If you were on this boat where would you like to be sailing/travelling to?

If you were on this boat where would you like to be sailing/travelling to?

Hi everyone

I have noticed that some of you have been missing our virtual fun trips out so this is just a taster for those who haven't played before.

If you can picture yourself on a boat where would you be going? or like to go to?

would it be a cruise? for example and where would you be?

You might be dolphin watching or even fishing :o

You might fancy the Norwegian Fjords, the Med or even Canada :D

Let your imagination take you to that place, what would you do or like to do, eat or drink..........remember its virtual so allergies and weight gain don't happen if you don't want them to! ;) :o

Give it go :)

zeb xxx

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  • Can we set sail to see the dolphins please what time are we leaving?

  • where would you like to go dolphin watching?

    I hear the Bay of Biscay is quite good for that, can be a bit choppy though!

  • Sounds amazin right we need to get tickets out how about for tomorrow at 11.00 sailing. Dress well casual but need posh out fit for captains dinner - I hear he is quite gorgeous - So everyone will want pictures taken

  • Ooh! yes chance posh up all nice and girly

  • Ooooooowww how exciting, I would love to see the dolphins, but could we meet then head off tout suite to somewhere lovely like the Maldives or Mauritius, so I can attempt some scuba diving or more realistically snorkelling ......... Can I wear a ball dress, or just black tie ? Oooh I can't wait, I hope the boat has got good stabilisers, not wanting to be icky or anything :D :D and baggsie an outside cabin so I can see the said dolphins as we sail along hehehe

    Foggy x

  • you want to snorkel in a ball gown? :)

  • Oh yes of course san, it's sooooo glamorous :D :D :D

  • You'll find me in the spa baths on the upper deck with a cocktail :D


  • As long as you wear black tie it matters a lovely swishing evening gown and jewels.

    Bashir a balcony s o I can take pictures early morn. Oh to see those dolphin and the fish

  • Can we go see the Northern Lights please..I do realise its a but out the way..but I have longed to see them all my life.. We could have a big jacuzzi on the open deck, nice and warm bubbly water and cocktails whilst we watch the aurora

  • Why not it will be Amazin I have always wanted to too

  • ha beat you all to it :) last one here has to get the next round in ;)

  • me too, the northern lights and the fjiords :D

    and then onto gibraltar to see the dolphins :)

  • Oh jimjams, I've always wanted to see the Aurora Borealis and being a spa, sipping champagne, just up my street, as long as the jacuzzi was really nice and warm :-) Let's do that and then head to the Indian Ocean hehehe :D :D

    Foggy x

  • world cruise it is then :D

    sorted, its a big boat to fill maybe need to rally up the troops!


  • Champagne Charlie is my name. Move over Zen here have a glass like drinking fizzy gold see it sparkle. So who else is coming? Xxgin

  • Can I come too please?

    Somewhere very warm, with beautiful clear blue sea and gorgeous soft sand. I've always wanted to swim with dolphins, so that would be amazing.

    I'd love to finish off my day sitting in a huge spa bath with all my Fibro friends :) and a cocktail in my hand.

    I know I'm pushing my luck here, but I wouldn't object too much if George Clooney was sitting next to me. I'm a generous girl, but on this occasion I'm afraid there would be no sharing

  • deffo coz :)

    But I'd fight ya for George :D ;)

  • Ooh! Do you think Foggy meant what she said about us "sorting out George together"

  • I'd fight for a place beside you both and leave you to sort George out whilst I'm wooed by Anthony Andrews as he was in Brideshead :D with a magnum of champagne :D :D

    Foggy x

  • A Magnum of champagne eh Foggy

  • Oh yes, the high life for me :D :D

  • Of course you can come we depart 11.00 tomorrow gather up your evening clothes your bikini. See you then. Xgins

  • oooooh please count me in on the world cruise , I cruised to Hawaii in 2009 for our 25th wedding anniversary and would love to do it again, seen sea lions and dolphins its so amazing.didnt have a jaccuzi though so you will all have to budge up an make room for me he he cant wait , roll on 11.00 Bacardi an coke for me yerrrr full steam ahead,

    hugs sue xx

  • Excellent :D I'm so boinging now I love cruises

    25years wow I've just hit the 10th this year :)

  • Bikini at the ready

  • Ahh would to have joined but sadly got hospital tomorrow :(

    Make sure you take lots of photos for me to see and bring me back a glass of bubbly :)

  • Aw! if its not all day you could check in when you get back hunny :)

    I'm out all morning tomorrow for appointments but definitely will be popping onto the boat when I get back :)

  • If I remember and am back in time I'll be there.

    We saw dolphins and sealions in Hawaii, then my son and I saw humpback whales in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia. So wonderful. If you're a bit more adventurous how about up water white water rafting (and mud sliding!) on the Shubenacadie river, Nova Scotia.


