Imagery for the relaxation- much needed after yesterdays jaunt!

Imagery for the relaxation- much needed after yesterdays jaunt!

Morning all my friends :D

Hope you are all rested and not aching or hurting too much from yesterdays escapades :o I know I am and I spent most of the day chasing fluffies, baddies and trying to escape the naughtiness of those whom shall remain nameless............ you know who you are heheheheheh! :o ;) :D

I didn't see anything apart from baby bears, thankyou pip for putting the furry me into your pocket, furry squeaking me has gone of to furriness, fluffiness and funniness and says thanks xx

Being Zebedee and having a magic moustache I am back to normal boinging me so that next time I can use my magic to prevent naughtiness on our day out!!!! ;) :p

Thought you may like the serenity of this forest scene to use as imagery while practising relaxation.

yes! it looks a wee bit like it could be a shampoo ad but its beautiful green and serene :)

enjoy hope it helps ;)

giant fluffie cuddles to all - guess you'll need them after the storms too for extra warmth and snuggliness :D


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  • Morning You well rested I hope?

    Whats with the luminous picture are we cave dwellers today?

    Puts hands up in horror. Or is it the beginning of Halloween. There is another 24 days or so till the whitches ride so we have time to make new besum!!

    Glad you have returned to normal after yesterdays thrills and spills. Gentle day to day

    I feel will do us all good.

    xx gins

  • Morning gins xx

    I trust that you are well recovered also from you're fun and games and's the head? ;) it pounding cherry brandy pounds :o LOLOLOL :p

    I do hope not my lovely friend and send calming and relaxing fuffies to you :) just in case :)


  • Thanks Zeb fluffies arrived instantly and are sitting on the table beside me. Do they always put there tongues in ones porridge ? LOL getting used to their fluffyness. I no longer have a cat and I miss him annoying me on the table. xxgins

  • Aw :) xx

  • You meant flake ad didn't you? ;)

    Women walks out of woodland in a swishy linen cream dress.

    We hear...

    "Only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate..,

    Tastes like chocolate never tasted before."

    Woman eats flake!

    :) :) ;) Pip xx

  • Morniing pip :)

    You have chocolate on the brain my nutty friend :D ;)

    but yes! flake too LOLLOL

    :o :p :D

  • I must admitt it was my alter ego in the flake add :D yummy crummy always falling down your clean work shirt. If only I had known about baby wipes then :P)

  • I must admitt it was my alter ego in the flake add :D yummy crummy always falling down your clean work shirt. If only I had known about baby wipes then :P)

  • Endeavour empathy elucidate elevation oh ya

  • Alliteration so early gins :o

    I'd be careful or foggy will challenging you into alliteration war heheeh!


  • Anyplace, anytime, anywhere........thinks that goes with the flake doesn't it.....but then the foggy head is pounding, so I may be wrong.... :D :D

  • hehehe! I didn't think it would take too long :D

  • Hi zeb,I love your new pic!plus I really like the woodland pic.I sometimes use a wood when I do guided imagery for relaxation.I certainly need it after that sugar high from yesterday's curly Wurly consumption :D.I will use it too when I go into hospital tomorrow for cystoscopy.Who knows,when they put me to sleep I may even dream about it :)

  • On a Saturday haribo.... Gosh our hospitals virtually close down over the weekend down here ;-) Hope all those curly wurlys haven't caused havoc :D

    Will be think of you tomorrow and ascending positive vibes :-)

    Foggy x

  • Meant sending, but ascending could work hehehehe :D

  • bless you haribo xx :)

    hope the head isn't aching too much. glad you like the imagery, I can even hear the stream running :) and hope it helps you tomorrow I shall be thinking of you :D

    You'll need sterile fluffies for tomorrow and the hospital so here you go hunny :)


  • It was rather exhausting yesterday wasn't it. I feel as if the elephant sat on me and the giraffe has rolled me up to the top of the hill now I wait for the kangaroos to set me going -- all-- the -- way -- to the -- bottom!

