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O kay is there any one about this morning ?

It has been remarkably quiet I sit here messing aroung trying to organise my brain for the coming week.

What will I try and achieve - what will I achieve.

Best make the coffee OH has gone for papers I can browse them at my liesure. The spell check on this puter seems to be turned off with out it my spelling is a wonder of fibro and intentions. Right Kettle on. whistling away good hot black and strong just how I like my men!.

I have some ironing today ugh my neck hated it but it best be fiished off ,

Visit my husbands grave always do him a pretty wreath this time of year!

This all sounds good I shall start with the coffee xgins :)

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Morning Gins like me you have plans lists and intentions, how many will get done ... Ha that is the question, As Charlii blew our cover about our TV debut as the new Ant and Dec, I explained how to tell us apart, you will be Ant on the left rather stunningly dressed in a long kilt that buckles under your armpits. I am the short one on the right in white puffa coat... They are very on trend this winter, and white ice grip boots, the effect is more like a stunted yeti,

But I digress...... Please leave Denzil Washington alone , in fact parcel him up and send him to me for Christmas,

VG x


Gins,I have been down here since about 3am,i had a spell on my laptop and went back to sleep until 5.30am when my daughter came down ready for work. Then i slept until i was presented with a cup of tea.I ache this morning, ref you ironing have you got a press. With these you put it on a table and you can sit down and do the ironing. I have had mine now for years and i wouldn't be without it.

I hope you ha\ve a lovely day,i'm going to read papers now. sylvi.xx


Thanks Sylvi that is a thought a press - the guys would then expect me to iron that is only problem LOL

Hope you enjoyed the papers xgins


Hope everyone's managing to have a good weekend this weekend! :)

Sorry Gins you're around far too early for me lol! I'm here until the small hours in the morning, but I can't do very early mornings to start my day! ;)

(((hug))) xxx



I am often up early but never online. At present we are having to keep our daughter downstairs due to her being ill and hubby is keeping an eye on her. He lets me rest and just calls if there is a problem. The laptop is downstairs hence I do not get on here as hubby may go online in the small hours to look for gifts etc. But I plan my to do list and very seldom reach the bottom of it. I have had to take over the shopping for now as daughter is not up to it and she normally does it with hubby. I know he is taking her out tomorrow as she has Xmas gifts to pick up from her. A bit of fresh air may do her good as long as she does not overdo it lol. So I am going to scrape all the excess ice from the freezer that is preventing the drawers going in properley, wish me luck as that should be a fab trigger for the Raynauds xxxxx


Do be sooo careful with scraping ice wont you it can be a dangerous job!

Hope your daughter feels better xgins


well daughter went out and now she is exhausted, she may sleep tonight. I got the freezer done. I was supposed to be just seeing to 2 drawer shelves and I ended up doing all 5. My fingers are so painful I feel as though I am hitting the keys really hard when typing lol. Good excuse to wear my fluffy gloves in bed tonight then xxxxx


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