Happy Easter.... Give me a wave if you see me

Happy Easter.... Give me a wave if you see me

The sun is shining is a beautiful day so after having scoffed my Easter egg on Friday and my family have refused to share theirs , what better time to have a little Easter holiday and to the annoyance of all those motorists who HATE being stuck behind a car towing a caravan I have gone one better...

So for any of you who live in a pretty little village or right by the sea...

If you go out in your car today you might well be stuck behind ME :D


scootering in style

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  • Luv it VG have a happy easter have fun x

  • Oh I will .. 8 miles an hour down a Busy A road ..... Grins evilly :D

  • oh I want one! that's like my scooter so I know it fits.

    we could take a pick-er-nic hamper ;)

    I'll bring dainty wafer-thin cucumber sarnies and chunky chocolate cake!


  • Will be at yours for lunch then we could off to meet others :)

  • and lashings of ginger beer!

  • I,ll just nip into this supermarket I am passing and get the tomatoes and lettuce :D

  • Not supposed to be open on Easter Day

  • I didnt say it was....:D I didn't say how I got in ....

  • A ramraid with your scooter? I have heard of it being done!

  • More sneakily than that I scaled the building in an unmanned cherry picker , found some heavy duty cutters and a blow torch left lying on the roof then with a length of rope which I just happened to have in my caravan I phoned my OH to lower me into the supermarket mission impossible style and took the tomatoes and lettuce with my gloved hands and left payment in the pineapples..

  • Oh you are good but I'm surprised you didn't take any alcopops

  • Unfortunately I don't drink and if I don't .. Then it would make Sandra and foggy feel guilty if they had any :D

  • Foggy can't drink either, goes squiffy at the mere thought of it ;-)

  • Oh love it, will send my spies out to A35 to look out.......we have a challenger though , tell all later. Figgyx. Happy travels........ever watchful. ;-)

  • Gets out a map for the A 35


  • It's very simple, like me.....where it says A35 that's the start and when it doesn't any more, that's the end.......simples.....

  • Oh my what if I fall off the end......where will I go ...where will I end up... Slows down to 4 miles an hour so as not to fall off the end..... Strange I can hear loads of cars hooting...must be some procession going on :)

  • Fear not, if you fall off the end of the A35 you find yourself on the A30 and if you then fall of that you're in real stick...you'll be off at Lands End !!! Methinks it may take you all week though, but I'll scoop you up , panic not,,,,,

  • Have a great time, VG, and don't exceed 90mph on Myrtle! Hope the sun shines for you :)

    Moffy x

  • Good grief, and still you're not hammering on my door....,queste la problema ? Looks out....nope she's not here in time for lunch......the lambs which were gambolling round my feet earlier in the week are safe for another year ...........phew :D Happy motoring, hope your got your goggles on and flying hat !!

  • Just a though, I could sit Poppie on the back as you pass, and you'll be really looking like Wallace and Gromit, hey up lass............goes off to prepare Poppie with goggles etc.......

  • I am travelling a little slower after having a picnic by the road with Sandra she fell asleep so some passers by threw her in the caravan and the extra weight is slowing me down .. Hoping to be with you by tea time ... Get the scones and jam and cream ready

    Yours drooling

  • [yawns] wassup!

    strange, feels like I'm moving :-O



    its all that ginger beer and cucumber,

    [turns over and goes back to sleep]

  • Will do.......now where's that clotted cream...........goes to pick fresh wild strawberries (despite the fact that nothing but nothing is growing in this bloney weather)to make special jam with........at the rate they're travelling I'll have the jam made, cooled and ready to go........

  • Foggy we are here .... Shhh don't wake Sandra we can eat her share ... Scuttles into Foggys for a cream tea


  • right. I'm up. how do you get out of this thing? someone's locked the door :-O

  • Oh welcome welcome, sorry, just dozed off, make yourselves at home why don't you? See's VG making herself pertly at home in front of the woodburner, scoffing scones, clotted cream, (don't hold back hey VG ;-) ) freshly made wild strawberry jam, and heading toward a rather large chocolate cake...........afternoon VG......what have you done with Sandra? :D

  • Rushes to the door......there you are she told me you weren't coming. .......come in. :D

  • Ohhh hi San .... I didnt like to disturb your beauty sleep.. Hands San a pile of scone crumbs ,, but there is some cake left... :)

  • Don't worry, just made some smoked salmon sarnies and then a batch of fresh scones are about to come out of the oven........ppsssstt VG. Will you be able to get both of you home, you know, what with all the comestibles consumed? ;-)

  • Hmm yes If I leave Sandra behind....... Plugs battery charger in and smiles sweetly at Sandra as she comes out of the bathroom :)

  • my behind is fine thankyou :)

  • Hee hee....settle yourselves in, actually if you like you can kip on the sofa the dogs will lend their bed........which is the double one upstairs......and I, well I'll just sit and watch. :-)

  • the caravan will do for me ta - then vg can't run off without me! it's like the tardis inside.