  • That's ok gins, with my magic moustache and boingy new spring I'll be able to save you, catching fluffies mat at the ready please!!!!


  • I love it Zeb brilliant new pic xxx

  • Thank you its more apt me thinks xx

  • I get the shampoo bit...... timotea or something like that methinks, but it is a lovely piccie and very relaxing.....thank you....

    Just a thought tho, I can see what look to be bright eyes near one of the trees....... you haven't stumbled across..........oh my word................

  • Are they not fire flies? They dont live for long only to reproduce there little lights attract the males saw a field full one evening in Italy quite entrancing.


  • Oooooo gins, that's something I saw in Tuscany once, but only a few not a whole field full, how fabulous ........goes off to make plans for a return trip to Tuscany.......

  • Hi foggy :)

    I could always try the magic moustache :o

    You never know within two twitches of whiskers we may well end up in Tuscany, I've never been so........ you shall have to be the guide if that's ok Foggy?

    Gins are you coming?

    Anyone else think it might work?

    Give me a nudge to twitch my magic moustache............ (LOLOLOLOL I don't really have a moustache as bad as that)....................and hopefully Tuscany here we come Ta Da!


  • Will do that a bit later thanks zeb, I wouldn't want to give you all my sniffly bug......but when I feel better I will give you big nudge.....can't wait :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • I know Tuscany quite well now and a bit of Umbria, so I would love to show you all around, it's so so beautiful ahh, I do wish I could be there, snuffles and all .......

  • I adore Tuscany so yes please count me in, Where shall we go Lucca is wonderful little cafes wonderful squares the people the food the light the mens Oh amore amore lead on Foggy :) xxgins

  • Molto Molto bene...... San Gimignano would be a good central place to start, then we could pop down to Assisi and Sienna, then up for Florence and Lucca and Pistoia..... We could even take to the spa waters en-route, a tad smelly but very relaxing.......... :-) :-)

  • Is it those evil cats eyes that you can see?:D Thanks for the fluffies zeb and for the positive vibes foggy,they shall be coming with me tomorrow :)

  • You are most welcome :-)

  • Hey! I couldn't let you go to hospital without the fluffies for comfort hunny :)

    You are most welcome :)

  • I am good at driving in Italy quite a lot of experience so I will hire a people carrier, So all aboard

  • Me too gins, I drove up from Rome to Umbria, all round Tuscany, it has to be said I was somewhat losing it when my "navigator" took me into the ring roads round Perguia for the 5th time, I told her to shut the heck up and I headed north and eventually found where we were actually meant to be wasn't the most successful of holidays and I won't go on holiday with said lady again......hmmmmmm

    Foggy x

  • It is the most beautiful country I know I have ravelled from the heel to Turino wonderful . When ever I go I feel perfectly at home. xgins

  • Can I come? I always wanted to go to Tuscany and it beats sitting here with a poorly tum and sore legs! Just been to the doctors so have that tired frustrated with life vibe I need to shake off!! Hugs xoxo

  • Zosie wouldn't it be lovely the sky - the light - sounds at night - wonderful

  • sorry gins had to take time out :o

    where we off next?


  • Sounds like Italy next year after we have been south. Next trip how about the science museum and the natural hisrtort Museum

  • Of course you can Zosie the more the merrier :D


  • So many choices Zeb, If we all saved up enough we could go on a cruise?

  • Now you're talking.............................................................what?

    Sorry! I was reminiscing :) The last cruise I went on the last port of call was Ajjaccio in Corsica and I fell in love with the place. Mum and I went to a tortoise sanctuary it was amazing and of course all the Napoleanic history I was in heaven.

    huhum! Nothing at all to do with the fab crepes (can see the correct French symbol on the keyboard but got no blooming clue how to get it to type on screen, so apologies :) ) and ice-creams :D :D :D

    Well when I'm on holiday so is the diet! heheheh!

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