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Has any one tried acupuncture?...had my first session today


A couple days ago I asked whether anyone had tried Acupuncture,thank you to everyone who answered my question with their own exsperience.

I had my first session today and thought it went quite well,she asked a few questions about my pain,I told her that pain is everywhere but for the past 4 months iv had a very sensitive hot spot on my left shoulder,she felt around my shoulder and found the main area that was causing pain,just having her finger on it was causing me to cry out,then she said she was going to put the needle in there,oh my..didn't I cry out,it was exscruitiating,I could then feel a warming sensation running up both shoulders,up my neck and behind my ears,and then gradually it eased off until I could feel nothing..what a relief,she then put one in my wrist which was very painful and then one in the top of my hand,again I had the strange warm feeling for a while and then it went,I have to say the pain was not from the needles being put in.

I thought the session went well ,the hot spot on my back has deffinately eased in pain,when i got home I was so exhausted I went to sleep for an hour.

I am aware it dosnt work for everyone but I'm going into this with an open mind and I'm looking froward to next weeks session...pinkblossom..xxx

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I found acupuncture most helpful, but the effects didn't last very long.

If I could have afforded a long course of treatment, I might have had better results, but it was so expensive!

I hope you do well with it, pinkblossom!

Hello Pinkblossom,

I had 3 sessions each time for two particularly bad flares through the NHS and I found them to give some temporary relief. I would have more if it was financially viable similar to Moffy's post.

Can I provide you with a link to the FibroAction website about all Complementary Therapies which may be of interest to you


Wish you well with your sessions

All the best



Hi, I have had acupuncture but mine was when I lost all feeling in my right arm. Apparently the problem stemmed from my neck!!! which surprised me, I had no pain in my neck at all. It did work though... And recently I've had on going pain in my shoulder, over 3 years. It progressively got worse and I have just started physio, again I've been advised it's my neck!!! after only 2 sessions and exercises to do at home it's cured and I've suffered for 3 years constantly until I could no longer even hang my washing out, brush my hair ect. It was like magic!!! The exercise he gave me worked so quick, but I think its luck, because I've had physio b4 and they fobbed me off telling me it's my fibro... this guy said no it's not and cured me in 2 weeks.... :) So if the acupuncture doesn't work try physio.


Hi pinkblossom glad to hear that your getting some benefit from your sessions hope it continues.

I had acupuncture through pain clinic it worked well on me for a shoulder flair but had to stop as my local authority won't pay for it doesn't think its a viable treatment or sum such thing was getting it through pain clinic, had to go through Sheffields as Huddersfield didn't have one at time due to organiser retiring, would carry on but financials not up to it, glad to hear your getting some benefit. Sithy

Hi, I was having acupuncture but I have now changed over to massage. At first acupuncture was helping me, but then it started to change when she was working on certain areas. In the end it was so painful I felt it was having an adverse affect on me. I think generally speaking it is very good, but not for me in the end. X

Hi there yes I have had loads of acupuncture and it seems to work for me but as other people have said if not on NHS(doctors) it can become costly.£60 per hour or even sometimes half an hour.Initially there is sometimes a little pain when the needle first goes in and if the area is quite badly inflammed but this gradually subsides. have also had laser treatment (also private) and deep deep massage to get rid of the "knots" TRP (Trigger points).As mentioned before my body tends to go out of alignment fairly often, not doing anything in particular, I have had a treatment called McTimoney which gently and without pain puts the offending areas back in alignment.When the body is out of alignment apparently we get more pain because we are compensating.I do not receive any benefits so have to budget for the above.After the treatments I have always been told to go home and rest for l hour and also to drink lots of water to get rid of the toxins caused by the fibro.Hope this helps.Good luck with your first session.xxxhugs to all out there Petra

pinkblossom in reply to Petra

Hi Petra

Thanks for sharing your exsperience,I was told I can only have 6 sessions and that's it so I do hope I get something positive from it,as like you say to pay privately is very costly,I have to say where she put the needle into my shoulder I'm already feeling a great difference,it really hurt when she put it into what I call my hot spot,normally I'm aware of the pain and the tenderness in that area and already the tenderness has nearly gone,so like I have said I'm keeping an open mind and fingers crossed that I may get some relief from the pain,im looking forward to hopeful another good session!..xxx

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