Heightened senses

Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this. I have found that my sense of smell, sound (despite the tinnitus) and vision are very good. My last eye exam showed my sight to be excellent and when a doctor checked my hearing I could hear things he couldn't. Since he was close to half my age I was a little surprised.

The sense of smell is a bit of an issue as I can smell things my kids can't.

Anybody else have this?


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  • Constantly :)

  • Not for me I'm afraid. I'm losing my sense of smell and taste, plus I keep getting a bad taste in my mouth & bunged up nose.My tinnitus is worsening and the kids keep telling me to stop shouting, and get angry when I ask them to repeat what they just said. And as for my sight, I've had to get stronger glasses gain at my last appt. I even had to have my eyes dilated as I had an increase in floaters I could hardly see! Ah well! The joys of getting old and having fibro, I guess! Julie xxx

  • Hi

    I do believe you are going through the metamorphosis and you will soon be Wonder Woman.

    Take great care and kindest regards


  • Thanks Terry, that's put a funny pic in my head now of me in Linda Carter get up! You take care too, loving the dog/cat pics, keep it up, hugs, Julie xxx

  • Lol. I genuinely laughed out loud at that.


  • Thanks! But it would be LOL! moment and I was laughing along with you! Julie xxx

  • What you have to remember is you would turn into Wonder Woman looking like Linder Carter as what you are now is your alter ego.

    Well that is what is supposed to happen in the comics anyway, I know because I used to read then when I was a boy.

  • Well it would be a good disguise, no one would realise it was me, much better than Clark Kent just taking off his glasses to become Superman!!

  • Smell and taste are definetely problems.I now can`t stand some of the foods I used to love and all cooking smells are awful unless I am doing the cooking. I can smell toilet smells a floor below me and through two locked doors. The night before last I had to get up and wash an empty glass that had contained whisky because the smell was making me feel sick from the other side of the room. Not nice, hugs sue

  • Lol, know the feeling. I've had to give up so many things due to taste buds and sense if smell. I find noise the worst though.

  • I always had the cd player or radio on in the kitchen. Now it drives me round the bend and I really miss my music hugs suexx

  • Drop a pin at a hundred yards it's the fastest I ever move and the panic of what the hell was that when I am the only one that heard it well how do you explain that. Floaters and tinnitus are for when we have not got the energy left for any other entertainment, no spoons relax and watch it drift by with white noise.

  • The last two lines are me at the moment, son put the water on to boil some rice,I am trying to find the energy to put the rice in the water,

  • Hi ladytelita

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I must admit that I have never experienced any kind of heightened senses but I have pasted you a link to the FibroAction website relating to Fibro symptoms, so I genuinely hope that you find this useful:


    I genuinely hope that you can find an answer to your question.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi, my senses are over sensitive too - light, sound, smells, smoke. Some days more than others. X

  • I m afraid it has taken my sense of smell away I have had. none now for three years. I really miss it

    However, despit tinnitus my hearing tends to be overly receptive to noise

    My eyes are always playing games with me particularly in the morning!


  • Awwww poor you!

    I get the eye games when I'm tired gins. Been known to see all sorts of freaky things.


  • Hi there P, I get very heightened senses when having migraines. Now I find lights too bright, sounds too loud and smells overwhelming even on a 'normal' ?! day. Supermarkets can be like hell on earth.

  • I'm completely with you on that one shazzy, my senses are always really heightened when in migraine mode, every stimulus seems too much to cope with . I have to avoid candle shops and perfumery depts., and if there's a light flickering at any point I have to exit very quickly .

    I also have tinnitus and I'm not sure why, but suddenly and seemingly for no reason, can suddenly become much louder and intrusive. Hey ho.......

    Foggy x

  • Yes. Aftershave gives me migraines, basmati rice makes nauseous, the sun and bright light makes me feel faint and il and noisy crowded places make me dizzy and anxious if the is too much going on around me ,like on the motorway my eyes go blurry . I also wake up in the night smelling things like toast?? This fybro is really complex when you think about it

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