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found out why im supposed to be having injections

some of you may have read my blog last week that i had received an appointment for injections in my joints ,well they finally told me ,

the doc says that i have carpel tunnel ,so im having steriod injections in my wrists ,ouch !

if this works then they will put me through to have surgery ,i looked it up on the computer and you cant drive for ages after this surgery ,so dosnt look like i will be having this ,i wont beable to get the kids to school .

not unless the nice nhs manage to give me an appointment for surgery in the summer hols ,hahahhahaha yes it was laughable wasnt it !

hugs to everyone xxxx

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Nice of them to tell you Lynz ! xx


i know get on ya bl**** t*** they do lol xxxx


why is it they dont tell us properly what exactly is wrong with us, I went through blood tests a few yrs ago, I found out they were for bone cancer, as the neuro had spotted something on my spine, the nice lady on reception at gps blurted it out, spent quite a few days in tears and shock


oh bless you well at least mine wasnt that bad ,you poor thing it must have been such a shock ,hugs to you xxx


well at least you know now and it will be better to get treatment .. however you work at it xx you may get help to get kids to school

what ever happens you can work it out good luck

gentle dyslexic hugs


thanks lexie xx


Hi Lindz, just tell your doc to forget about the injections and go straight for the operation.

sorry but i'm going to be truthfull here injection is bloody agony, i had never felt pain like it and i have a high pain threshhold!!

The op is nothing like they say it was instant relief, although once the local wore off it was sore, i was back to work 3 weeks later!

I know everyone one is different with pain, but i thought i would tell you my experience. :)

good luck.

anne xx


Hi Lindz, I have to agree with Anne :) My step daughter and I were both diagnosed at the same time when we lived in Germany! I had the operation almost immediately whilst my step daughter went through months of agonising injections only to have the op anyway! Unfortunately she now has a 'dent' in her wrist where the injections were given! Her recovery period was longer than mine too :/ As I said though our treatment was in Germany so may have been different techniques to back home :) I hope you get it sorted one way or another :) (((hugs)))


thank you sara and anne i will ask my doc if i can go straight to surgery ,ive done more research and discoverd its only a week or so that you cant drive so thats more do able isnt it ,my hubby can get that kind of time off ,

hugs xxx :)


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