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Cyprus heat

Hi I am away in Cyprus with the family.

It has been a nightmare for me I am in so much pain my feet are so swollen I trying not to dampen the fun for everyone I am clearly miserable due the night pains morning stiffness the sun is making me feel drained. I do love sun my vitamin levels were so low before I got here I don't sunbathe I tend to go to the sea for a sea bath jaccuzi and sauna. I since. Ring here

My family will get up and say what we doing today and forget that I cannot be as enthusiastic most days if I push myself I become to weak.

Has anyone had simmilar with being in the sun

Love and Light

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I carry an umbrella for portable shade don't care that it looks eccentric, I cannot take too much sun either. Do try to enjoy the holiday. xxLou


That is a good idea, I have vitiligo so try to stay out of the sun, I should do the same :)


I love the sun, but hate the consequences :) The heat drains me and the sun would burn if I didn't lather myself in SPF50. I have vitiligo so that has a big part in it :) Personally I think you should pace yourself and if need be let your family go off an do something without you and you relax best you can, then join in feeling a little better :) I hope you can enjoy the rest of your holiday :)


Yes I often feel drained in the sun especially if I have to push myself at all and sweat buckets. I also find that my shoes become tight and uncomfortable in the heat. I too think it would be good to let the family go off and do whatever they want to do during the day and you do the same and then meet up on a nightime as it sounds as though trying to push yourself is spoiling the holiday for you. If you do go out the one day with them try to rest and recuperate the next. I hope things get better for youx


Yes my feet have swelled my sketchley trainers hurt all over when I try to put them on I have told them they need to work Round me which they agreed if not leave me at home x


Hope you enjoy tomorrow more and the heat relents a bitx


Hi Serenity61

I am so sorry to read that the sun is draining you so badly, and I genuinely hope that it is not spoiling your holiday too much? It is really difficult to be enthusiastic when you feel this way, but it may be a case doing simple and easy things so you do not miss out too much?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I holiday in Cyprus every year and my Fibro problems disappear! Am planning to move to Cyprus permanently when I am 65 in 4 years time,


I can not be in the sun for any long period of time like I use to. I do wake up in the morning stiff but once I get going and have my hot shower I'm better. As for concentration I call it my fibro fog I have good days and bad


Hi Serenity61,

It's a fact. Sun is no good for middle age people. I live in Cyprus (I was born Cypriot) and although I'm used to sun and heat at this age (61) I can't stand it. If I stay under the sun for more than 10 minutes I will faint :(

You may try going up to mountains instead... it's cool and nice..



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