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If you were an animal what would you be---------------


I guess I would be an Aardvark

because it is ard work lol

What would you be folks


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I would be a llama :D they are funny to look at makes you smile ;P .. have warm soft coats to keep me warm are very curious and friendly ( at times ) ...enjoy playing around and can take a load when need be :D HUGGY HUGS llama style xxxx

lmao gins like the pun :P

(llama me lie down ) :P

Awww, Morwenna, you have convinced me that you would be the most wonderful llama there ever was!


That's a tough one Gins :D let me think!....

Aha! queen bee :) because I've always got my army of workers running around me bringing food n nectar to me in my nest LOLOLOL

Plus if you don't do as requested you could get stung! :-o ;) ;) ;)

yeah! I'm all that! :D :-p LMAO maybe in a different dimensional universe :D :D :D



I would be a wolf, it is powerful and strong. I would be able to stand my ground with the GP lol

In my head I'm a pure bred Arabian mare prancing around gracefully with my nose and tail held high, in reality, I'm more like a tortoise......only slower! lol

Three hours and I still can't decide... so it'll have to be the Animal from the muppets ;)

Mad.., eccentric.., but with plenty of rhythm..! ;)

Pip xx

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okay then pip Q for you?

What was the muppet band called?


xxxzebxxx LOL

pip_r in reply to Hidden

Good question Zeb. I admit it... I didn't know until I just looked it up ;)

*** Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem ***

I just remember loving Animal as a child. I suspect mine and my sister's impressions of him drove my parents nuts :)

:) xx

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Likewise :D Well done tho even tho you may have cheated a little LOL.

I had some friends who called their band electric mayhem, I've still got their demo tape somewhere :-o

I would definitely be a red squirrel! They are the cutest things in the whole world in my opinion. They are protected, they are clean and tidy and industrious, they get beautiful places to live and seem happy as far as I can tell. They are shy but not unfriendly. They can run and jump around high up in the trees, which suits me to a T, since I love high places. You can't beat that fluffy tail and the tufty ears, or the bright rusty fur with the creamy front. What's not to love????

so we have no door mice none of those wonderful large eyed long tailed and stripy a sloth I think.

No elephants no wise owls I am confused I hoped for more. Did any one see the most beautiful horse in the world he was gorgeous.

Where was this horse? I am up for seeing any beautiful animal.

Ginsing in reply to budgiefriend

He was in the paper Saturday. Look on line. Gorgeous

My Llamas are beautiful that Zeb73 sent me somewhere on here :* xxxxx

I would of course be a meerkat, for reasons multifarious , failing that and running a very close second would definitely be a dormouse for sure, I was convinced zeb would be a dormouse as she and I have already been sorting out plans for hibernation, I'm working on a memory foam igloo, lined with zeb's fluffies and amazing cuddle couches ........ I will disappear for months so you can all breathe a huge sigh of relief........ a Foggy free zone. :D :D

Oh NO you cannot do that could you not send someone else to trial the iglue for you. We need you with us :D

A meerkat is lovely and your right Zeb is definitely a dormouse. She dont tell her she wont get up to play tiptoes off to make coffee


I'll say that I'd be a cat, so I could sleep most of the day. When I'm awake I'd bring a smile to anyone's that is around me & bring comfort to them when they are sad and I'm pain

I'd be a Giant Panda. They're equipped to be vicious carnivores, but they're too lazy and chilled out to kill anything, so they just hang around munching their favourite snack. A bit like me really, except it's M&S cheese tasters, rather than bamboo.

I'd be a koala - sleepy and everyone wants to give them a gentle hug or cuddle :)

What a funny lot of answers!... some of us want to have the power to hurt somebody who doesn't do what we need, and others of us just want to be cuddled softly and others just want to sleep and be left alone.

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...and then there's me, wanting to be a muppet ;) Some people think I am already ;) xx

I'd like to be an otter, but I've never seen one in a wheelchair! Would make it difficult on the mudslides, Wheeeeeeee!

So funny I love it like the duck billed platypus on the adverts that is brilliant isnt it. I am surprised no animals wet in two by two so we would be no good on the arc Never mind I actually like it where I am.

So funny I love it like the duck billed platypus on the adverts that is brilliant isnt it. I am surprised no animals wet in two by two so we would be no good on the arc Never mind I actually like it where I am.

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lets build that arc we could all hibernate on it this winter


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imagine the rocking of the boat!

floating aimlessly through months of coldness and darkness blissfully unaware of any of it :D

morning Gins xxxzebxxx

Morning Zeb yes we could but I suspect it would be smelly with all our animals i WOULD RATHER GO SOME WHERE WARM AND SUNNY where is it nice all year New Zealand let go there where the air is clear . Oh I feel a song coming on oh dear! ckles off to put the kettle on fancy a cuppa?

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Hee hee! the arc could take us there and it could have a self cleaning system :D LOLOLOL

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