Where would you go what would you take and who would you go with???

Where would you go what would you take and who would you go with???

Some of the ladies from the forum decided to challenge HRH and his flying buddies to a game of billiards... Hidden talents here on the forum... The wager ... If HRH and his team won we were to give him a weekend break away from guarding fibro air.... BUT if the forum ladies won then HRH AND all his flying buddies have to be on standby for us to take anyone for well deserved break flown by them.....

Of course our demon billiard team won i think possibly by means most devious .... but a win is a win... so anyone on the forum is encouraged to take advantage of this offer... Plenty of planes....So where would you go, what would you take and would you go alone or with anyone......

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  • Hmmmmm.....this will need lots of thought, it's such a good question! There are so many types of answers- a bit like cwtches actually. The head is whirring already....be back in a bit...thoughtful cwtches S xxx

  • Personally I would leave all my illness behind in a large bag marked rubbish, leap on board and start supping on champagne... And just direct the pilot to take me somewhere other than pain street and come back rejuvenated and like the me i used to be for my family,,,after a large amount of pampering time..... Oh and I,d also take Dermot O Leary , Russell Crowe , Keanu Reeves Jonny Depp and the other favourites ....... Well you didn't think I could go a whole post without being just slightly evil did you

    Mwahhhhh haaaa

    VG x

  • I love the idea of sticking fibro in a black sack - just where it belongs!!!


  • Oh rats.... I stuck it in an ordinary plastic shopping bag.... Ahh well maybe my OH will look inside and decide its something faulty (which it is) and at this moment may well be trying to get a refund from whatever shop is named on the bag...... No no no I DON'T want an upgrade.... I want to be rid..... Sighs ...

  • So, that's what you did with my reaching /grabbing stick? Never thought of using it as a billiard cue.

    Where would I go? well to Fantasy Island of course, so no pain there, and as it is a fantasy I would take along a forty year old Robert Redford, and as it appears you have managed to find the solvent I hid, and got Johnny Depp back, can I bring along Eoin Macken for my 'bit of rough'?

    As for coming back rejuvenated, if I am pain free with Robert & Eoin on hand, why would I come back at all?

    Em xx

  • Yeah it did handicap me a little, but as it was bent it was great for doing trick shots... ;) I did think of taking OH and son with me ,, but then thought naaaa they would like a break from me and if I come back rejuvenated it has to be a good thing for them...... but I am hoping they take the hint and throw my fibro and arthritis bag in the rubbish bin before I return , but they are men... And I forgot to leave a note in big letters saying throw this away ...

    Fantasy island .... Oh I remember that programme ... Gosh maybe I should have booked my flight to a plastic surgeons instead..... Ummm not that I am implying you need any ummmm no no not at all .. Oh heck .... Wilts under Ms stern gaze ....then remembers I don't have fibro or arthritis on here at this moment so runs away fast.... Oh my i can run ...... Run Grumpy run!!! Whooo hoo vaults a hedge and splash , great I,m in a stream :(

  • I would go to the Grand Canyons, and there to meet me would be the Dali Lama. He would inspire me with his wisdom, then heal me Lol

  • What a lovely thought..... A place you want to visit , a meeting with a person you would like to meet and a cure.... Great choice :)

  • Ok so no pain no longer walking like a duck crossed with a slogan no a s l o a t h I am of to italy. To lie in my own pool to talk with a gorgeous Italian. Sighs. Well we can but wish. ! find.

  • Thank goodness you are here if only briefly on your way to Italy.....be careful of those Italian men......I just popped back on to send you a message to see if you were ok.... Disappearing off on a dodgem with HRH on the back and then not a word, no note no phone call.... Make sure you send a postcard from Italy... When I recover from vaulting into a stream I am going to have a nice long gentle relaxing massage.... Oh the joy of a virtual pain free world

  • I have no lap top at no it is having a new screen . G I n s

  • I have no lap top at no it is having a new screen . G I n s

  • Ah, what a lovely idea this is. And so many possibilities to choose from!

