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Is this fibro, my new response to stress, or none of the above?

Does anyone else get random facial swelling? I seem to have only had it since the onset of fibro, and it doesn't seem to have any common allergen triggers when it pops up, but I'm always stressed, so it could be that, too! So far, I've had one or both upper eyelids swell and nearly close my eyes, one or both sides of my top lip swell (like I've had really dodgy collagen treatment), and the area in front of and below my right ear. There's no pattern to it, and very little seems to make it go down when it happens - Naproxen takes the swelling down a little, though. For example, my left eye ballooned up very suddenly at around 10pm yesterday, and appears to have pretty much gone down about an hour ago, but between those times, it looked like I'd been punched!

Anyone got any experience or ideas, or am I off to the quack, once I get the time?

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I think the doctors is the best place to go. They can do tests to try and find out the cause. It could be a random reaction to your meds.

Piggie hugs xxxxx


Oh my goodness ... It's taken this long for my brain to register this question I read it when you posted and thought can't help there.... But I have just realised... I have had fibro for over 20 years and have had random swellings on my face but never thought of fibro... Mine are very few and far between so that's my excuse .. Anyway have woken up with swollen eye maybe twice ... But my top lip will suddenly swell and it itches like heck lasts a few hours then goes...

If you go to gp please let me know how you get on

VG x


Sounds awfully like an allergic reaction to something - could be food, medication, toiletries or cleaning agents.

Try an anti-histamine tablet and a dab of 1% Hydrocortisone cream, and if that doesn't do the trick, then it's off to the GP.

Quite often these random allergies will spring up and you never find out what causes them, but If it happens frequently, then it needs to be investigated.

Yours Itchingly ... Moffy x


I would see the GP about this, this isn't Fibro.


Once his nibs is out of hospital, I'll book with the doc. I'll be sure to let you know, VG! Thanks, folks! Xx


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