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If you could choose one thing to be helped with, what would it be?

I often wonder what would help me the most, a cleaner/gardener/someone to do my washing...

Having put much thought to it, I think it would be someone to help me get ready in the morning...breakfast, tablets, wash/shower, hair brushed and dressed in clean 'day clothes'! I am at my most 'doddery' worse in the morning, it takes ages for me to come round, by the time I am up for movement its lunchtime and getting 'ready' exhausts me, so much of my day is wasted.

With a bit of help I could be ready to face the world and potter my way round chores/or do the things i want at my own pace.

In addition to Fibro I have a degenerative spinal condition, realise we are all different.

What would you choose to be helped with?

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Morning Bethy, I have a beautiful 12yr old daughter named Beth. After much thinking, mulling over and changing my mind, I think I'd appreciate a cleaner. With two boys, who drive me to distraction with the general state of their rooms, if I could leave all the heavy and fiddly jobs to someone else it would be a real help to me. Having cats and dogs doesn't help matters either!! I can't rest unless the hoovering and wiping down are done everyday. My children do help, but the nagging takes it out of me!

Having a nice cuppa now and rest as today I have a bad case of the twitches, upperbody pain and fatigue. Oh well deep breath and smile!! S x


Oooo Bethy, what a wonderful question! I will have to go away and mull this over for a while (will be back sometime in July how my brain is working this morning lol!)

Will think lots and be back later....Charlii xx


Definately a cleaner with a clean house it doesn't matter how bad you feel house is clean and if you do feel good you can do things you like instead of doing housework then having no energy again


I think a cleaner's takes me ages to get organised in the morning but if someone else was cleaning for me it would be half the battle:)


Coming back with another answer-sorry to be greedy but this question has stayed with me all day!! If I could be extremely selfish and I could just ask this question of me alone i.e. without the responsibility of the rest of my life's detail, I'd really like a personal trainer who is a top specialist in fibro exercise.I would love to feel the benefits of a programme devised just for me. The thought of it makes me feel really happy. Ah well, let's hope I wake tomorrow pain free and with aflush of energy. If i do you'll all be the first to know!! S x


I'd like a live in mum.not mine cause shes poorly too,but a lovely lady (like nanny macphee or mary poppins) who "does" everything everyday!!


i defenately would have a cleaner,a clean home is nice to sit in,also don't forget ourselves having a clean body is also satisfying although i don't think i could have someone washing me,i have always been a very private person if i ever came to that i don't know how i would react,regarding a person going through my house yes without a doubt .My partner has hoovered this morning the carpet looks lovely and newish and so do i.Jacksiex


Oh yes, a house cleaner would be wonderful!

I work my way round my little flat, a bit at a time, so it never gets really dirty, but I would love to be able to get it spotless all through on the same day.

My daughter often comes and gives my home a 'quick do' as she calls it. She has everything sparkling in a couple of hours, leaving me wondering why it takes me so long!

I feel a bit guilty, too, as she has plenty to do herself, but she says that other people's housework is much more fun than her own.

I am a very lucky woman, I think! :)

Moffy xxx


How lovely for you Moffy! :D xxxx


I think a cleaner too but also i fi may be greedy, can i have Judge Judy off the telly to come and sort out the kids when they are arguing and blaming each other. \she would soon sort out who was fibbing and who was innocent! Charlii xx


Definitely a cleaner. I can't bend over for very long and so having a clean tidy house is definitely a dream.


A Masseur! So that I could have a nice massage to enable me to get some sleep finally! That would be pure heaven for me! :D


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