    I think I would go to a cave hotel in Cappodocia. I would spend my days floating over the area in a hot air balloon, followed by luxurious spa pampering, and dinner by candelight. For company I would choose Adrian Paul (highlander) - hands off ladies - he's mi-i-i-ne! No pain, no fatigue, no stiffness in joints! Well alright - some fatigue after all that - but the good kind! lol!

  • Mauritius with my daughter, partner and grand daughters. Her partner is from there and I could persuade them (along with his parents) to get married there and attend the week long wedding.

  • I mean her partner not mine, perhaps I could find one out there and not come back!

  • What a lovely idea, about the wedding and you finding a partner too I meant , not how lovely you not coming back.... :)

  • Thanks. The sad part is they're really going and I'm not. It would be nice if they got married though. Even if it wouldn't be legal in the UK.

  • Righto, after hours of pondering and changing of mind( from family, romance,friendship...), I'm going for the completely wayout choice. I'd love to go into space, with a brilliant astronomer aka RC( you surely didn't think I'd leave him out,VG?) and I'd take my laptop to keep in touch! S x

  • Bahhhhh I knew you would sneak him in somehow but take some fantastic photos and as space makes you weightless, no pain and you would never be told.... You are over weight... It's a great choice :)

  • Thanks for the reminder, I hadn't thought of being weightless-that's BRILLIANT news!!! Am off to count my pennies and see if NASA do monthly payments over 80yrs?....

    By the way, when I imagined myself with RC floating around, my body had kind of morphed into a Halle Berry type...amazing imagination me..lol x

  • Couldn't you dazzle RC into paying ??????

  • I would go to somewhere warm and comfortable where I would be pampered from start to finish and I'd take with me most attractive and the best lover I could find - then I'd think I'd gone to heaven!

  • I've been racking my brain, but I'll settle for this too! ut can I bring mine back too?

    also brad pitt as he was in "meet joe black"

  • Personally I,d settle for Brad Pitt with any look though my favourite has to be with the looooong hair in interveiw with a vampire.... He can nibble my neck anytime...... Hides iPad. From OH :-/

  • He never looked better did he? I watched that film years ago and thought "What a way to go"

  • I think you may have to hang private do not disturb signs everywhere as that sounds like it might be a popular place to be :D

  • Yay! new blog today! I needed that. :)



  • Yeah sorry about yesterday San.... Rushes off to entice Brad Pitt away ;)

  • you give with one hand and take it away with the other...


  • Is that a Chinese proverb ....... Tries to look innocent......... Ok ok you get brad Pitt I,ll settle for all of HRH flying buddies I am not greedy :o

  • Plastic surgeons indeed. I was originally highly offended, then thought I may as well give it a go, so here I am back with face lift, boob lift, eye bags gone. I can actually walk upright instead of being stooped with hip pain, so with a bit of liposuction thrown in, I now have the body of a 20 year old sax goddess. (use your imagination, don't wanna get band for using naughty words) Now what did you do with Johnny et al?

  • oops meant banned

  • Jonny is awaiting you in one of the empty planes Sandra has Brad Pitt summer has RC and I am just hanging round with about 20 of HRH flying buddies... By the way your body looks great .... Now if you could just learn to play the sax instead of flaunting it you could make a fortune ;)

  • How do you know I can't?

    woo hoo Johnny here I come - he's such a good kisser ;)

  • Right, I'm off to Oz to warm up and see it all first-hand. We were nearly £10 poms when I was a kid but my mum pulled the plug and we moved to Norfolk instead. Hmm not the choice I would have made. Had a hankering to go ever since which has doubled since my daughter did the hosteling thing a couple of years ago. Wouldn't need to take anyone with me as I would mysteriously morph into a stunning young beauty on the flight so would have my pick of all the sun-kissed surfer dudes when I get there. Mind you, if Johnny begged I might take him along to carry my bags ;) x

  • If you find a nice non venomous lady snake could you bring her back for my male snake please... No I am not going to tell you how you sex them its not very polite so if you could ask someone to do it for you,,,, that's IF you come back..

    VG :)

  • i would go to kenya cause i got married there and it was beautiful and i would take my lovely husband as he is an absolute star and i couldnt imagine life without him xxxxx


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