  • sounds fun but dangerous to me LOLOLOL

    mud sliding reminds me of The Big Weekend in Sunderland we got into the local paper doing just that :D the rain pelted down that weekend heheh!

    the bus journey home was messy LOLOL

  • Too much fun than danger. It was slightly muddy and we all had to swim before we got back on the rib! It was a fantastic experience, finished of with seeing about 8 bald eagles flying about and fishing.

    We could try the big weekend before leaving and then warm up in the much warmer climes.

  • wow!..........bald eagles

    Now that's something you'd never forget :)

  • It was a mixed trip, won't go into the bad bits, but there were lots of good bits, the eagles, the mud (!) and the whales. I would highly recommend Nova Scotia for a trip. Xx

  • Can I come too? Just what I need as no holiday this year.

  • definitely :D

    me neither next year I hope to back to Barcelona :)

  • i'd love to sail to australia, eat loads of sea food and forget about all the horrible things in this world, id lay back and sleep like never b4, then get up n watch the dolphins playing in the hot warm sea, id love to get in the water with them, big glass of freshly squeezed orange juice n nice book n thats me sorted x

  • sounds heavenly :)

  • I too will be in the silly hospital for an appt., but I will have my spies out and about so that I am kept up to date with all your ongoings....... I am afraid, I must alert you to he fact that zeb was put under an evil spell whilst we were on our zoo visit, so do be careful and be aware that she may act in a very odd way, she may even be secreting evil cats in her bikini.......how I know not, but that is the rumour I've heard........ :D :D

    Foggy x

  • you are so insatiably naughty Foggy! LOLOLOL

    :D :p :D

  • my magical moustache moves in mysterious ways....................... :D

  • I think you are secretly Zeebad, Zebedee's evil nemesis,

    if you are then that means there are two of us boinging about :o :p :o but you are blue and an ice sorcerer that wants Zebedee's moustache so that he can rule rwahahahah!

  • Well, I know I'm a twin and unless he's undergone a pretty swift sex change methinks that rather unlikely ;-) :D

  • Brilliant any more for any more everybody is welcome


  • Gins.......... :) what would you do if you bumped into Jessica Fletcher on our boat?

  • Well if I bumped into Jessica I would throw her overboard now if I met miss Jane marble I would think we were in for fun. I say did she take the suite. She is my aunt you know

  • ah! good call :)

    now miss marple heheh! she's quite scary I think!

  • Do keep joining fantasy cruising XxXxx

  • I've got an appointment at 11am but will board the boat via my private helicopter :)

    He he ~ I wish xx

  • hmmnn that's an idea Coz there'll be a few of us that'll need transported across later on :o

    if you and Clooney don't mind us flying with you?

    xxxzebxxx :)

  • Coooo eerr a coz, can you come via Exeter to pick me up en route ? Pleae and thank you nicely, :-) :-) :-)

  • Yes of course dearest Foggy. Will get there as soon as we can :) xx

  • I will see you all for cocktails as we embark and those coming late pool side party later. Come on down. See us tomorrow


  • Sorry wont be joining you tomorrow, I have to go to th hosp with my friend the one who is partially sighted, plus I have to be honest I don't like boats or the sea, love standing on the beach and watching the sea but not in a boat or in the sea, I would be being contstanly sick over th side I think, mainly thru fear lollollol ...hope you all have a fun day will be thinking of you. Gentle soft hugs to you all....Dee xx

  • Gentle hugs join us when you can XxXxx

  • we'll meet you later on at your favourite beach wherever in the world and enjoy your company there Dee :D

  • I would luv just once more to sit on Floridas beach in Sarasota, went there years ago 1982 to be exact, and have never forgotten what feels and looks like your feet sink into the beautiful soft warm white sand and helps ease the pain in the feet.....I also think you is gonna have a hard day wiv our friend foggy, me thinks she as the devil in her lol .....enjoy your day the app is this sarvo so not sure what time I will get back, but will try join you if back in time gentle hugs to all.....safe sailing ...Dee xx

  • Sounds so lovely I think we should meet you there Dee, I'd love to pamper my feet in that soft warm sand :)


  • Of course zeb. All are welcome to join George and I on the helicopter

  • thank you :) that's very kind of you xxx

  • Argh! The end of my sentences keep disappearing x

  • weird mine does that now and again

  • In loads of pain

    See you all tomorrow

    Can't wait xx

  • night coz, fluffy cuddles xxxx see you tomorrow

  • Not if I see you coming first. .......evil grin flashes over Foggy's face......hahahaha :D :D

  • hahah! zeebad :D

  • Time for bed said Zebedee busy day tomorrow :)

    night everyone


  • I would like to go to KaiKora in New Zealand to see the whales, also have a day ashore to laze about in the hot pools. Who cares if I look like a prune after, I shall be lovely and relaxed and in top form for the captain's table.

    The night sky down that way is so clear you feel you can touch the stars, fantastic.

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