  • No nooo foggy you can kip in the caravan it comes with a 6ft single bed , teas made and a TV....


  • Ah it seems like Sandra has made herself at home in the caravan.. Ah well nothing for it foggy .. Lead me to the nearest pub .....

  • bring back some cans please.

  • We have some wonderful scrumpy zzzider here Sandra........hands her a pint glass which will render Sandra senseless in under 10 mins hehehe

  • Thinks to herself that VG is clearly not looking where she is going or where she has been as she has passed our village Pub The Tuckers Arms (and they're big arms too) straight opposite the turning to my cottage.............. Eyes open VG !!!!

  • We have to be on the move soon to be a Moffys in time for supper.... ...

  • Ah ha....so you've come, eaten me out of house and home, and now your off to a party at Moffy's ? Well.........that's a fine old how'd u do........and am I invited to Moffy's , I fear not......last time we got together for cous cous and chicken curry she swore it would be the last time I'd darken her door ......... :-( :-(

  • darken her door?

    there's some white gloss paint in this cupboard...

  • Don't know what I wrong. ;-) ;-) can you find out ? Hehehe

  • Shoves foggy in the caravan with Sandra and heads off to Moffys.... Anyone know where she lives ????

  • no, but she's got tons of sweets for the quiz :)

    that scrumpy is de-lish foggy :P

    let's get the monopoly out.

  • Let me out, let me out, moffy will have a fit if I end up on her door step again, I think I must have really disgraced myself last time.........oooooohhhhhhh deer.....no dear, that's better!

    Glad you like the scrumpy Sandra, has it hit the brain yet? Yu are obviously made of stern stuff hehehe

  • it's non-alchoholic scrumpy isnt it?

  • You are all welcome at my house - am trying to eat my way through the mountains of food my neighbour keeps bestowing on me! Samosas and chicken curry, anyone? :)

    Opens gin and cider bottles - now where did I put the Scotch?

  • Ooooooiii Bombay Sapphire I hope, blow the meds, I'm up for one ;-)

  • Upps the speed to full and heads down the hill towards Moffys ....ummm why has the caravan just overtaken me?

  • Hhhheeeeelllpppp I've just seen VG and Myrtle, surely that's not right, Oh heckski Sandra, we are careering down a rather steep hill and gathering speed 8)

  • Chases after the caravan on her mobility scooter........

  • Sandra, Sandra, stick you leg yet of the other window and do what I'm doing.......panicking and trying to use my foot trike a brake, but I fear tis not working...........this feels like a monumental disaster in the making

  • Shouts ... Look there's Moffys place straight ahead ..if you steer towards her flower bed that will stop you....

  • wow! clever use of my arm crutch foggy!

    looping it over the washing line soonn stopped us.

  • orry vg the 50" tv came off the wall, took your van gogh with it and tore the green baize on your snooker table.


    [thinks] vg / van gogh - ummm!

  • Appears from the flower bed looking even more disheveled than normal , with pansys and violas, plus the clearly organic earth in which they were going........Moffy when did you put manure on your flower bed??? Methinks Sandra will not be a happy bunny ........... and Moffy won't be best pleased either ............

  • thankfully the gnome we knocked over didn't break.

  • oops! sorry moffy, it was your red hat had me fooled :-O are you ok?

  • Pulls up gracefully on her scooter and surveys the wreckage .... Tut tut . Why didnt you just pull the emergency brake .... Its that handle there marked do not touch.....Nice hat moffy.... Red suits you.. But you know what they say about red hat.... No ..I can't say it the thought is too much... Heads into Moffys for some Indian supper

  • Now you tell us ? Heads off to hide in the hedge so Moffy doesn't see me, the cous cous and Curry incident.......well I am sworn to secrecy, if I told you I would have to kill myself...........or something like that, never been quite sure........,...

  • How about you tell us and we will kill the hedge..... ;)

  • Easier said than done, it's a pyracantha with socking great prickles on and the hedge will kill you, in the event that I don't have to

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