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Hello, is any one awake?

I've not been on for a few days as I had a stomach bug. Now the lack of fluids in the last few days seems to have set off my twitchy bladder...ooh it's so annoying!! You know the feeling! Oh dear, what do I say to work if I need more time off sick? What a bad run of health problems I am having recently!!

Anyone got any grumbles to share? Xoxoxo

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no grumbles as such zosie :)

apart from the bug how are you doing?



please read my reply to lucyw hunny :) its your choice not your bosses choice as to whether you are well enough to return to work you didn't choose to have complex illnesses :o we need to help raise awareness of fibromyalgia I think, go out and shout til they hear us and start to help the charities to do that. :)

fluffies galore xxxzebxxx


Oh dear I know exactly how you're feeling. I had the same tummy bug but for me suffering with colitis I had to go into hospital for 3 days on put on IV steroids.

Now it's affected my sleep pattern badly. I keep twitching and jumping in my sleep until it wakes me up. Work were good but I decided to go back the day after I was discharged as I don't want to give them any reason I'm not up to the job, which is in a hospital!!

Hope your feeling better now and apparently drinking loads of water is the to go!

Gentle hugs


oh! now there's a quandry!? I do so feel for you on that one.

You know your health is more important hunny, we as fibros take twice as long if not longer in some cases to heal. If we go back too early we can cause ourselves setbacks. Your bosses should have respect for that its not your fault that you have your illnesses hunny :)

yes! I am speaking from experience :( :o

In 2004 1 month after returning to work because they made me feel guilty for being off, I walked out after arguing with my senior. I was that bad my head of department had to lock me in the office :O

The woman was the type that mouthed a lot but did little work and I worked my backside of nearly 45 hours a week for no extra money as a supervisor in crippling pain and she was criticising me for my work in public view where there were guests as well as colleagues :( I was a well respected member of staff in the hotel where I worked, everyone came to me because they knew they could rely on me to help them get whatever they wanted or were looking for. The operations manager and personnel at the time were looking for a promotion for me in one of our sister hotels too and were respectful of my health issues. I got married there too :D happier memory :D

They were begging me to go back but I was so.......... heavily depressed by then and I had so many health problems there was no way at all and I've never worked a full time job since. In fact I haven't worked at all since 2005, there was once, just to prove that I couldn't do it for those that just thought I was being lazy!

I went back to work for them not me, long before I was ready to but I'd been off for a month.

Actually, when it all started my husband called the hotel to tell them I wouldn't be in work tomorrow and the same woman I talked about earlier didn't believe him and argued with him, he was so angry :( I've never been the same since :( which makes me feel very sad :(

Sorry to have gone on a bit and given 'too much info' but I feel that if you're not ready, you're not ready. Listen to what your body........ and mind........ are telling you I wish I had :o ;)

Healing fluffies heading your way and really do hope you get the rest that you need, take care hunny.



Thank you so much for the wonderful reply and for sharing your experience with me. Hugs x




I have bad sleeping patterns, I am awake all night and sleep all day, my other half calls me the vampire lol


Hi there Zosie, yes I have been awake for ages since 6am but have been busy answering last nights posts , your health comes first, if you go back before your better you could be spending more time than ever off work, hope that makes sense to you, I don't have any grumbles except that I pottered in the garden yesterday as the weather was nice here, and I overdone it so am paying tenfold for it now so I guess it was self inflicted, but you can't just sit and do nothing can you or else you would just vegetate, so guess it will be a duvet day for me today, its raining anyway so that helps make the decision, lol .....gentle hugs to you and wish you better...Dee x


Hi Zosie

It's not fair is it? You're feeling lousy but are a nice person who takes others into consideration. That's evident. Hopefully you're work people know that about you too? If not, spell it out to them.

If you have something like a bug you will be contagious for a while, at least 24 hours afterwards I think. You could explain and ask?

May I suggest you back up any phone conversation with an email spelling out what your problems are, what their problems are and anything else mentioned. Put something in the heading you can use to find again later, and should things come to an unfair dismissal, you will have some evidence to back you up. Hopefully it won't come to that but better to be safe. They will notice too and be more careful how they treat you. So things could improve. Plus there will be fewer misunderstandings. Also, keep a diary of how you feel, when you are off sick and go back.

Unfortunately I have had to use all of these but work know I won't leave without a fight! They treat me extremely fairly and often overcompensate so I don't have anything to complain of. I've kept my job for three years next Feb since my pain began. One meeting I had to bring in my union rep and that helped me a lot.

Regarding poor sleep, me too and titinitus! So I use meditation recordings to relax me falling asleep with my earplugs in :) I have podcasts on my iPad but you can get CDs.

Hope things work out for you. Soft hugs


Hello lovely fibro mites, sorry I disappeared! My pain got worse and I started to pass blood so had to see the doctor. Turns out it was a kidney stone! Ouch! Perhaps these vitamin d tablets are raising my calcium levels but I can't see how in such a short amount of time. Confused! ;)

Thank you all for your lovely messages of support, Cookie, you are right, no point rushing back if I'm not 100% I always love reading your posts by the way... :)

I do have supportive bosses, but one can't help but wonder what they really think! Zeb, I totally agree we need to spread the fibro word but I'm not always so brave and do tend to worry about the consequences on my career and earnings etc.

Thank you Sarah Jane for your kind words. I do try hard to be a good person and give more than I take. Thank you for reminding me of that fact :)

Take care xoxoxo


And Zeb, just re-read your post and my heart went out to you.

Cookie, hope the duvet is keeping you warm and comfy!

Lucy, hope the colitis is better, a friend of mine has that so I do feel for you!



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