I have been getting severe calve pain in my right leg which makes me unable to walk and my back is in agony ive been for diamer test

this has came bk negative and gave me naproxen 250 mg and methocarbamol 750mg (muscle relaxer) but still in agony .They wouldnt do ultrascan as diamer said negative and said blood clot was unlikely.. I have been diagnose with perphural neuropathy in my feet and legs and take gabapenton for this but am now wondering is it neurology related. Doctor said might be varicose vain but all there guesses is not coming up with a solution has anyone had this pain feels like really bad cramp that wont go away in my calve and have a weird sensation up my thigh please can anyone give me any advice or had similar symtoms. I also get b12 injections every month for vitamin deficiency thanks for reading this...

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  • If you have had a negative Dimer test, it is unlikely to be a clotting issue. If you have back pain, have you thought it could be sciatica? One osteopath appointment would rule this out for you.

  • how do they do this marie i will ask the doctor about this because the doctor at the hospital said that too but when i went to see doctor on i told him what the hospital said and he just give me them tablets but been in agony for over a month. I did ask him for an mri scan but he said because im quite big he didnt think id fit in the machine as there small ( great help eh.... he may send me to the zoo ) but i will go back to another doctor monday. Have u got this yourself marie ? thanks for answering me x

  • Osteopaths are really skilled at sorting out what is joint related, neurological or cardiovascular. I have had many bouts of sciatica and they have all felt different but always had some low back pain, sometimes pain in my calf, sometimes numbness or tingling in my upper leg too. I would definitely try an osteopath before having an MRI, it may not help anyway. An osteopath appointment costs average £30 and may save you a lot of hassle. I really feel for you, this pain is miserable, until then, try laying on the floor for 15 mins at a time with your knees raised and feet flat on the floor. You don't have to do anything, this position alone helps to stabilize your lower back. Hope this helps. M x

  • do this now c how i go thanks willing to try anything well within reason that one sounds simple enough thanks x

  • Hi, Just a thought and I'm probably wrong in your case but guess you are open to any advice. I had dreadful pain in my calf for about 18 months-2 years. It was agony but turned out to be achillies tendonitis. I went to see a physio which didn't help and was then sent to a podiatrist and fitted with special insoles in my shoes. Within 4 weeks I was cured! The swelling went away and I can now walk normal distances pain free. I now wear these in all my shoes, they have changed my life. It would be a comfort to find out that this is what you have rather than the other things you mention. Hope that helps but if not hope you get somewhere fast.

  • Thanks for your reply i actually do have special insoles though absolutely nothing to do with this pain im having now it was because i had arthritus in my ankle but they were hard as a brick and very uncomfortable but i will try them again cant be any worse than pain im in at the minute was actually reduced to tears on friday leg was so sore and sat in a and e for 7 hrs last week so that was waste of gtime and doctor jus keeps giving me voltrol gel thanks for your reply x

  • Hi there, I have a similar pain and was told it was sciatica After several weeks of physio, naproxen and amiltriptyline I am improving but it has been a hard slog.

    I hope you feel much better soon x

  • hi ariadne thanks for your reply can i ask u how did they decide or what tests they done to prove it wa sciaicia i seem to be told it might be this and that but no offer of help apart from naproxen which did help for a bit but has came back again and am in agony again. can i suggest the doctor send me for tests which ones did they send you for thanks x

  • Hi there, my doctor thought it was sciatica by making me bend and stretch but it was the physio who confirmed the diagnosis. I've been in pain for about 3 months and it has gradually improved but it's soooo slow.

    Could you push for some physio as it does help if sciatica is the problem.

    Hope you find relief soon x

  • I sometimes have severe pain in my right calf and elsewhere, I have myofascial pain syndrome which 70% of people with fibromyalgia have, and you might have it. Unfortunately in UK it is virtually unrecognised but it is well known and treated in USA. Your muscle develops a knot and shortens, and then the covering of the muscle, the myofascia, becomes distorted and it causes horrible pain. The knot is called a trigger point - not to get mixed up with tender points for fibromyalgia which are quite different. You need to massage the knot and then you can get immediate pain relief. I recommend a book by Clair Davies called Trigger Point Therapy Workbook. You might be able to get it second hand on line. When you are used to doing the therapy you can find the spot yourself and work on it immediately - the book tells you where to look for the trigger point, how you recognise when you are on the spot, and then how to massage it away. Sometimes I have severe pain that is relieved in minutes, sometimes it take a day or two. Pain in the back is also very common with myofascial pain syndrome - for back pain I use my theracane or I lie on a tennis ball, move around until I find the spot which I recognise by a particular type of pain, and then I move up and down on the ball until the pain goes. .You can go to a trigger point massage therapist who can give you a massage (and I do that sometimes) but it is expensive and you have to wait to see the therapist, whereas if you do it yourself it is free and the pain relief can be instant. Hope this helps, I really sympathise.

  • Hi Jjudith thanks for your very detailed response its very interesting as u said when someone massages it definetly helps and relieves the pain sometimes instantly. I had to laugh not at what you said but when i read the bit about the tennis ball as i just bought a tennis ball for the dog today as he lost his on saturday and loves it so thought well there goes his tennis ball lol. I will look online see can i get a copy of the book you mentioned as at this point im willing to try anything and am doing all everyone has suggested so i can see which one helps best. Nothing worse than back pain without leg pain too am at my wits end even ordered expensive gel online last night that athletes use to see if that helps( will let u know if it does) Thanks again and will let you know how i get on xxx

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