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Fatigue seems to be taking my life away for days at a time !!!

I have a fantastic family that really understands my illnesses, and when I'm going through this faze they say well why don't you go to bed for a couple of hours or in the day my hubby will just sleep then, recline your chair you will soon drop off and the I can wake up 3 hrs later and still feel exhausted. These are days of my life that I haven't even lived through and that's what makes me really angry !!!!!!

Rant over, I wish you all a very merry Christmas, love to you all xxxxxxxxx

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Hi Pennie, I'm sorry you have been so fatigued! it does tend to go with territory I'm afraid! mine is much worse sometimes than others! but I do understand your frustration at losing time! which you would value, I'm pleased you have a supportive and understanding family, that must be such a blessing.

I wish you a very Happy Christmas and well done for getting the rant out.......hope it's helped :-)

Foggy x


Bless you Pennie. I think most of us feel the same as you on occasions. I have good intentions when I finally get going in the mornings (which can take forever some days) but the reality is my body just isn't up to doing much. The spirit is willing but the flesh is oh, so weak! Like you, some days just go by in a blur of nothingness. Added to this I have had a constant sore throat for about 3 months now. I had a virus which affected my ears, nose and throat and upper respiratory tract and then after that I got a really bad chest infection. The GP says that now the infection has gone the cough will take several weeks to clear up. One of my loves is singing in a choir and I have missed the whole of this term which has been really depressing for me as singing is such a good outlet for me and the only place where I am with other people. So, my dear, I do understand how you are feeling. It is so very frustrating. BUT..you are not alone in this. We are all in this together. I am sending you very gentle festive hugs and I wish you a happy day as free from pain as poss. and with enough energy to get through the day. Saskia XX


Hi i understand as well what you mean i can sleep for upto 14/15 hrs a day for days on end so i miss days and days go by without knowing whats going on in the world so your not alone my problem is i on the work programme and they keep telling me i need to focus on getting a job but please someone tell how when i need to sleep do i get a job especially as they said 40 hrs a week job and this year ive only attended about 5 sessions as been ill im fed up and wonder why i get up some days xx


Merry Christmas Pennie1

I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering with fatigue in this way. I suffer the same way and I understand just how frustrating and annoying it can be especially when you feel that you have wasted your day. I sincerely hope that you can get your problem sorted.

Take care

ken x


I'm so grateful for all of your replies, you have all taken time to reply to me and it has given me a gentle lift reading your replies, it's lovely to know that there are very kind special friends out there that take time out of their days to help me, thank you so very much, love to you all :) xxxxx


Hi Pennie, its horrible isnt it. I used to get days where I would eventually wake up, get moving but once I sat down, I'd feel so exhausted it would take all my energy to get up again. I had days where I would fall asleep at my desk but dream I was awake which really through me out of sorts, I just put up with feeling exhausted as I didnt want to admit it was so bad.

However, one day I was driving on the motorway for quite a long journey and I felt myself falling to sleep, I opened the windows, tried drinking a cold drink and blasted the music hoping it would be enough to stay alert, I was singing too which seemed to alarm other drivers going past to hear a strange woman singing at the top of her lungs with the windows down. Luckily I spotted a McDonalds where I rested in car park with a cup of coffee until I felt ok.

After that I day I decided I needed to do something, I tried doctors again but they just pacify me with leaflets about sleep problems and a blood test, which didnt achieve anything more. So I did some research on the internet, looked into other people suffering same thing. I found a few answers but im sceptical about remedies and other sorts, but then I found my answer.

A friend of mine recommended doing a detox programme which cleanses your body from the inside and gives you a huge energy boost. Although I was like 'yeah it sounds ok but its a lot of money and how do I know it works'? She invited me to the support page and I found testimonials from people stating they had done this Clean 9 detox and it worked, they lost weight, had more energy and generally felt great. So I thought, ok i'll give it a go. Oh My Gosh. The difference it made. Dont get me wrong, the first 2 days were hard and I considered giving up, but by day 3 of the 9 day programme I could feel the difference. It consists of drinking pure aloe, taking bee propolis and garcinia tablets. I didnt think it would make a huge difference but after almost falling asleep on the motorway, I was willing to give it a shot.

By Day 3 I felt amazing, I had lost 4lbs but my energy levels were increased. Eager to carry on, I persevered to Day 9 without a problem. I thought to myself, this is purely amazing. However, what do I do after Day 9, will I go back to feeling exhausted. After speaking to the support group I was advised to carry on drinking the aloe vera gel just once a day, first thing in the morning.

And now, 4 months after doing my detox, keeping the half a stone I lost off and the 26 cms I lost off, I feel more energised. Dont get me wrong, I still have days where it catches up with me and my body still wants 12-14 hours of sleep, but majority of days are managable. I will never come off this aloe gel as it contains 74 of the 75 nutrients needed and most days are a smooth ride. I'll never look back. I recommend this product wholeheartedly. And the brilliant thing, if it doesnt work, you get all your money back!!!!


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