Morning All Any one got bright ideas for what feels like exhaustion

I am having one of those days when I cannot keep my eyes open! So I am reading and then I am asleep bing bago back to bedng gone no warning out for the count.

I will give in shortly and go to bed. -Retrieves head from hitting board again -

I only need to pause and the I go how ridiculous s not happened for some time. So what can d o match sticks do not work they pink off around the room. I shall have my vitamin drink and go back to bed :p xgins

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  • If you're that tired, go to bed. Who cares what time of day it is. I frequently go back to bed, rarely actually sleep though. >:(

    I took my pills earlier last night, like the consultant suggested and ended up being awake at 3.40am! Slept on and off til I had to get up at 7am but, as ever, tired for yet another day. *sigh*


  • Zebedee says TIME FOR BED go sleep gins :)


    xxxzebxxx fluffies can sing lullabyes on request if bribed with marshmallows :D

  • every day is like that-cant keep eyes open and feel tired all day then at night not always get to sleep.always sleep after lunch-some say that's a thyroid thing

  • Morning sleepy head gins, I think we all get those days when we could sleep for England, ..just a thought gins hav you tried these Q10 pils my doctor recommended them to me to give e a little more get up n go, it's a natural product, they do help I get thm from healthspan on the net, but most chemists sell them...worth a try, wishing you. Day full of lovely dreams of fluffy white clouds and you running along on a sandy beach with the warm sunshine on your body, ooops I was nearly gore there lol sending you gentle hugs and a dreamy day .....Dee xx

  • I'm almost away with that dee, sounds fab :D

    How are you feeling ? :)


  • I'm ok thanks zeb,and you, plenty of pain like everyone else, guess it will soon be time for our fibro club to go into hibernation, wont it, we will have to get some duvets, hot chocolate and games sorted out wont we lol.....have to pickup Sophie's ashes today, I miss her soo much but am getting there, she gave me 16 extra months that she shouldn't have done, now she is at not so good here so I may have a nice dreamy day myself when I get back, especially after the buses have thrown me about like a football lol .....hugs to you ...Dee xxx

  • aw! bless you Dee :) I agree about the fibro hibernation club I shall get onto sorting out our supplies....with help from our friends too I hope.

    Be careful on those buses I know bus drivers fling them about don't they?

    Big snuggly warming and comforting fluffies for your journey and shall wait for your return :D


  • I'm a founded meme re remember :D with the memory foam igloo lines with fluffies coming on nicely :D

  • excellent foggy, the fluffies are all behaving nicely too and ready for everyone's choices of colours and smells etc

    just need to sort out food n drink supplies :D


  • Hi zeb,can I order some fluffies Please as I fear my fibro hibernation period has already started.Now let me see,can I have pretty pink fluffies and a matching cuddle couch too,all scented in vanilla if possible?:D

  • already on their way my friend with extra raspberry ripple fluffie cushions xxxzebxxx

  • Mum,sounds delicious.Will let you know how I get on with my fluffies :D

  • Hi zeb, I collected Sophie's ashes, they do them different now, I asked for a scatter box, as I knew like all my other dogs I would be scattering them eventually, but they are in a small tube now looks just one of those posh watch boxes or perfume tubes boxes, it's one you can stand on your dressing table and one one would be any the wiser, ...anyway she is home now, and of course my tears started to flow again, but I'm doing ok,...the bus driver both ways must have heard what I said, cos they dropped the step down and even waited till I sat down lol...popped into my friend whose is registered blind on way back, so by the tie I got back I didn't get to get any zzzzzzz's or see any fluffy clouds lol, so I guess I'm gonna give it a try shortly lol, gonna have a nice cup of warm milk I first, would you like some, do you take sugar, and would you like a couple of ginger bickies to go with they'll be carting me off to the mad house shortly lol gentle hugs to you....Dee xx

  • aw! milk n bickies thanks Dee :)

    glad you're ok and managed to survive the buses

    lots of fluffies cuddles xxx zeb xxx

  • Morning Gins

    Sorry you are feeling so rough. I wish I had answers, as I have just gone through a week of feeling like that. My advice is to just give in to it. If your body needs to sleep, then sleep. We have so many sleepless nights, I think once in a while it is our body's way of catching up, so go with the flow. All the things you aren't doing will still be there when you feel better. One thing I have learned on my courses is that we Fibromites must look after ourselves and listen to what our body is saying. Yours is saying go to bed, so off you go

    Sleep well

    Em x

  • Thank you all my friends for your lovely thoughts and zeb with her fluffies. I did a good hour fast asleep and now I am up again. OH had to have his ears sorted. So I shall be about for a bit if anyone needs me xxgins

  • Awwwwwwww gins you should rest, I've only just come to after really overdoing it yesterday and still feel shattered, so have returned to my beddery with dogs doing some snoring for me to gain credit ZZzzzzzzzz's. Take care gins and rest up all you can.

    Foggy x

  • You need to rest too I suspect we all think we should be out and about and sometimes we just cannot do it can we. It is the sort of day I fancy rice pudding or custard but alas we have none. I am not eating such things anyway so a baked potatoe will do me what about you? xgins

  • Aww Gins,

    Dont fight it, I think there comes a time when you just have to go with it, as the other have said, just lie down and sleep, it can only do you good after all, my doc has always told me to listen to my body, if your body needs to rest it will tell you, I think yours is telling you, get the rest you need and deserve. (((((hugs))))) Sleep well :) xxx

  • i have started taking berrocca boost and co-enzymes and that has helped with my exhaustion a lot might be worth a try i have felt loads better since i began these i was told by someone who attends an ME clinic just an idea hope you feel better soon ((((hugs))))

  • Hi there,I take berrocca,is the berrocca boost a different one and where can you buy it?x

  • yes apparently it is much stronger and my daughters ME doctor emphasised it should be berrocca boost hope it helps it did my daughter she is fine now and back to work i x

    i wont be going back to work as i am 64 now and have had fibro for 20 years but only gave up work 4 years ago but if it helps everyday well its good in my book xxx

  • Hi I use Berroca too I feel it is useful and if I am going out I add the old red bull or something like it. Thanks for the suggestion all the best xgins

  • never thought of red bull will try that if i have a long day ahead xx

  • I was exhausted last Friday after a busy week and slept from 4pm to 8am the next morning. Felt miles better :) Amitriptaline helps me sleep, plus herbal remedy Dormesan.

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