

Fibro can have more an impact on patient’s lives than many, far more well-known conditions, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. However, the aim of specialist treatment for Fibro is to try and ensure that patients lead as normal a life as possible. Without treatment, many people with Fibro end up disabled and unable to work or enjoy their life in the way they want. Raising awareness is therefore very important to a very large number of people.

Please show your support by changing your Facebook, Twitter, HealthUnlocked account to our FibroAction covers (example cover picture shown) or adding these images to your blog, download below;

Doing so will help us to raise awareness of Fibro & it's debilitating symptoms to others within the UK. Using our 'Can you picture this?' campaign covers during UK awareness week asks people to think about people living with Fibro & it's symptoms on a daily basis. With approximately 2M people in the UK with Fibro others gaining more understanding is important as so many people are affected by this condition. Why not also ask others to change their covers by changing your status or tweeting the following?


Do you have Fibromyalgia? Do you have a family member with Fibro? Why not support the FibroAction campaign 'Can you picture this? Debilitating Pain, Fatigue & other symptoms every single day? by changing your cover for UK #Fibroawarenessweek 6th-14th Sept 2014


Do you have Fibro?Know someone with Fibro? Why not support our campaign 'Can you picture this? by changing your cover UK #Fibroawarenessweek

Of course you can also help by adding your support to this Thunderclap campaign as it will spread the word during this awareness week. Whatever you do - we appreciate your support of this campaign & FibroAction!

Can you picture this? - by supporting our campaign Thunderclap will send our message below;

Can you picture this? Debilitating Pain, Fatigue & other symptoms every single day? UK #fiibroawarenessweek 6th-14th Sept' on your Twitter account on Sunday 14th September 2014 the end of Awareness Week!

Please help us gain 100 supporters over the next 9 days to make this tweet happen at 6.30PM on the 14th September 2014, so please spread the word & encourage others to support this Thunderclap campaign.

Here's the link;

Please support with Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr :)

Thank You again for #supportfibroaction

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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  • Downloaded and saved both Facebook and HealthUnlocked. I will happily change them both.

  • Hello MKMale,

    Great Thank You, I am sure it will bring attention to Fibromyalgia & FibroAction whilst helping others to understand the symptoms we live with daily.

    Thanks again :)

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Adminsitrator

  • Done, thank you Emma x x

  • Thank You Ken, much appreciated :)

  • sorry Emma for some unknown reason my stupid computer is refusing to recognise me and wont let me log in to anything.

    I had to go all round the wreakin to get on to pinterest and from there managed to log in to here.

    I just tried and it says that i dont have a facebook account.

    My son is a wizz with computers but wont be back until wedesday.

    Sue xx

  • No need to apologise I am sure you'll Son will be able to see what is happening. You'll soon have it fixed I expect ! :)

  • Hello All,

    WOW!!! 25 Thunderclap supporters in about 1 day! What FAB support guys! :)

    So, how many of you have decided to visit website to change your profile picture on HU, Facebook and/or Twitter or added to your blog yet? See my profile below to see how it could look!

    You only need do it for Fibro Awareness week as part of the 'Can you picture this?' which asks others to imagine living with Fibro!

    Just another simple way to raise more awareness around our social media for UK Awareness Week 6th-14th September 2014

    Thank You again for all the support you give to FibroAction :)

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Will do Emma, from the torture of my li-lo floating in 30c warmth.........wishing you the very best and will do trough FB

    Foggy x

  • Done on both Facebook & Twitter, so happy to help

  • Thank You Jayjay57, don't forget your profile here too if you like?

    Please see my profile:

    I appreciate your support for FibroAction for each awareness campaign we do! :)

    Emma :)

  • Hello Emma Could you please tell me how to put it onto my profile please, as every time I click on "Edit Profile" nothing happens so I don't know how to put the awareness picture on my profile, many thanks Jay

  • Sorry for late reply Jay

    If you press edit & hover over picture a button to click should come up ! If any problems please email :)

  • Hello Emma

    Thank you so much for telling me how to do this, I have finally uploaded the banner now :-)

  • Hello guys,

    Let's share the awareness, by changing our profile pictures here as when we go in other communities others will see and hopefully gain understanding!

    See my HU profile for an example;

    Get the covers (profile pictures) here>


    Many thanks for the support

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

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